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Some PVP fun at a last minute idea

I am sitting around looking for macros since the last update took out all the Ice fields in .8 space and higher. I got my POS in order 90% of the way and I was sick and tired of surveying. Found 2 moons, 1 with Hydrocarbon and another with Hydrocarbon and Cobalt.

Anyways. got bored and went up through the low-sec near Tama. Brought my hurricane for the hell of it. Nothing in the belts there so I killed the rats and moved on to another system. No one there and it is the same thing for the next 4 systems. I land in Tannolen and I see 8 people. I start my search through the belts and came across a Caracal ratting. Locked, scrambled and missiles are launched. He goes down quickly while taking my shields down to 75%. I didn't bother to ransom because he was repping his armor and was down half structure, so he prob didn't have any cash left.

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Killmail moved to extended body. Bit short post but yer a returning poster so it'll pass for now.
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Virtual limits and the impact on eve gameplay

Commander: Stay logged in! Whatever you do, cap the system to keep enemy out!

CCP has since long advertised the fact that they have all of their players playing on the same server.
While this is close to the truth it is not the entire truth.

Lets investigate this further.
Infact CCP has a large number of servers all interconnected which runs the EVE universe. A so called clusterer.
Its infrastructure built so that players and systems are loadbalanced over a large number of fast servers and always striving to maintain an even balance to handle playeractivity. Some systems are less prioritized and these systems can get to share one server. It's when a sudden change such as warfare or special events occur that sudden lag occurs in these systems which can all be affected when one of the servers handling many systems get hampered with workload for one particular server.

So, what is known:
1 system cannot be run over several servers, but many systems can be run on one server.

This kind of architecture is limited by the coding practises implemented by CCP from start which in turn relies on the hardware to give a smooth experience for us players. CCP dedicated countless hours on improving the coding and squashing bugs which may decrease performance. The other measures CCP has taken is to upgrade the actual hardware to sustain more and more players in one system. Perhaps CCP never envisioned a thousand players in one system, but counted on them being spread out over many systems which they could split up on multiple servers but at the moment it seems like CCP has hit a wall. They simply cannot improve the code fast enough to get more players into one system, and the current hardware available only manages to handle as much as a couple of hundred in the same system.

We've seen the word "reinforced" used by players and CCP when dealing with lag. It has been CCP's methods for years to handle systems with high workload. Simply to dedicate one server in the cluster to that particular system. But now it seems that this wall that CCP hit can't simply be helped by: reinforcing the system on a dedicated server, improving code and getting new hardware.

Their final option to avoid cluster crashes is simply to put virtual limits on the system as we've seen in the recent war. This is not an ideal situation for either of the sides since it will have many implications which I will come to soon.
CCP has to solve this either by finding a way to improve the architecture of their game. Making each system more decentralized or to rely on super-computers readily available within the nearest future. Or perhaps some option which I've yet to see CCP come up with.

Another aspect of this problem is the network-traffic outbound from each system. All the traffic sent to players will cause lag since each calculation, weaponfire, shipchanges etc will have to be propagated to each client.
Multiply this with a couple of hundred players and you will see that players will get issues clientside with networktraffic (limited by their own network access & computers for calculating _everything_).

This virtual limit CCP chose has been to limit the system to a max-amount of players. This limit has been put in place a bit randomly previously but seems to become the norm now to avoid crashing the node entirely. Perhaps this will save one nights sleep for a sysadmin on call but in the end it will cause a bigger headache for CCP if it turns out as I think.

The following will happen:
- Warfare tactics will change. The people with the most players in system during a long period of time will win. If you manage to lockout your enemy with the help of the virtual limit the battle is won even before any turrets are fired.

Simply smack up a POS just as you put the enemies POS into reinforced. Have it outfit as a deathstar with lots of strontium with just enough time to survive until you can remove the enmies POS.
During this whole time you strive to maintain the largest amount of players in system. Doesnt matter how much forces you got outside the systems. Just as long as you can cap the system you're trying to defend/attack.

Just imagine the login-queues and "Login battles" during these days! Both sides will have their forums spammed with "Make sure you keep your pilots online even if you're afk! Fit a cloak, go to our pos. Just be online to keep enemy out!!!" .
Result: BIG headache for CCP when either of sides complain about this new tactic. More serverload, login-queues and all that crap associated with high playernumbers.
CCP must realise that these virtual limits are the worst kind of tactic they can chose. They must remove these virtual-limits and try to keep the servers running even if the playernumbers are in the thousands on the same server.

