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Another Day, Another Kill

A bit of a, "What's Ivan been up to?" post.

After my last entry, I stopped pirating for about a month and took some time off from EVE. Once I was back I went on a few ops, got a few kills, and purchased a Myrmidon. Got a few kills in the Myrmidon. While bored one day, I decided to do a little solo work. Heading some jumps out from home I scanned down a Raven and had him in the direction of a planet. I warped to it and landed at a planet. A few seconds later a curse landed 50KM away from me.

I aligned for warp and tried to lock him. I couldn't, I'm assuming he had damps on me. I didn't make warp either. The guy nossed me, damped me, and unable to tank, his drones made short work of me.

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My first month in Veto has been an absolute blast. I've achieved a number of firsts. First solo kill, first ransom, first pod kill. My sec status has plummeted from a healthy 1.0 to a -8.4, and I've had my share of newbs moments, great finds, and seen my wallet grow far past the threshold of my carebearing days.

To start, lets just say it got hot down home. Blobs starting forming in our tranquil little home, so many members of Veto decided to take a road trip to escape the heat. Our first day down there the guys caught a Megathron in a belt. Scrammed, webbed, and going down, the pilot ejects from his ship. Our guys pick it up and find it rigged and T2 fitted. Later, they sold the guy his ship back for 300mil. Nice catch.

I picked up on our jaunt a few days late and headed down. In order to safely escape the blobs I took my shiney new toy, the Enyo, out for a spin.

Once I get down there I get together with a few of the guys and we find that there are a ton of mission runners in the system. So we start probing people out. We probe a Raven, but the guy was in deadspace and sufficiently out of warp scramble range and managed to get away.

Disheartened, we jump back a few systems and our prober finds an Omen sitting in a safe. At the same time our FC scans down a Merlin and an Ishkur at a planet. My mate in a Wolf and I warp to the Omen and blow it up. The pilot obviously logged with agro as he offered no resistance and his pod warped right off.

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Who Says Lowsec's Dead?

Authors note: Trying moving story to an extended body after it got published, which subsequently got it removed from the site. My bad, here it is again for those who haven't read it.

It's been a while since I've posted here on EVE-Pirate. After a nice stint in Firmus Ixion I left because I was dirt poor, and the war was getting to me. I spent a month in a one man corp. Running a mission or two, getting an Incursus together for a little lowsec exploration.

I ended up sending an app to Veto Academy, as soon as my application was accepted, I packed my stuff up and moved out to my new home.

I acquainted myself with Veto's members then entered a roaming gang with myself, two other fresh recruits, and a Veto member leading the gang. We consisted of a Myrmidon, Stilletto, Hurricane, and myself in a Brutix. Two jumps into our trip, we were jumped by a 15-20 man gatecamp. Our gang leader didn't make it out, though the rest us did. We waited around for 20 or so minutes, and the gang had not dispersed. So, the gang leader told us to go on and set me as FC of our 3 man group.

I did okay leading the group, make some mistakes that didn't end up costing us. Finally, after 10 jumps, our scout found us an Ishkur sitting at a planet. Our scout gets a point on him, and the Myrmidon and I jump in and warp on top of him.

As soon as I released my drones my screen froze. I went to desktop and then back into EVE. My cilent was obviously screwed up, as the Ishkur appeared 145km away, yet my drones were still attacking it.

Anyhow, the Ishkur popped our scout, and it took us another 15 or so seconds to pop him. The loot wasn't that bad, yet not that good. A few T2 drones, and a named NOS. With out the aid of a scout, we decided we couldn't continue further and headed home.

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Millions Lost, Billions Gained

An update. Shortly after my first EVE-Pirate post I joined the North. I quickly found out I couldn't shoot almost anybody. I didn't connect with the members, who spent half the time talking in their native Romanian language, and when my buddies Raven got stolen, nobody cared. That was the nail in the coffin for me. I moved down to my old carebear haunting grounds of Khanid. I talked to a ex carebearing friend of mine, and he invited me to join Firmus Ixion.

I immediately made fast friends with some of the members, and after a few days of intensive ratting, I was awash in wealth. Purchasing a Thorax and using some of the named loot I got from the rats, built myself a nice PVPing ship. In two weeks I ratted heavily for the corp, participated in some gatecamps, nabbed a faction spawn from AAA space, participated in some roving gangs. But all these times I managed not to run into a single hostile force.

