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Adrenaline - The Gateway Drug...

Of all the possible paths in EVE, I've only recently started experimenting with PVP. It is by far the most fun, while at the same time being the most expensive... "Why don't you become a pirate?" some people ask. The path of the pirate just isn't my style. I'm too nice in real life too... I usually end up making a new friend after every fight, win or lose, and giving folks their gear back.... That doesn't mean the blood-lust and adrenaline don't make me do bad things sometimes ;-)

Instead of flying around pew-pewing (hmm... projectiles... pow-powing?) every noob in sight, I prefer to wait for others to make the first move. I just make myself... available, by practicing my scouting/scanning and warping in on a promising target, then waiting to see what they do. Sometimes they wave with a "o/" in local, usually they wave with their guns instead.

On one of the first of such outings, I had been running around teasing the local flashy-reds in their cruisers and BC's for a while, and was looking for a good fight, fair but challenging (I've already learned not to try pvp-fitted cruisers/bc's alone in my Rifter...). A couple of blips on the scanner indicated a pair of fairly noobish dudes in matching his/her Breachers, so I figure they're probably ratting together. I'd never fought a Breacher, but I'd flown one, and I knew that they can dispense a whole lot of pain, despite being paper thin. I scan them down to a complex, mull it over for a minute, and hit warp. As I activate the acceleration gate I mumble something random and unintelligible about doing "the needful", and make sure that my clone is up to date.

When I arrive inside, they have just finished up the first stage, and were cleaning up their fine 2/10 complex booty. After a couple of seconds they both aligned toward me, and I knew it was on! I hit the afterburner as they were locking me and rushed out to meet them with YOL (Yarrrr out loud) as my ship auto-targetted them back. Breachers being the death-traps that they are, I expected them to try to stay out of my range and rain fiery standard light missile death down on me. Instead of the usual Stasis Web, I had fit a Tracking Disruptor for this trip (hoping to track down a dude in a destroyer) so I was banking on being faster than them to keep them in range. To my surprise and amazement, they settled into a close orbit! The forecast however, did still call for fiery missiles of death, so my happy-dance was short-lived.

They start firing just as they get into range, so I return the favor with autocannons of annihilation! I pick a target at random and hit orbit in an attempt to keep up some speed and offset some missile damage. For the record, missiles hurt... I keep a tight orbit on the first ship and start to get nervous when I'm into armor and he's not dead yet... My T2 small armor repper is running furiously about the time the first Breacher asplodes. I'm down to about 25% armor and out of cap when I turn my attention to the second Breacher, without much hope of making it out of there in one piece.

Taking the same strategy as I did on the first ship, I settle into a close orbit with autocannons of hurt a-blazing! I enter structure about the same time his shields peel away. His armor is going fast, but my structure is going faster... My small NOS pulls just enough cap for an emergency cycle of the armor repair, but that melts away pretty quickly. He's into structure, but half of mine is already gone. I'm pretty sure I'm a goner when I hit about 25% structure, but then I get another cycle from the Nos and hit the armor repairer. YES!!! I get a chunk of armor back, Breacher goes BOOM, and I'm looting the wrecks with 10% structure left on my poor, awesome Rifter :-)

We exchange "GF"s in local, and I take a look at what they left behind. Turns out they were flying close in the hopes of scoring some hits from their autocannons:

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