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Armageddon Setup

Ship-type: Armageddon
Role: Gankageddon, Close Range Overwhelming Damage
Last revision: Revelations
Skill-requirements: Amarr Battle Ship I, Large Pulse Laser Specialization, Energy Grid Upgrades II, Propulsion Jamming I, Repair Systems IV, Hull Upgrades I, Weapon Upgrades IV, Drones V
High-slots: 6x Mega Pulse Laser II's (Multi Frequency Crystals)
Med-slots: 1x 20km Warp Scrambler, 1x Named Stasis Webifier, 1x Named Capacitor Recharger I
Low-slots: 1x Large Armor Repairer I, 1x Named Adaptive Nano Plating, 3x Heat Sink II's, 2x Tracking Enhancer II's, 1x Named Capacitor Power Relay
Cost: I'm at work right now and can't remember off the top of my head but somewhere around 300million
Comment: It really relies on knowning the capabilities of your ship and weapons. This is most assuredly not a solo pvp ship unless you are sure that you are going to be going up against someone one on one or multiple smaller ships. The webber will really help to not only keep people within your optimal range and warp scrambling range but it will also help to get those nasty transversal velocities down for smaller ships. With the proper skills this ship can pump out 600dps (36000 per minute) or more. You won't be able to tank sentries with this setup and your resistances will be dismal at best but you have to trade something for the massive damage output. If you play with this setup a little bit it is very easy to change over to a good ratting ship and also you can scale down some of the damage and put more of a tank on it by taking off the adaptive plating, one of the heat sinks and one of the tracking enhancers and replacing them with armor hardeners or resistance plating. I personally stick to this setup because I feel that the ship loses some of its majesty when scaled down. This can be a good tackler but should not be used in the role when something better is available. Nosferatu and heavy damage output will be your biggest enemy with this setup. This is definetly an all or nothing setup and not for the faint of heart. Most Importantly know your enemy!