The lag will even-out the amount of players in a system and put the forces in a ratio matching each sides amount of players available. This should be a far better solution to virtual limits until CCP has come up with better coding practises, hardware or another solution.

Virtual caps is bad m'kay?

In-game related advertisment!

I'm going to run an advertisment run with in-game related material.
So if your alliance or corp would like to announce anything I can put that banner up for a small ISK fee.
EVE-Pirate reaches out to roughly 3-4k unique visitors per day (unique NEW ip's on a day). Over 70000 visitors per month (unique IP's over a month).

Remember, news-story content is still free. If you want to announce recruitment or special events, you're welcome to do so without charge. It's only the banner advertisement-drive that we're using to gain extra funds.

The isk will be going towards prizes for eve-pirate and further investments.
To this day, we've handed out about 1bill isk through prizes. Among those to our eve-ad maker (100mill) and more to Zapatero at CCP, some through donations to other lotteries and causes.

Become a regular author! are looking for more authors who write at least once per month. Preferably once per week!

These authors will have permission to post without pre-verification by other staff-members, but may have their access revoked if they abuse their access.

All authors who write regulary will also be able to publish his character-image next to his or her posts.
For an example, see any post by me :-)

If I see anyone writing often, and writing good you may be eligable for promotion to authorship!
Keep writing people :-)

My Name

It was a slow week. I had been out of the Republic Military School's training course for 5 weeks now, or was it 6? I had lost count as one day melted into the next. One of the first things they encouraged, forced us to do, was to take an oath to protect the Republic from Pirates...scum. They told us we could be the next generation of space heroes, figures to inspire a nationality, a universe. We gladly took the oath. But after weeks of hunting Angel Cartel thugs with barely a few million to show for it things weren't seaming so glorious. Were was my recognition, no one knew my name, no one knew my hopes, no one knew my dreams, would anyone remember me after I die? This thought haunted me while I drifted in and out of sleep on my bunk bed in the pilots barracks. In the shadows the gray walls seamed to continue to eternity.

“Target locked, all pilots copy when ready to fire.”
“Red 1 copy.”
“Red 2 copy.”
“Red 3 do you copy?!” boomed the wing commanders voice.
“Red 3 copy.”
The warm red glow on my face momentarily removes the thought of gray walls from my mind.
“I'm going to check Moon 4 asteroid belt 1 for Pirates” I inform the others.
“Roger, open comms if you find anyone.”
I enter the co-ordinates of the asteroid belt and start the warp drive. The asteroid belt is empty, scanning through these empty belts is my life, gray walls closing in. One last check of the overview to make sure the gang isn't here before punching in the co-ordinates of the warp gate to the neighbouring solar system where even CONCORD refuses to go. I pause, is this what I want, wouldn't it be safer to stay here in safety to live let my name die with me.

This isn't so bad, it looks just like my old system. I open the scanner and see two other pilots in the system, the one furthest away, near a warp gate is wanted by CONCORD, with the push of a button I have readied the engines and I can feel the ship moving under me, aligning for the flight...ABORT. The ship stops. I have a look at the frigate closer to me again, they aren't wanted, their name isn't known. I feel my pulse rise as my Rifter screams towards them going several light years per second. I leave warp and find myself close enough to a Tormentor that I can smell his fear, that's when I realise that he's just a civilian...easy meat. I lock his ship and entangle him with my webifier and warp scrambler. Just as my guns charge my overview starts flashing at me, a Sabre (t2 Minmatar industrial) warps in and directs it's self right at me. Immediately the webifier and scrambler are disengaged and I warp to the nearest planet, in this moment of primeval fear I forgot my life, my problems, the ship I had trapped warps away in the opposite direction but the Sabre chases me, I can feel the sweat creeping down my brow, it catches me in the planet getting it's scrambler on me before I can warp away, I'm trapped. I energise the weapons but my hull is torn through in a matter of seconds. A bright red flash fills the blackness of space, then there is nothing. My pod is still here. Why? I rapidly warp away from the sabre into high security space and set the autopilot for home.

The journey seams to be stretching into eternity, I float all alone, staring at the gray walls of my pod, and wonder, if I had died today would anyone have known? Would anyone have cared?

Note: Based on my first PvP experiance, I had the Tormentor targeted and an interdictor did enter the system and chase me, however being the newb I was (and still am?) I didn't think of warping to the gates in a 0.1 sec system, I just went from planet to planet with him chasing me. I convo'd him afterwards and his ship was worth 200mil against the 1-1.5mil of my Rifter, his killmail that he sent me said something along the lines of “Your 425mm gattling cannon II wrecks Demtalin le'Mercennaire for 385.2 damage” That was my first PvP fight and his first kill in his new ship.

