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For the lolz

Well, with my corp ISLE operating out of wormhole-space at the moment, I get to see a different lowsec/NoSec every day. not only differing by name or region but by population and how agressive the peeps in there are. With wormholes not behaving like you want them to (like closing right behind you while you were thinking, there's an hour left), I got locked out in AAA-0.0 and used the 25 jumps to high-sec to gain some SecStatus back. I managed 20 jumps and ended -literaly- 3 jumps out of highsec.
Fine with me due to having my stuff mostly near syndicate-the other edge of the universe. One POD-express later, I sat in my brand new Harbinger roaming away.
After getting defeated by an Sacrilege (honestly, those tanks are awesome oO), I decided to change the fitting of my Faction-Warfare-Harb (mostly meeting T2-frigs and getting bonus to ALL lasers).

2 Neuts later I got out again, searching for targets. On to Old Man Star and sourrounding systems. In Jovainnon I jumped right on top of an Ishkur which just warped out when I left warp. I decided to bait a bit due to most AF's counting on getting under my tracking and so an Ares warped in. MWD'ing @ 22km and disrupting me, neighter he nor me (small T2 with Scorch are ~14 KM) actually dealing damage, I decided to just try to break the (on an Ares highly bonused 30km) the Point. Didn't work, though. :-(
After 5 Minutes I called for help in Corp chat. Everyone at least 12 jumps out. While waiting, local filled up with 2 more corp-members of the Ares pilot. A little while later, the first one to kill me came in. A Thorax.

2 Dual-Neut cycles and some volleys later he got 2% armor off my Harb and gave us -the Ares and me- some nice explosion to watch. Commenting the fail in local, he announced his corpie in a Brutix.

[19:49:45] Kacer Xenro > Jintra, if you manage to kill edge, im gonna slap him

Well, 4 Dual-Neut cycles later the Brutix popped too. My Corpmate meanwhile arrives in his Falcon just started to scrambling him when he reached 50% structure (he didn't shoot since 80% armor, though).
I kindly asked to let the point drop and got support from the Rax-pilot in Local, while my corpmate complaints about having jumped out there for nothing.

[19:50:40] Kacer Xenro > just let him go and make this failspree stop qQ
[19:51:43] Kippis > i thought i could help but i wasnt even remotely useful :-(

Well, an other Corpmate arrived and after Kacer got his Velator offered a rematch but forgot his CCD and got popped by the Station-Sentrys.
After a good laugh, they actually decided to show up in Numbers and gave us a fucking good fight. Props to those gentleman. Even though we cheated a bit with the Falcon, I managed to survive in 35% structure.

After looting I got too greedy and got finally popped by a Drake jumping right on top of me.
Well deserved for being a retard and not warping out earlier, I guess.

All in all this was fun -both the "omg, they're failing till next tuesday" and the "finally a fight" part-.
I'm curious about the next hole and where it leads.
So long, Jin.


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Jintra Jin'tak on :

Sorry for all the typos. Reread 4 times but only found them after publish. :-)
Not a native speaker so please bare with me.

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jin ko82 on :

how ya no my name?

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