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The Old SwitchTheIbisForTheMegathron Trick

Interesting story, a few weeks back we had a particular member in our corporation that was causing issues with abuse to other players including myself. He was spoken to by senior officers and eventually left the corp on bad terms.

About 2 weeks later I spotted him in one of my corps mining belts (I was mining at the time) so I decided I would get a little revenge on behalf of the corp. I travelled back to station and grabbed just an old empty Ibis. I knew that this enemy was smart, but not that smart. Smart enough to know if he could kill a ship or not, but not smart enough for what I was about to do.

I took my Ibis to a nearby belt that had some rats and I let the rats pound my shields and armor down to almost hull. I then travelled back to the system where the enemy lay jetcan mining in a retriever. I swapped the ore and named it "I dont have weaps, but what you gonna do punk". I knew of course that he had drones on board capable of killing the rest of my already badly damaged Ibis.

Just as I had planned, he whipped out the Warrior I's and they started zapping away. About 20 seconds later I was back in station and changing into my Mega. A further 30 seconds later and I was within 5 meters of him. A further 15 seconds later and I was watching his Pod warp back to station.

A very small victory, but worth it in my opinion ; )

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