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Millions Lost, Billions Gained

An update. Shortly after my first EVE-Pirate post I joined the North. I quickly found out I couldn't shoot almost anybody. I didn't connect with the members, who spent half the time talking in their native Romanian language, and when my buddies Raven got stolen, nobody cared. That was the nail in the coffin for me. I moved down to my old carebear haunting grounds of Khanid. I talked to a ex carebearing friend of mine, and he invited me to join Firmus Ixion.

I immediately made fast friends with some of the members, and after a few days of intensive ratting, I was awash in wealth. Purchasing a Thorax and using some of the named loot I got from the rats, built myself a nice PVPing ship. In two weeks I ratted heavily for the corp, participated in some gatecamps, nabbed a faction spawn from AAA space, participated in some roving gangs. But all these times I managed not to run into a single hostile force.

This upset me, our CEO was dissapointed by the lack of killmails on the board. Even going as far as to not so vaguely threaten to kick people from the corp if he didn't start seeing results.

Today, I logged into EVE, my friend who invited me to FIX told me to get my rear in gear and head into Catch. I nabbed a gang invite, and moved as a fleet. Our commander kept losing connection and was replaced.

We arrived at the target system. No sov in the system, but their was an outpost.station (not sure which), we were going to take it. A gang of 45-50 battleships, cruisers, frigates, and logistics warped in on the station. Capital ships were en route.

I immediately realize I forgot to fit rails... I'm a blasterax, not a fleet cruiser. Fatal mistake. A Moros undocks. I mwd forward and mwd right back to the fleet as he immediately makes a close range ship go pop. I elect to stay well outside scramble range and try to help as much as I can with my drones, we get him to quarter armor and he docks. Immediately, he undocks and I, lagged out, come to with him 80km away from the station. As I mwd into drone range an Archon undocks. Where the heck are the capitals? Anyhow, our FC orders us to take on the Moros.

A sudden craziness takes over me. Drones are out, mwd on full blast, I close and turn my blasters on. Perhaps I should have cackled madly at my computer screen for effect. I continue pounding the dreadnought. Who has decided to start popping BS's like one pops Tic-Tac's into ones mouth. I continue my relentless assault on the Moros for a full minute. Without missing a beat, the beastly capital ship unleashes a mad pack of T2 medium drones. I suddenly lag like crazy. Scrambled, helpless, I die in a flash. My pop warps off, and I'm at a stargate.

Now I would blame dev alts for the lag, but it wasn't BoB we were fighting, so I can't do that. I couldn't really give him kudo's for popping me, because I was a dead man as soon as I got inside scramble range. But he killed me none the less.

2007.02.10 02:42

Victim: Ivan Moon
Alliance: Firmus Ixion
Corp: Black Avatar
Destroyed: Thorax
System: FAT-6P
Security: 0.0

Involved parties:

Name: Jouni Kalmar (laid the final blow)
Security: 5.1
Alliance: Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Corp: The Tidemark
Ship: Moros
Weapon: Valkyrie II

Destroyed items:

10MN MicroWarpdrive I
J5 Prototype Warp Inhibitor I
X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
Heavy Ion Blaster I
Emergency Damage Control I
Heavy Ion Blaster I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Vespa I (Drone Bay)
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 97
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 97
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 97

By this time everyones angry. What happened to the capitals? Why had we been slaughtered so badly? I head home and log off to take care of RL. Eve is after all, not my life.

I log back on two hours later. My friend immediately tells me to get my rear over to Catch again. Our act gotten together, the capitals were taking the station shields down. Our force grown to 60 something. We'd forced the numerous IAC who'd logged on into the station. As I jumped into the system the outpost was claimed by FIX. Immediately frieghters came in. Apparently billions of isk in assets were stranded when IAC took the station. Some players had lost some nicely fitted ships, myself included, but the corp gained a great victory that day, we got our assets back.

I shall continue to hunt for fights. I can't find a fight, and when I do I lose. However, I can only go up from here.

Cleared for publication by: Ander

Breaking news - dev misconduct - bob at war

After the official statement from CCP where they admitted that t20 had aquired those bpo's illegaly a lot of alliances who were previously enemies have grouped. They've now marched to war against BoB..
See whole story here.

