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A month later: Another kill and a lot of learning.

So, it's been one month since my first pirate kill and things have been kind of slow, but a huge learning experience.

I found a few high sec systems crawling with macro miners. I spent several days hauling away millions in their ore, but as is the case with most macro's, they wouldn't engage. They just kept mining or moved on. I did manage to collect 10 medium drones from them when something must have happened to the computer on their end and several character's went logoffski, leaving their poor drones all cold and alone in the belts. Of course it was my duty to give them a new home in my safe, warm hanger.

Anyway, things were slow but I was making a couple million ISK for about 10-15 minutes of hauling, not too bad. I got bored pretty quick though and decided to give it a rest as to not scare them away from the area. I started roaming a strip of about 10 systems in my T-Rax looking for targets, but nothing really presented itself. I did find some people jetcan mining, but no one thought their ore or honor was worth engaging over, so I'd haul some of their ore away, but mainly I'd just put it into my can and when it was obvious they weren't going to do anything about it, I'd just blow it up.

I did find a few guys who taught me some valuable lessons in the art of ore switching/stealing. In my travels I had a few guys steal "my" ore back after I warped out and I missed them back to a station. I couldn't believe how pissed I got after "my" ore was stolen. I learned that if I don't have a hauler in the system, I'm not going to take the ore with me, so I need to either blow it up in their faces or set a good trap for them. I'm still working on this, but the lessons I learned from those few guys, really helped me a lot. Plus I've marked them down in my address book as future targets. A few I'm even considering for my first war dec. I'll keep you posted on that.

All of this brings me to early this morning.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
I was cruising through a few systems looking for prey and as it was getting pretty late, I was nearing the point of giving up for the day. Then I spot an Exequror doing a little jetcan mining. I pull up to his can and switch it out for one of my shiny new ones. I figure the guy's in a Exequror doing some mining, so if he has a mixed set-up and a belly full of drones, I could be in for a better fight than last time if he takes the bait. Well, a minute or so go by and he decides to take some of "my" ore back. He starts blinking red so I lock him down, scamble, and let my pets out to play. His shields and armor melt like butter. Soon there's a nice, healthy flash and he's sitting there in his pod. I pick up what few items survived the blast and watch as he jumps to a station and logs out. Going through the wreck I find a blaster and some anti-matter ammo, none of which ever made contact with my shields, he must have been in total shock as not one shot was fired.

2007.05.28 04:02

Victim: +++++
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Center for Advanced Studies
Destroyed: Exequror
System: ++++++
Security: 0.9

Involved parties:

Name: Sorom Ydde (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.4
Alliance: NONE
Corp: The Keepers of Voluspa
Ship: Thorax
Weapon: Hammerhead II

Destroyed items:

Expanded Cargohold I
Expanded Cargohold I
Expanded Cargohold I
Miner II
Miner II
Medium Shield Booster I
Azure Plagioclase, Qty: 1477 (Cargo)

So, not another spectacular battle, but my crew is statisfied and I'm content, so I decide to log for the night. I check the kill mail one last time and notice the date...EXACTLY one month since my last kill. Maybe 28 is my lucky number...even if it is, I need to work on getting more kills.

I log in later in the day (actually the next day in my part of the world) and I start the hunt again. My above vicitim in once again in the system. I find him in a brand new Exequror, it still had that new ship smell, mining away, this time without a jetcan. I figured he learned his lesson so I jump to a neighboring system looking for someone else I could teach the lesson to.

I find a destroyer in a belt, spend a good bit of time harassing him and stealing loads of ore but he never engages so I blast my can and head back seeing if my Exequror friend had relaxed a bit. Well, to my amazement he had and was once again jetcan mining.

I make straight for his can and, feeling a bit generous, I pull everything out but leave him one unit of plag. After a few minutes he convos me and I get my first taste of smacktalk:

+++++> thx
Sorom Ydde > np
+++++ > My alt might pay you a visit if you dont mind
Sorom Ydde > sure thing...
+++++ > I hear faggots scream like bitches when they get podded
Sorom Ydde > you tell me...
+++++> Have fun with the ore
Sorom Ydde > thanks

Okay, this cracks me up for several reasons. Reading Nexa's stories you can see a pattern that almost all smack talk falls into. This being no exception. First he acts like the ore wasn't a big deal, like he was mining simply to pass the time. Then he threaten's me with his alt, but he says he "might" pay me a visit...great threat. And since this alt wouldn't have kill rights, I was curious as to what this awesome alt would do to me, but alas, I was never to find out. Then he brings out the heavy guns with the name calling, which I can understand being pissed about your ore, but come that really necessary? And finally, he comes full circle and once again acts like it's not big deal and he was going to give me the ore anyway.

He ends the convo and warps off to a station. I pop my can and wait. He logs off so I was half expecting this great alt to log in and warp to me at any moment. I figured if he's dumb enough to shoot me without rights I could always get some easy loot from the wreckage or if he challenges me to PvP, I might get a decent fight out of it. Well, I waited for several minute and no guests appeared...go figure. His alt must have been busy somewhere.... :-)

So, a month after my first PvP pirate kill and I'm still going strong. I'm definately a small fish in a big pond, but I'm learning a lot and enjoying EVE a whole lot more.


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Aertaka on :

\o/ keep it up :-)

Cece on :

At least try to keep your own style rather than bluntly copying Nexa's m8. Pirating adventures are fun to read, except for when e'one doing it here starts sounding the same.

Other than that, fly safe n good hunting!

Sorom on :

I totally hear you man...

Right now I'm like a new born colt...I'm all shaky and can barely stand up. As I get more comfortable and sure of myself, I'm sure my own personality will come out.

My problem right now is I'm too attached to my ships, even though I'd got enough ISK to cover a lost, I'm still not totally ready to take the kind of risks I need to, to be a great player. Hopefully someday :-).

B on :

I was thinking it was rather mean to keep stealign a newbie's stuff, but since he decided to get mouthy, keep harassing that same guy, see what he does after a few days of it. If he stop mining jetcans, hop in a mwd BS and knock him away from the roids.

Frank Anfurter on :

Hardly a pirate. You declare war on random corporations so you can play safely in high sec systems...yeah, you're a pirate.

That new war declared on your corp that you see now...that's us. We don't like pansy pirates. Can't wait to sink your Myrm that you're so attached to.

Stay out of high sec systems, and we'll leave you alone after the first kill.

Be a real pirate, or die.

Coward. Giving us a bad name.

Squishy on :

We all have to start somewhere \o/

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