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Another Routine Night?

...Tonight was anything but...

So I woke up in station tonight and decided to hop into my Curse and cruise around Josameto, Poinen, Ikami, and the other surrounding systems. The plan was simple, warp through the asteroid belts in the target systems, and try and piss off a few miners by stealing their ore. Ultimately, I was looking for a few easy ganks and then call it a night. What unfolded tonight was just a little bit more than that.

I woke up in Josameto first, so I figure I would poke my head into the asteroid belts. The first few belts yield nothing, except the odd NPC spawn and pilots mining in their haulers....Speaking of haulers, I finally ran into a 3 man mining party in a belt in Josameto. I think to myself "nah these guys wont fall for my trap, but ehhh what the hell, give it a shot." Sure enough I take ore from their can and flip it into mine, and the badger steals it back. I promptly blow him out of the sky and move along. (Related Killmail)

Cleared for publication by: Ander - Please please please, do not link to other killboards in the future. Never know how long they will stay up which means in the future links may go dead.

While still in Josameto, I run into a covetor pilot who falls for the exact same trap. The only difference is, he was fitted with combat drones. Upon myact of thievery he thinks it a good ideato try and attack me. I go ahead and make quick work of him. So to recap briefly...I am about a half hour into this, and all I have to show for it is a hauler kill and a mining barge kill..."BORING!!" I begin thinking. (Related Killmail)

I leave Josameto in search of new grounds to hunt. My name was starting to be linked in local as an ore thief, so I figure now is as good a time as any to bail out and find new grounds for a little bit. I go on ahead and jump into Poinen after looking around a couple of other systems and finding nothing. Once in Poinen, I begin performing my typical belt check. This time my search yields a pilot in a Thorax who is ratting in the belts. I follow him around to a few belts, and wait for him to kill a ship. Once he does this, I go grab the loot from the wreck. This action has now flagged me as a criminal to him. I begin looking through the market as I wait to see if this pilot will fire on me for stealing from his wreck. Sure enough after about a minute of deliberation, he launches his drones and begins attacking me. I lock him, sic my drones on him and begin laying into him. His hull is eventually converted into the space dust it so rightfully deserved to be. (Related Killmail)

He offers me a few words in local and I move along to my next system...the one in which I would see probably the most epic solo battle of my career...

I set my course for the Ikami solar system in the Forge region. This system is known to be rife with mission running pilots, as well as a population of avid miners. I have romped around here maybe once or twice. Tonight I decide to hang around a little longer than usual. I go through the first 3 belts...absolutely nothing. I begin thinking to myself "after I've looked around here once, I'm going to bed." Just as I say that, my ship exits its warp bubble right smack dab in the middle of a nice sized mining op. I figure these will be the last people I try and set my trap for. The list of ships in the belt at the time I dropped in on the party reads as follows: Raven, Hurricane, Badger Mark II, Hulk, Hulk, Hulk, Retriever.

I look around to see if there are any Cargo Containers that these guys are placing their ore into. Sure enough there is one, and it's full of ore. I motor on over to the cargo container, eject cargo from my ship, and transfer their ore into my cargo container. Rather than wait for them to steal it back, which would only yield me a Badger Mark II kill, or maybe only a Hulk kill. I think quick, I blow up the can containing the ore...this has the desired piss them off. And piss them off it did! The following events unfolded in approximately a 30 minute window.

I notice the Raven pilot start locking me, and it is at this time, the industrial ships get out of the belt. The raven begins to fire his missiles at me. I forgot to activate my ships' Microwarpdrive, so his first volley hurt me more than I expected it to. I lock him back, and begin working on his capacitor with my energy neutralizers. I begin scrambling him to make sure he won't go anywhere. The Hurricane pilot sees his friend in trouble, locks me, and tries firing a few volleys off, but to no avail...Hurricane pilot warps out. It is now me and the Raven pilot, alone in the belt.

