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Please read my text on EVE-Online forums regarding google adsense.

Recently Adsense approached me with "reports" on how I could increase my revenue by not blocking so many links.

These reports are automated and are basicly telling me that several links which pay a lot of money are being blocked. I could simply make more money by unblocking them.

I have no intention what so ever as to unblock these people. Infact I've been continuing my war against ISK sellers by encouraging my users to report isk sellers to have them blocked.

Recently Google returned to me and told me that some of my clicks were fraudulent. I dont know what kind of clicks these are as they refused to release the information on what types of clicks were caught as "fraudulent". I'm guessing it can be either these types:

1. Myself clicking ISK seller and then having them blocked. Matching my IP to a click on the site to using Adsense administration tool to filter IPs.
2. My text under adsense advertising that says "report isk sellers" and users clicking ISK sellers and then having them emailed to me to be blocked.
3. Automated traffic generated by some other source to put me in a bad position.

I dont think number 3. is the case. Instead I contacted Google and explained my situation but they simply responded that all links must follow their guidelines. Do you think they have a policy against ISK-sales? Nope, I didnt think so either.
So I cant report those links as violating rules. Finaly the response I got from google simply told me that if they keep finding fraudulent clicks they may simply turn off my account. Okay? So they're threatening me now. I've already told them that I'd like to know what kind of clicks are fraudulent, but they still refuse to tell me. Weird.

It's time that all EVE fansites put some preassure on Google Adsense. Sites that cant afford to not stand without adsense and still dont want to have to filter ISK sales all the time.

I think it's time that some of us fansites group together and ask Adsense to refuse ISK sellers ads. It's our sites and we should be able to decide what type of ads should be allowed on "EVE Online" sites.

One fansite may not be able to put preassure on Google Adsense, but if 10 or 15 community fansites who use adsense group together we can make them listen.
Or as we'd say in EVE. Lets gank them.


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Ander on :

Thanks CrazyKinux . Have removed the links from comment so nobody will use them. but I've added them to my filterlist aswell.

CrazyKinux on :

And I updated mine with the list you emailed. Let's hope this sets things in motion on the right path!

B on :

while i don't run a site, you've got ten bucks coming from me if adsense kicks you off.

Gr on :

They probably cannot discuss fraudulent clicks becuse saying how they detect them would let fraudulent clickers improve their fraud.

Yep, it's a catch 22 in case of a false positive. I hope it gets better.

Ronson on :

I think it's Google who doesn't like you blocking those IP addresses (from what I understand about what you wrote but I'm really confused like hell :-P ).

Incorr on :

i dont see the problem, anders. Simply tell them that buy blocking isk sellers, you are simply doing your bit to conform to the End User Licience Agreement, and to do otherwise would be to break European law, and we can't have pirates doing that now, can we :-)
But seriously, tell them that buy helping to promote isk sellers, they are encouraging people to break the law, and so are making themselves accessories to said crime

nazlfrag on :

1. Myself clicking ISK seller and then having them blocked. Matching my IP to a click on the site to using Adsense administration tool to filter IPs.

This is it. Go to a net cafe or somewhere, DO NOT click on your own ads from your own computer.

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