This upset me, our CEO was dissapointed by the lack of killmails on the board. Even going as far as to not so vaguely threaten to kick people from the corp if he didn't start seeing results.

Today, I logged into EVE, my friend who invited me to FIX told me to get my rear in gear and head into Catch. I nabbed a gang invite, and moved as a fleet. Our commander kept losing connection and was replaced.

We arrived at the target system. No sov in the system, but their was an outpost.station (not sure which), we were going to take it. A gang of 45-50 battleships, cruisers, frigates, and logistics warped in on the station. Capital ships were en route.

I immediately realize I forgot to fit rails... I'm a blasterax, not a fleet cruiser. Fatal mistake. A Moros undocks. I mwd forward and mwd right back to the fleet as he immediately makes a close range ship go pop. I elect to stay well outside scramble range and try to help as much as I can with my drones, we get him to quarter armor and he docks. Immediately, he undocks and I, lagged out, come to with him 80km away from the station. As I mwd into drone range an Archon undocks. Where the heck are the capitals? Anyhow, our FC orders us to take on the Moros.

A sudden craziness takes over me. Drones are out, mwd on full blast, I close and turn my blasters on. Perhaps I should have cackled madly at my computer screen for effect. I continue pounding the dreadnought. Who has decided to start popping BS's like one pops Tic-Tac's into ones mouth. I continue my relentless assault on the Moros for a full minute. Without missing a beat, the beastly capital ship unleashes a mad pack of T2 medium drones. I suddenly lag like crazy. Scrambled, helpless, I die in a flash. My pop warps off, and I'm at a stargate.

Now I would blame dev alts for the lag, but it wasn't BoB we were fighting, so I can't do that. I couldn't really give him kudo's for popping me, because I was a dead man as soon as I got inside scramble range. But he killed me none the less.

2007.02.10 02:42

Victim: Ivan Moon
Alliance: Firmus Ixion
Corp: Black Avatar
Destroyed: Thorax
System: FAT-6P
Security: 0.0

Involved parties:

Name: Jouni Kalmar (laid the final blow)
Security: 5.1
Alliance: Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Corp: The Tidemark
Ship: Moros
Weapon: Valkyrie II

Destroyed items:

10MN MicroWarpdrive I
J5 Prototype Warp Inhibitor I
X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
Heavy Ion Blaster I
Emergency Damage Control I
Heavy Ion Blaster I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Vespa I (Drone Bay)
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 97
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 97
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 97

By this time everyones angry. What happened to the capitals? Why had we been slaughtered so badly? I head home and log off to take care of RL. Eve is after all, not my life.

I log back on two hours later. My friend immediately tells me to get my rear over to Catch again. Our act gotten together, the capitals were taking the station shields down. Our force grown to 60 something. We'd forced the numerous IAC who'd logged on into the station. As I jumped into the system the outpost was claimed by FIX. Immediately frieghters came in. Apparently billions of isk in assets were stranded when IAC took the station. Some players had lost some nicely fitted ships, myself included, but the corp gained a great victory that day, we got our assets back.

I shall continue to hunt for fights. I can't find a fight, and when I do I lose. However, I can only go up from here.

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Pirate Woes

My first EVE-Pirate entry. Today I'll pen a tale of my first PVP experiences.

My pirating life began three months ago, when some friends and I decided to set up a gatecamp in PF-346. Boredom ensued, everything that came through the gate was too fast to be scrambled. After possibly an hour of waiting, a Vexor comes in 15km from the gate. (This is in the era of RMR mind you.) Now our gang consists of a Hawk, an Enyo, a Caracal, an ECM Blackbird, one Crucifer, and myself in a Thorax. Amazingly, T2 hammerhead spring from the Vexor and his guns start chewing on our Hawk. The guy's got to be crazy... or perhaps his friends are on the way, whatever, we're on him in a second.

I lock him down and release my hammerheads, I AB into range and set a webber and scrambler on him, all the while turning on my blasters. The guys shields go down quick enough, but his armor tank is insane, we're merely chipping away at it. Suddenly his drones go in and the guns stop. Most likely he's trying to get to the gate and jump. We continue our relentless attack on his tank, slowly, ever so slowly, it breaks, and his hull goes down. The guy goes poof and I loot his can for some nice T2 and named loot. Dropping the loot of in Orvolle we head deeper into 0.0

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