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The Real Fun Begins

As you might have known, I posted a story here not too long ago about my first ever PVP outing in lowsec. I had written it back in February or March and it didnt get published until a few days into April. Anyway, since then I have joined a very fail alliance, left that alliance on bad terms, and started a corp with a fellow alliance mate who agreed with me that they were indeed lame. Of course along the way I have smoothed the edges to my pvp game and learned all that I need to be able to do something that might be more fun than random lowsec hunts:

Empire wars.

At first I was nervous about starting wars with people because I was not sure exactly how much I am able to handle. Up until this point I have only engaged cruisers and frigates because that’s all I have ever run in to not including blob gatecamps. So I decided that our first corporation to declare war on would be Jeti-Su Avars, a Turkish corp based out of Osmeden.

The war goes through and we don’t hear anything from their CEO and only 2 of the 15 people I regularly saw floating around Osmeden were online the first 2 days. I knew that a majority of them were mission runners so they would have fighting skills instead of rock biting skills, so it was a little depressing to see that they weren’t willing to log in, let alone engage.

Unfortunately, I had to put EVE on hold because of an exam I had that week so I didn’t have time to go out and hunt them, and from what I hear my other corp mate and then CEO didn’t have time either. Since this whole empire war thing was new to us, our CEO forgot to pay the war bills and the next time I logged on I had a mail laughing at me that I wouldn’t be able to attack them in 24 hours.

Fortunately there were two war targets in system so I decided to try the easiest way to find them: fleet invites.

Dai Khan > hi, do i know u?
Dai Khan > did u just offre me fleet?
Nexi Katu > yes i offered you to join my fleet
Dai Khan > for?
Dai Khan > seems we are at war
Nexi Katu > you looked new and i was wondering if you needed some help
Dai Khan > lol
Nexi Katu > yes we are at war
Dai Khan > how stupid do u think i am m8 :-)
Nexi Katu > hey its worth a try
Dai Khan > lol ok goodluck

I quickly found out which station they were in and plopped my Thorax right outside. I guess my corp’s absence lulled them in to a sense of security. Either way, I scored my first war kill against another Thorax. I gave him good fight in local which he didn’t return, but I was not sure if he even spoke English so I let it go. Not two minutes later, Dai Khan in a caracal undocks which I quickly lock down and pop in no time flat. Score first and second blood in a war that was set to end in 5 hours.

The second guy was pretty cool about the whole war thing, even though he was a little angry that I attacked right before the war lapsed. As I talked to him about the war and Turkey and what not, I notice a 6 year old player fighting three or four of his corp mates outside the station. They were in Maiden Corp, a UK based corp. I decide to fly over and see what happening when the 6 year old’s Navitas was blown up by the others. I opened the wreck and stole a lone T2 light blaster from it and sat and waited.

It didn’t take long for my flashiness to entice one of the Thoraxs to open fire on me. I was disappointed at how fast he went down, but I got my hopes up when I realized 3 other characters just saw me blow up their corpie. Just as I had hoped for, two opened up on me simultaneously so I scooped up the loot from the first wreck, sent my drones after one of the others, and tackled and blastered the other one that aggroed. They both popped about the same time, and the fourth hurriedly docked up.

Feeling satisfied with myself, I scooped up what loot I could fit in my cargo and slowly made my way back to station when the six year old player, Heaven Sent, came out in a Ferox. I asked him if he could patiently wait for me in local and ran to grab my Myrmidon which was in a different station.

I warped practically right on top of him when I got back and opened fire as soon as he aggroed me. I never expected my 6 month old character could stand up to someone as old as him, but I figured I would give it a shot and see what I really can do. Turns out it was next to nothing. I got his shields down near half when I decided I should de-aggress and redock. At 50% structure I finally was able to dock up.

I had a good conversation with Heaven and the Maiden CEO, Markus Sparkus. They told me that Heaven was teaching them a few things about pvp when one of them accidentally blew up his Navitas, and Heaven said that they were glad I came along and gave a real pvp lesson.

[ 2009.04.13 19:44:35 ] Nexi Katu > hey sorry for blowing up your guys ships
[ 2009.04.13 19:44:51 ] Nexi Katu > that was a really fun fight though
[ 2009.04.13 19:44:57 ] Nexi Katu > are you the ferox pilot?
[ 2009.04.13 19:45:19 ] heaven sent > ferox and nighthawk
[ 2009.04.13 19:45:39 ] heaven sent > can fly raven also
[ 2009.04.13 19:45:49 ] Nexi Katu > nice
[ 2009.04.13 19:46:15 ] Nexi Katu > i kind of feel bad for destroying the ships, but you guys opened fire first
[ 2009.04.13 19:47:04 ] heaven sent > did we :-) i didnt know that ...thought you pickup from my frigate can sure
[ 2009.04.13 19:47:25 ] Nexi Katu > yeah i did take from the wreck, but you guys still fired first
[ 2009.04.13 19:48:21 ] heaven sent > we were in fleet these guys are only a few weeks old i was training must have flashed red to them
[ 2009.04.13 19:48:45 ] heaven sent > showing that a friget can get under your guns
[ 2009.04.13 19:49:02 ] Nexi Katu > ah yeah
[ 2009.04.13 19:49:03 ] heaven sent > one got trigger happy and shit me frig
[ 2009.04.13 19:49:20 ] Nexi Katu > you want what i stole back? it was a t2 blaster
[ 2009.04.13 19:49:33 ] heaven sent > you flash red and they think its world wor 3 with me in a pod lol
[ 2009.04.13 19:49:51 ] heaven sent > nah there cheap you serve them lol
[ 2009.04.13 19:50:13 ] heaven sent > i build them 20 thoraxes for training :-) there not upset
[ 2009.04.13 19:50:17 ] Nexi Katu > ok i do feel bad for popping new players sometimes
[ 2009.04.13 19:50:19 ] Nexi Katu > ok
[ 2009.04.13 19:50:32 ] heaven sent > good xp for them lol
[ 2009.04.13 19:50:52 ] Nexi Katu > that was fun, i hope to see you around
[ 2009.04.13 19:50:52 ] heaven sent > they loved it best fun they had in a while lol
[ 2009.04.13 19:51:01 ] heaven sent > nps :-)

Since our first war left me feeling a little dejected I decided to throw in a vote for a war against Maiden. I figure I could dodge Heaven for a while and score some kills against the rest of the youngins I saw that day. Luckily for me, a spectator of the whole thing named fwgmrtoad that was in a corp called FWG Mining and Salvage said that my picture looked cute. Aww what the hell, lets vote to deck his corp too.

While waiting for the vote and dec to go through I got a convo from my old lame alliance leader. He had sent me a mail with a link to his killboard about about wanting me back since they were getting so many uber awesome kills against Bestowers and Caracals. Since he ran a vent that my current corp mate and I still used, I decided to be civil. Even so, I was happy he wasted 1 mil on my CSPA to beg me to come back.

With my epeen-o-meter near full, I logged out and dreamt about all of the pretty explosions I will be seeing in two days. I will write the rest of the story as soon as our wars with Maiden and FWG finish up.


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