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Deep Pockets

I like miners. For one thing, they sit around dumping omber and plagiocase into cans all day, just for me to reorganize. For another thing, they fly Retrievers and Covetors and fit Modulated Strip Miner IIs, just for me liberate.

(This story's a little old, as I haven't gotten around to doing anything Eve-related for the past few months. Notice the nerf discussion.)

Cleared for publication by: Ander
To have some fun, I spent a few days can flipping after a long spell of camping Rancer and roaming nearby lo-sec pipes. Half of the miners were AFK farmers, and most of the others were experienced enough to mine with a hauler alt or in corp gangs. I warp along, and before me comes a 4-day-old Osprey pilot in a German industry/mining corp. I aggro, he fires, etc., and then the magic:

Chelmar II > 2 mil
**** > pleas stop
Chelmar II > 2 mil isk and yu can keep your ship =)
> holt on
**** > ok
Chelmar II > 30 seconds
Chelmar II > 20
Chelmar II > 10
Chelmar II > 200 000?
Chelmar II > 1.8 mil more please.
> sorry mi bad
Chelmar II > I have enough ammo, stop sheld boosting =p

At this point I'm getting pretty impatient. His shields are halfway up, and frankly I'd rather have heard him pop than see my wallet blink. It did start blinking (I wish I screenshot this). And I almost shit my pants.

I'm up by about 30 million ISK. Wtf?

**** > i gave you
> bad tipping
**** > waut
Chelmar II > ?
> i give you
**** > wait
> pleas
**** > hold on
> thanks
Chelmar II > Thank you.
**** > shit no
Chelmar II > ?
> i hav tipping rwong
Chelmar II > ?
**** > pleas
> i gave you to mutch
Chelmar II > how much did you have?
**** > to mutch
> pleas
**** > geve mi back
> pleas

Apparently he typed an extra zero or something so he ended up dumping his entire wallet into mine. Yep. I actually felt a tinge of pity for him and gave him back 20 mil. I know right? How sacrilegious of me.

Chelmar II > here is some isk back
Chelmar II > next time dont type wrong
**** > mi copr hunt you now gave mi al pleas

Right, the good 'ol 'OH NOES I HAVE BIG BAD CORP OF HULKS TO OMGWTFBBQ YOU!!11eleven' argument.

> pleas give mit the moni back
**** > im new
Chelmar II > you've learned a lesson today
Chelmar II > now you are no longer new
> i game eve onli a week ago
Chelmar II > and you have 30 mil aready?
Chelmar II > clearly if you can get 30 mil in a week you can get 30 mil this week? =)
**** > me freinds from corp ar geving mi
Chelmar II > ahh i see
> help me
**** > pleas give mi 8 mill back
> be fair
Chelmar II > this is eve
Chelmar II > there is no fair =p

Then he starts complaining about how he's broke, he can't buy the implants his corp told him to get, he can't afford his Minmatar strippers anymore, etc. Now I'm regretting even having CONSIDERED returning isk back to him.

Later in the day, I find a Retriever peacefully moving plagioclase into a can. Something is very wrong here.

I aggro, and local shoots up. I convo him, and he's confused as a fetus, but he refuses to take my can. He warps, I wait, and after 5 minutes he returns in... a mighty Exequror! My can pops and I point him. See the convo? Notice how he isn't on local (his name begins with Lord B):

He logs back in structure, and in the wreck I see... large shield booster and large extenders? This game never ceases to amaze me. However we convo a bit and he turns out to be a good sport, he plays down his loss and we talk a bit about game mechanics and ship fittings and other stuff.

Funny guy the Osprey pilot, though. This evening he sent me a friendly evemail:

Fair? Guess he didn't learn anything then :-P


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