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Solo Gate Sniping in a Megathron

So I was getting ranged repeatedly in my Faction War Blasterthron to the point where I had to drop agro and jump through the gate into high sec.

I needed something to take out these numerous Outbreak Vagabonds, Rifters, Jaguars, Blackbirds etc.

I decided that there were no appropriate loadouts for a nice sniper mega in Battleclinic so I decided to make my own fit for purpose one.

I wanted to have 220km targeting range and optimal range as well as good tracking... I also wanted 40k or so armour to drop agro should I get jumped by spidertanked battleships (which happens a lot when you are in the Amarr Militia in Kamela, Kourmonen or Huola).

So I set my mega up, achieved my three setup objectives and set out to Kamela. Sitting on the Tuomuta gate in Kamela it wasn't long before a lone rifter turned up and sat in "safety" 185km away from me. Thinking he was safe he dropped his Transversal speed down to 75 and began a slow orbit... I opened up with my 7 425mm Rail IIs and within one volley he was jumping in to his pod and running away...

Suddenly a Vagabond turns up and I call one of my support rifters in to tackle and web him... surely enough my trusty colleague activates his Warp Disruptor II and X5 Web and reduces the vage to a mere crawl! I again open up on him with all 7 Railguns and within seconds he has no shields... 30 seconds later he is in his pod running off.

I then decide to venture into Kourmonen as Kamela local just spiked to 30+ War Targets... As they jump to me I am already jumping towards them! I guess we cross mid warp and I jump straight through the Kourmonen gate upon arrival... 50+ WTs in Kourmonen and a Crow and Rifter on the gate! I de-cloak and start locking both the crow and the rifter... the crow is clearly alert and warps off but the Rifter must have been AFK... I have no morals so I open up and polish him off in mere seconds. I don't want to hang around so i don't lock his pod and I align to Huola and enter warp... O n the Huola gate there is a Mega... we stand off, neither making the first move to get agro (him not knowing I already have agro)...My agro wears off and I jump in to Huola having already planned my escape route straight to the Otelen gate. I arrive in Otelen and warp to the Kuomi gate and immediately warp back to my snipe spot 150km from the Huola gate...

Waiting for the Megathron to pop through into Otelen I realise that he isn't that stupid... suddenly out of no where an enemy drake warps 45km infront of me (he must have warped to 100km on the Otelen Gate to give himself time to run... wierd)... I open up on him and he reciprocates... (again... why? I have no warp distruptor so he could have run)... Within 1 minute there is nothing left but some loot 75km away... Some local Amarr Militia noobs swoop in and loot my stash, but I care little.

I turn and align to Kuomi and warp through to dock up at Ishukone station for the night... A successful first outing for my brand new Sniperthron.

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