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400x80 E-P banner (horizontal)

Mahe has updated our banners with a brand new horizontal banner for everyone to use on their websites linking to :-)


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The other banners can be found here.

EVE-Pirate banners

The comments I receieved from the last post was clear. People want some banners to add to their website.
Mahe was nice to make these two banners .


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Please use these responsibly. May scare old ladies and cause death among people with heart faults. disclaims all liability! :-)

Another Day, Another Kill

A bit of a, "What's Ivan been up to?" post.

After my last entry, I stopped pirating for about a month and took some time off from EVE. Once I was back I went on a few ops, got a few kills, and purchased a Myrmidon. Got a few kills in the Myrmidon. While bored one day, I decided to do a little solo work. Heading some jumps out from home I scanned down a Raven and had him in the direction of a planet. I warped to it and landed at a planet. A few seconds later a curse landed 50KM away from me.

I aligned for warp and tried to lock him. I couldn't, I'm assuming he had damps on me. I didn't make warp either. The guy nossed me, damped me, and unable to tank, his drones made short work of me.

Cleared for publication by: Ander Continue reading "Another Day, Another Kill" turnis 2 :)

Ok, so I missed the birthday of EVE-Pirate ... again!
Thursday, June 9. 2005 was when I made the first post on eve-pirate and the site actually started getting activity.

It's been a great year. Lots of controversity mixed with many good stories from authors and our users.
We've grown and these days we got roughly 50k unique hits per month.

Look forward to another great year with eve-pirate! Bringing you pirate stories, controversy and lots of griefing from EVE Online :-)

Cloaks? Good or bad?

Judge for yourself. But I believe cloaks work fine the way they're today. CCP however has planned to nerf any cloak except covert ops cloaking device.

In my opinion the only ones who will favor from the cloaking nerf are those far out in 0.0 who wants to npc all day without risk. While they themselves will still be able cloaks for a quick get-away if they're not able to warp out of a belt quick enough.

Go to this thread if you dislike the cloaking nerf. Sign it if you agree, otherwise dont. Otherwise, feel free to post a counter-petition and I'll have it published on aswell.

Reposted from eve-online forums thread:
UPDATE: 112 Have Signed The Petition So Far
(29888 to go! thats the number I'm counting from, cause that means space for over 10k alts)

This is a petition to stop the cloaking nerf from ever setting foot on the TQ server.
Rules to Sign
1. Post a short explanation for why you're signing
2. Type /Signed somewhere in your post (makes it easy for me to count)
3. Don't sign with multiple accounts/alts/trial accounts etc, that invalidates the count. Thank you!

Those of you who don't agree:
This is a petition, not a discussion, please.
If you absolutely can't contain yourself and have to discuss, be civil about it, and don't flame!

Originally by: CCP Fendahl
The next patch also makes it possible to detect cloaked ships with scan probes, so the BS fleet could have its scouts scan for hidden surprises.


Originally by: MephystoThis is correct. Scan probes will now be able to detect cloaked ships. This update will be testable on Singularity when it next gets updated (probably on Tuesday since this is a holiday weekend here).


Originally by: CCP Fendahl
Unfortunately it seems that the cloaking changes won't make it in for the next patch. The code changes have already been made, but got rolled back today because the system didn't work out as intended. However, we still plan to address cloaks in a patch in the near future (without nerfing covert ops of course).

Affected Cloaks:
Prototype Cloak I
Improved Cloaking Device II

Unaffected Cloaks:
Covert Ops II Cloaking Device

Brothers and Sisters of EVE! Many a nerf has bethrothed the universe of EVE, many of which we have all learned to deal with and overcome.
Most of the time we succeded, and have since lived in relative harmony with the changes, HOWEVER, this time they have gone TOO Far!

This new nerf to cloaks that makes it detectable via probes is outragous! When people complained about AFK cloakers we were confident that such arguments wouldnt be a threat to us, and would be forgotten.
I mean the argument itself is flawed - "We can't mine cause theres an AFK cloaker in our system, spying on us" - and all kinds of other arguments, which frankly I for one don't at all agree with for many many reasons.

It tells me you haven't been creative enough about what you're doing, no offence intended, but lure the cloaker! Bait him into doing something rash that'll get him killed, trick him, ANYTHING..and if he's really AFK, then whats the problem??? Paranoia over someone in your system does just not validate something like this. If you really can't handle the pressure of an enemy being in the same system as you, well, THEN MOVE!!

It is an entirely poor idea altogether, IN MY OPINION, that cloaking has to suffer just because those who still get terrorized by cloaks, haven't been creative and/or resourceful enough to figure out a solution - It is infact MORONIC (Sorry about the word, really, but it is) that it is yet again US (the cloakers/pirates) that have to come up with a solution just because some of you...*bites tongue* people... can't think for yourselves.

