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Short hunt:Adrenaline Junkie

Okay. First entry. Please send me some feedback!

I jumped in a Rifter, outfitted it with the basics, 3 200m ACs, a nosferatu, and a speed build. I jumped into a couple systems, checking the belts and stations. I wasn't going to waste time scanning. I wanted to kill. I needed to feel the adrenaline pounding through my veins.

I warped into a new belt. Another Rifter about 40 km distant. Ratting...was he alone? Was he waiting for someone? I decided it didn't matter. If they came...I could deal with them. I decided to take him down.

Already i could feel the adrenaline coursing through me. My heart pounding, i raced towards him at over a kilometer a second. I crouched low in the cramped frigate's captain's seat, hoping and praying he would be too busy killing the Destroyer rat he was firing at. I streaked like a bolt of lightning across the void that separated us.

15km! I targeted the Rifter and engaged the warp disruptor as i flew past the 10km mark and flicked on the webifier. Flying in tight circles from 1km around his ship i pounded his shields to nothing in seconds, ripped through his armor and tore at the fragile support struts. Before he even locked onto me, before he even knew my tiny ship was in the same belt, his pod flew from the fiery wreck of his frigate. Nearly instantly, he flew to warp. Bastard!

I didn't bother tracking him down. I saw where he flew off. I took the pathetic loot, and warped to a new system, my appetite not sated, merely whetted. Time to kill.