The player who first revealed this info and put the dev-misconduct into open is still banned. In my personal opinion he should be unbanned and be fully compensated for lost gametime.

According to the player himself, claims that he should've hacked forums are wrong. He got hold of database dumps from BoB's own members who leaked the intel to him through his spy-network.

Volunteer for EVE-Pirate!

I'm in need of a couple of editors and moderators for EVE-Pirate.
Basicly you'll be given a couple of extra priviledges like ability to publish posts.

I'll be looking for new volunteers among the active authors who post many stories.

Hurry up! Get on and write about your experiences in eve.

EVE-Pirate is visited by more than 4000 unique visitors per day and many more returning visitors!

EVE-Pirate keeps growing

It's time for that monthly update.
We're still short $800 for the server-upgrade, luckily we've managed to solve one issue with the site that made it run very slow.

The site may run fine for now, but EVE-Pirate keeps growing.
Our plan is to keep growing for a long time and we'll be needing a new server sometime.

We have roughly 3500-4000 unique (new) visitors per day now and many returning visitors.
In a couple of weeks EVE-Pirate will be releasing a new service which will be very high quality and unique for EVE.
I cant reveal too much information, but let me tell you this will be very interesting.

Keep visiting for more information :-)

The end of Nanophoons is near?

I'd just like to prefix this by saying its not a rant, whine, or call for a nerf. As far as I know, CCP has no plans to nerf them. But then, I'm not omniscient.

I'm hunting in one of the dead-end systems in Sniggerdly Country with a SniggWaffe pilot on standby in the next system. I'm running the scanner, and spot a Raven. I moved into a better position to track him down, and he's moved. So here I am blatting around the system between the gate and one planet, thinking I've got the whole system covered that way. Whoops, one planet wasn't covered. So I head to that planet and spy a Drake and a Vigil. Right now I'm thinking this is going to be good, but while running more scans to locate this Drake, I notice a Typhoon and Raven on scan.

Well, that smelled like a trap, and I for one wasn't going to bite it. As all pirates know, cowardice is the better part of discretion, and discretion is the better part of valour, so I valiently ran away. Just as I'm exiting warp I spy the Typhoon and the Vigil on the gate. I start screaming at the trainee to get the hell out, and make the jump. As soon as I hit the other side, the fun began.

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Make CCP and EVE-Pirate happy :)

Alright, so I've finally signed up EVE-Pirate so we can offer 14day trials.
What happends is that we get 7$ per sign-up.

I dont know if this is per trial sign-up or per paying subscriber. Probably the later.
But if you want to try out piracy on a new character, this is an ideal chance for you to try it out. :-)


Bit slow too warp out ;-)
But totally worth it ^^ since we blew up their carrier earlier.

On other hand, it's weird that there's no way to lock down a titan from jumping out.

2007.01.20 04:38
Victim: Ander
Alliance: Pandemic Legion
Corp: Sniggerdly
Destroyed: Deimos
System: G-G78S
Security: 0.0
Involved parties:
Name: Chowdown (laid the final blow)
Security: -1.0
Alliance: Lotka Volterra
Corp: Shinra
Ship: Avatar <--------- omg sploit!
Weapon: Judgement

Destroyed items:
Warrior II (Drone Bay)
Warrior II, Qty: 2 (Drone Bay)
Damage Control I
Reactor Control Unit I
250mm Railgun II
250mm Railgun II
250mm Railgun II
250mm Railgun II
Reactor Control Unit I
Warrior II, Qty: 3 (Drone Bay)
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 2500 (Cargo)
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Monopulse Tracking Mechanism I
Dark Blood Reactive Plating
Warrior II (Drone Bay)
Warrior II (Drone Bay)
Medium Armor Repairer I
Spike M, Qty: 27
Spike M, Qty: 27
Spike M, Qty: 27

Comment spam

We've temporarily shut down commenting on threads.
Commenting is now activated again.

This is due to the amount of spam we recieve which is just out of hand.

We're working to block these hosts spamming our system.

For authors, this may have caused inconvenience in the form that you get lots of authorization requests for comments which you've posted.

You can safely remove these requests from

World of Warcraft expansion

I've promised myself to never try World of Warcraft. It just seems to dull and pampered for my taste.
I've played UO, AO, EQ, EQII, FFXI Online and many other MMO's which names I'm too lazy to write here.

Most of you know that WoW just got their new expansion released , and what do we eve people get? An extended downtime for free content updates!

That's right, we get our content updates for free. WoW players have to pay for it... suckers...