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Spring author competition - Tyrannis edition

Announcing this springs author competition in celebration of the new upcoming free expansion named "Tyrannis" to EVE Online!
Any submissions submitted and published from 23rd of April until the release of Tyrannis (or until a minimum of 10 submissions have been entered) will be entered into the competition.

A number of criterias will be weighted in to the ranking (winner), such criterias are the amount of reads, comments and quality of the submission. EVE-Pirate staff reserves the right to make the final decision and judge the competition entries.
To make it fare - the period we will look at will be 14 days from the day of the publishing of the entry.

Awards will range from isk prizes (supplied by myself) to CCP sponsored prizes.
So grab your pens and start writing about your experiences in EVE!
(More information to be added shortly!)

Posting more stories in the upcoming days.
5 scheduled to be posted!

Also - waiting for CCP to give some information regarding the prize update.


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