I'm taking a stand against this NERF, because of all things I have accepted in the past and adapted to - Of all the nerfs I have twisted my brain around to continue like I did, this is a DIRECT assault to make cloaks useless, and I will not accept it!
As someone told me ingame, this is not actually a nerf, it's a removal of the usefulness of the cloak altogether - Theres no point to it if this goes through.

(Sign if you agree)

News from E-P!

'elo fellow EVE-Pirate readers.
This week two users of this board has been promoted.
First of all flashfresh has been promoted to author status due to continual posting and activity over the weeks. Non the less, he has also written stories which contain less spelling mistakes than mine! W00t.

Secondly, Sicks_Strings has been promoted to chief editor. He has given a lot of input and shown interest in helping with the daily routines of He has contributed with important input regarding eve-pirate forums and other ways on how to improve the site. In the past he has also taken great care to be active in this community and help people. Thus he will now be able to clear posts and make decisions regarding users who can be promoted to author status and moderate where it seems fit. With great powers come great responsibility! Don't forget that Sicks.

Other than that, eve-pirate has acumulated another $120 from google ads. No donations the last two months since I hadnt activated the paypal donation site/link.
This has been put toward buying a few ramsticks to upgrade our current server.
So far we've also gathered 140mill ISK (at the time of this posting) toward the EON ad payment. Proceedings over 300mill will go toward the competition winner.

Second last thing, at the moment I have one active VoIP service active for one corporation. It is a small package but non the less the activity fee (it's a fee to make sure the user of the community service is active) has contributed with 10mill to the funds.

Last of all, the "put Ander in a titan fund" has received absolutely 0 isk. =(
Other than that everything is great with E-P on my end :-)

Donations & stuff

We've now reactivated our donation system. So if you'd like to donate a buck to show appreciation to EVE-pirate it's now possible again by clicking the left link or the banner at the bottom of this post.

We've gathered about 600$ so far when deducting the cost for RAM upgrade which we performed earlier this year.

Remember, if you see any google ad which shows a link to isk-sellers. Please have it reported to [ander AT] (scrambled email to avoid spammers) ASAP. I'll have the link added to our extensive lost of our 50 entries.

Announcing next episode of THE E-ON ad competition :)

Announcing next episode of our E-ON ad competition!
We'll be making a donation run, we'll be needing 300mill(about that) ISK to cover expenses for the E-ON ad.

Whatever we make above 300mill, 50% will be given in addition to an isk-prize of 150mill (from my own pockets) to the best artist.
Remaining 50% will be put into a collective wallet for to be used for future competitions (next E-ON ad beyond this one).

So if we gather 400million isk, the winning ad-artist will receive 50mill once 300mill has been deducted. If we gather more it'll be even more.
Please, if you want to support and its contributors please send an ISK donation to "Ander".

With over 40thousand unique visitors per month I'd bet you we'll receive ONE or TWO donators...

If you got more ideas on how we can have fun competitions, answer in a comment to this thread!

Ad requirments:
A4 PDF 300DPI with cropmarks / bleed.

System upgrade (updated)

EVE Pirate has performed a systems upgrade.
System should now be fully functional again.

// Ander
Please send reports about problems or questions to

Adrenaline - The Gateway Drug...

Of all the possible paths in EVE, I've only recently started experimenting with PVP. It is by far the most fun, while at the same time being the most expensive... "Why don't you become a pirate?" some people ask. The path of the pirate just isn't my style. I'm too nice in real life too... I usually end up making a new friend after every fight, win or lose, and giving folks their gear back.... That doesn't mean the blood-lust and adrenaline don't make me do bad things sometimes ;-)

Instead of flying around pew-pewing (hmm... projectiles... pow-powing?) every noob in sight, I prefer to wait for others to make the first move. I just make myself... available, by practicing my scouting/scanning and warping in on a promising target, then waiting to see what they do. Sometimes they wave with a "o/" in local, usually they wave with their guns instead.

On one of the first of such outings, I had been running around teasing the local flashy-reds in their cruisers and BC's for a while, and was looking for a good fight, fair but challenging (I've already learned not to try pvp-fitted cruisers/bc's alone in my Rifter...). A couple of blips on the scanner indicated a pair of fairly noobish dudes in matching his/her Breachers, so I figure they're probably ratting together. I'd never fought a Breacher, but I'd flown one, and I knew that they can dispense a whole lot of pain, despite being paper thin. I scan them down to a complex, mull it over for a minute, and hit warp. As I activate the acceleration gate I mumble something random and unintelligible about doing "the needful", and make sure that my clone is up to date.

