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Stacked forces the little guys comes out on top

This is my first big fight so the details might be a little sketchy, enjoy!.

Having had a busy day I was looking forward to hoping onto eve and blowing a few things up with the guys in my alliance. I logged in to discover them about 6-7 jumps from my current system. I logged into our vent coms, said my hello's and asked what everyone was up to. Apparently they were in the djimame system building up to go protect a POS belonging to one of our alliance members ally of old.

The enemy was the Royal Hiigaran Navy, a corp I had not heard of before. I set my destination and proceded to make my jumps into the apropriate system. Upon getting there, we immediatly jumped to angur, then moved on to the POS. On our approach we all bounched off the shields, whoops forgot to input the password. After we all had put in the PW to enter the shields we warped back in and went about telling them what they could do to improve their defenses.

After sitting there for a while we started to get bored. Our commander sent me and my little enyo out to scout the enemy ships that were in system. After checking all the stations and having deemed that they were not docked, I narrowed them down in an SS near the sun. After reporting my findings our commander, darkside101, (whom I will refer to as dark from now on) ordered me to scout the gates on both sides, after scouting the third gate and finding more allies on the other side. I reported that nothing was to be found of the enemy forces.

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Another kill for the books

Yarr here's another one from me, enjoy!

I was in systems looking for war targets, being kinda bored I ran into a dead end system. Getting ready to turn around and go out, I hit my scanner on a whim. What came up kinda surprised me, I had 2 rokh, and a retriever on scans. All mining. Well not one to pass anything up, I decided to hit the retriever because of the mineral output I might get(yes also because it was the easier target, call me a coward I dont care :-P).

I warp in and see the retriever mining (go figure) and MWD over to his can(s). I bump off one of them and rebound into the miner. Fixing myself I head back to the can, I take a look inside and what do I see? Not much. Only a little bit of veld with some plag. I take a look at the other one, and I start to drool. This can is 1/4 full of kernite.......mmm delicious kernite, plus some other ore. I procede to flip the first one and its completely full brother. The miner does nothing at first, then turns and warps off. "Oh well" I thought, free ore.

I go get my iteron, and began the ore hauling process. While i was doing this a prophecy warped in and started approaching the cans full of "my" ore. Completely aware what he was about to do, I warped to the station where I had put my thorax and returned to find him blinking red. I started my orbit and launched my drones. Once I was all set up into my orbit, I locked and opened up with my blasters, along with the nos drones and web/scram. He wasnt going anywhere.

As I began to slowly eat through his shields, I realized I was in for a long fight. My blasters did their job though along with my 5 light t2 drones (would have had mediums, but I was out looking for war inties) He starts hitting me with the pew pew, and some missiles. The lasers didnt really do anything but those missiles ate through my shields pretty quick.

Once into my armor though thats where he stopped, he didnt have the dps to break into my tank. I slowly ate at this guy through his shields, then into his armor, then finally into structure. Man this was taking forever, I shut off my repper as he was half structure, to preserve my dwindling cap power. He slowly munched into my armor, but not enough to have me worry. Finally I saw the explosion that I had been waiting for all this time, and it was beautiful. Looking into the wreck I found a couple T1 items that were at least worth the battle. So total, I made between 8-10 mil from this fight including the sellage of all that ore. Thinking back I should have ransomed him, but unfortunatly when I get into a fight I lose it and dont think just act, call me insane if you will. Now the killmail because I know you love it. (names left out as per their request(I spoke with them later on to ask and apparently they were told to run from me because the guy I had killed was a "seasoned" pvper))

[ 2007.04.10 01:51:23 ] Sudoken > hello there
[ 2007.04.10 01:51:32 ] xxxxxxx > hi
[ 2007.04.10 01:51:51 ] xxxxxxx > aren't u the one we should be running from?


2007.04.10 00:26

Victim: xxxxxxxxx
Alliance: NONE
Corp: xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
Destroyed: Prophecy
System: xxxxxx
Security: 0.6

Involved parties:

Name: Sudoken (laid the final blow)
Security: -1.8
Alliance: The Sani Sabik
Corp: Bloodveil
Ship: Thorax
Weapon: Anode Ion Particle Cannon I

Name: Blood Seeker / Blood Raiders

Destroyed items:

F-12 Nonlinear Tracking Processor
Heavy Afocal Maser I (Cargo)
Heavy Modulated Energy Beam I
Tracking Enhancer I
Microcell Nanite Reflective Membrane I
Medium Automated I Carapace Restoration
Ultraviolet M
Ultraviolet M
Mining Foreman Link - Laser Optimization
Heavy Afocal Maser I
Small Hull Repairer I (Cargo)

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2v1 domination

Okay I havent been pirating for long but I have been reading the stories and adventures of you masters of the gun, and ive decided to have a go at it.

It all started out as a boring day with me sitting in a station talking to random people and corp members. I undocked for a bit, just to see what was happening because something was always happening here (high sec folks) with the wars and all. It wasnt long before some shooting started and some pilot got smacked by concord.

Looting his wreck I found a bunch of nummy t2 items but selected all and clicked and dragged. The first thing i grabbed was a 800 cap booster charge and my tiny rifter couldnt hold anything else, so someone came and snagged all that t2 stuff before I could jettison the cap charge.

Well I just sat there a little longer and before long somebody took my cap charge I had left there (completely forgot about it) the guy was in a thrasher and I expect was looking for an easy kill. I redocked and pulled out my thorax (lovely ship that is).

I proceded to lock scram and web him while pounding him with what I had. He redocked and thus started the local smack talk (sorry didnt keep the convo) -skip ahead 1 hour- I was back at the same station and found he had re-ejected that cap charge so I took it back just waiting for the fight. Sure enough he redocked and came out in a bellicose so it began, I relocked him, he fired I returned jammed and webbed with my 4 blasters going and my nos he went pretty quick, coupled with my 5 t2 med drones he didnt see till it was to late, and I ate this kid alive.

Halfway through dealing with him his buddy in a nemesis undocks, and fires on me. Kinda stupid I know but hey. So I get through with the bellicose and switch targets faster than ive ever seen myself do it. But with my repper going and keeping my tank solid I barely felt the 200+ dmg he did with those cruise missiles. Only dimly remember getting hit by one or two but apparently I was hit by 5 of them.

Anyways he gets through my shields easily and starts into my armor. WHAM, a missile hit the armor but it only drops a smidgen and my repper easily compensates. I return fire with everything I have and literaly rip him apart. Within seconds the nemesis dropped like a rock so to say. Shields gone in seconds, along with armor, as my blasters and drones do their work. Structure almost insta poped.

Didnt make much off of this fight only about 4 mil or so but it was worth it to shut them both up. Now for the killmail because I know you love it. On a side note both of these guys are a year older than I am.

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