The Raven pilot appeared to have a decent tank fitted, and only when my neutralizers emptied his cap did he seem to sustain a lot of damage. He began showing signs of his tank breaking. I got him into armor, and shortly after this a hostile Blackbird pilot warped in and tried to apply a jam to my Curse. The Blackbird never got a successful jam cycle off on my ship, and was too far out for me to put my damage on, so I figured i would just work on the Raven. I wound up running into huge cap management problems with my setup (tracking disruptor in my extra mid slot) during this portion of the battle...Eventually I bump off some asteroids and find myself warping out because of a lack of good cap recharge rate and having my hull almost blown out of the sky.

I leave the belt, broken spirit, and 5 drones in the hole (I had to leave my drones behind, or else I'd have died). I was ready to chalk this up to a lesson learned, when it hit me that they may be slowboating to my Tech II drones to scoop them for themselves. I rush to a neighboring system to pick up a Cap Rehcarger II, fit it to my ship, and get my ass back into Ikami. I warp back to the location of the engagement, and sure enough the Hurricane is there, along with the Raven and the Blackbird. The Blackbird, again, is too far for me to engage, so I hope he doesnt get lucky and hit a jam on me. The Hurricane starts to scramble me. I dont feel like I am in any imminent danger, but for the sake of my sanity I decide to engage the Hurricane first, just in case they packed neutralizers of their own this time.

The Hurricane melts within a minute of engaging. He got maybe 2 or three shots that hit my ship, before dying. (Related Kilmail)

It is at this point the Raven pilot warps out for fear that he will be next on the list...As the Hurricane's explosion fills the sky with a blinding light, I notice now that the Blackbird is approaching my location. I burn out to him and quickly apply my Warp Disruptor. I proceed to make short work of the Blackbird and turn his ship back into space debris. (Related Killmail)

I begin collecting the loot from the two kills, and as I'm doing this I notice the Raven appear again on my overview. Not wasting any time, I lock the Raven pilot down with my Warp Disruptor. I begin orbiting him, this time making sure to do it manually so as not to collide with any asteroids. I stagger my ships' neutralizer cycles and begin opening fire with my missiles. I also unleash a wave of Hammerhead II's on him. He is tanking me relatively well this time around. I wind up having to micromanage my capacitor again, but not nearly as much as the first engagement. I begin noticing his tank starting to break. With his shields beginning to falter, backup arrives in the form of an Abaddon. The Abaddon pilot can no longer legally fire upon me, because the initial theft timer has run out. Ignoring the warning from concord, the Abaddon pilot proceeds to fire upon me. Concord shows up to swiftly relieve this pilot of his ship.

With the Abaddon gone, I am able to focus fully on the Raven pilot once more. I keep my orbit speed up, keep managing my cap between pulsing my Microwarpdrive and Neutralizers. I eventually see him stop actively boosting. His tank is now down. His ship enters armor, and my drones and missiles begin slicing through his armor. My neutralizers couldnt keep his cap empty permanently, so he gets a few good shield boosts in. But I am able to keep his cap low enough that he cant boost his shield all the way back. I break through his shield again, his armor is gone completely. The structure of his hull begins to melt at an amazingly high rate. Roughly 30 minutes after this ordeal began, it was finally over. The Raven's hull burst into a bright blue ball of light, illuminating the asteroid belt. (Related Killmail)

When the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled, my Curse was the last one standing on the battlefield. I was nervous every second of the fight. I give much respect tot eh pilots who engaged me in this climactic fight. To this point, I haven't had more fun shooting other pod pilots, as I had tonight. This is what I live for, and I'm so glad tonight wasnt just another routine night...

(Related Engagement)


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Mynxee on :

Wow! That was a great read. Gratz on a great outcome...very inpsiring!

PreyingMantis on :

Yes, that was a very nice read. I guess you were working on the editing of it last nite, when you got pounced on in Hagilur and lost that nice Curse of yours. BTW thanks for the "Low-grade Crystal Alpha". You should pay attention to more of what is going on in local. Fly Safe M8, and keep them stories coming.

Preying Mantis

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