When I arrive inside, they have just finished up the first stage, and were cleaning up their fine 2/10 complex booty. After a couple of seconds they both aligned toward me, and I knew it was on! I hit the afterburner as they were locking me and rushed out to meet them with YOL (Yarrrr out loud) as my ship auto-targetted them back. Breachers being the death-traps that they are, I expected them to try to stay out of my range and rain fiery standard light missile death down on me. Instead of the usual Stasis Web, I had fit a Tracking Disruptor for this trip (hoping to track down a dude in a destroyer) so I was banking on being faster than them to keep them in range. To my surprise and amazement, they settled into a close orbit! The forecast however, did still call for fiery missiles of death, so my happy-dance was short-lived.

They start firing just as they get into range, so I return the favor with autocannons of annihilation! I pick a target at random and hit orbit in an attempt to keep up some speed and offset some missile damage. For the record, missiles hurt... I keep a tight orbit on the first ship and start to get nervous when I'm into armor and he's not dead yet... My T2 small armor repper is running furiously about the time the first Breacher asplodes. I'm down to about 25% armor and out of cap when I turn my attention to the second Breacher, without much hope of making it out of there in one piece.

Taking the same strategy as I did on the first ship, I settle into a close orbit with autocannons of hurt a-blazing! I enter structure about the same time his shields peel away. His armor is going fast, but my structure is going faster... My small NOS pulls just enough cap for an emergency cycle of the armor repair, but that melts away pretty quickly. He's into structure, but half of mine is already gone. I'm pretty sure I'm a goner when I hit about 25% structure, but then I get another cycle from the Nos and hit the armor repairer. YES!!! I get a chunk of armor back, Breacher goes BOOM, and I'm looting the wrecks with 10% structure left on my poor, awesome Rifter :-)

We exchange "GF"s in local, and I take a look at what they left behind. Turns out they were flying close in the hopes of scoring some hits from their autocannons:

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Rest of story moved to extended body. Sorry for delay in verificationprocess.
Continue reading "Adrenaline - The Gateway Drug..."

Reaching Out

Hello readers of Eve-Pirate. We have to sit down and have a little meeting.

As you can see, we have a new poll. It's about what you guys want to see from us. We're looking for your input, because we're thinking on taking on new projects and really working to expand E-P. Right now it's a little slow, and we're working on that. We need your help though.

Here's what you guys, as the readers (and posters) can do to help E-P grow:

The easiest thing you can do to help us is spread the word. Put a link to us in your bio, or EON forums siggy. Tell your friends and corpmates. Write a blog about an adventure you and your friends had and tell them to read and post comments about it. Stories and readers help us a lot.

We could also use money donations. That helps pay for a lot of things. We need this to run ads, and pay for hosting and such. We appreciate anything you can offer, whether it's a few dollars, or a few ISK.

Anything you can do to help makes us really happy. If everyone did just a little, we could grow a lot.

So, now that you know what we want from you, we want to know what you want from US.

What do you want from Eve-Pirate?

Vote in the poll to let us know, and comments here would be appreciated.

Do you want new stuff like podcasts or radio? Do you want us to branch out into different aspects of Eve? Do you want more stories? Do you think it's fine, or just needs a few more active members? Do you want more events and competitions?

Let us know what you want changed and added here. =)

Recent allegations.... vs Ander?

Alright, so I've been critizised by a few members of the E-P readerbase.
I fully agree that I'm biased in this whole conflict concerning BoB and the coalition.
Though you must understand that Eve-Pirate is all about writing from our personal views. This means that anyone who's on any side in a conflict (anti-pirate/pirate, BoB/Coalition) can voice their concerns, write their story and have a fair chance of getting published.

I've posted around 5 posts regarding this whole BoB-politics. However, I also got carried away in one of my comments where I accused someone of being a bob-alt when he commented on my post. Why did I do that? Mainly due to the harsh attitudes which seem to have spread through out EVE, and for that I apologize. I should've read the name of the poster on that comment and noticed that it was a long-term reader of EVE-Pirate and someones whose opinion I appreciate. Even if it had been an anonymous figure I should not have accused him of being a bob-alt, and for that I apologize to all of EVE-Pirates readers.

I'd like to point out that EVE-Pirate may seem biased in this whole conflict, but that is mainly due to the fact I've not seen a single post from someone out of the BoB side of the conflict. Feel free to post your side of the story so that E-P can avoid looking too biased. I too will do my best to try and write out of a neutral perspective in the future when we're concering two sides of an ongoing conflict.

In this conflict there has been lots of feelings involved. Good friends being banned for different reasons, lies spread from both sides of the conflicting alliances. EVE-Pirate has always been able to raise opinions and sometimes step on peoples toes. Pirates write about who their victims are and at times the victims see these posts and get angry even if the spirit of EVE-Pirate is to provide stories which are fun for all.
After-all, it is just a game.

/Signed, Ander
Lead Administrator of

EVE-Pirate blogging & such

Small update. I've added the ability for authors to add tags to their entries. This makes it easier for search-engines to pick us up and for other users to navigate through related tags.

Feel free to make use of it!