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I had just woken up and boarded my ship. My back ached; a bad nights rest on a lumpy bed. With all the taxes the companies are getting, they should seriously consider afford better beds for the wandering pirate. As i checked my fittings and started my ship I thought about a couple of nights ago, when I destroyed a destroyer with my frigate. There was something about flying frigates that was just plain exciting, especially in a small gang. I exited the station and instantly warped to a safespot. It had become a habit of mine ever since I became a wanted man. My partners in crime weren't awake yet and so I sat there alone scanning the nearby asteroid belts for some unsuspecting prey.

As I picked up bait ships on my scanner I realized that I have plundered quite a bit from this system. Having become so familiar with the locals, I began to think if it was time to move to more abundant hunting grounds. Because if I have become so familiar with the inhabitants of this system, then it must mean I would be recognized as well. My thoughts were cut short as I picked up an incursus at a nearby moon. After recalibrating my scan once again to make sure it wasn't a mistake I started my warp drive.

As I hurtled towards my prey I doubled checked my modules to make sure they were ready to activate at a moments notice. Although it is a habit of my partners to usually overheat their guns at the start of a fight, I had learned that being a pirate means you need to save that trump card for when you land on a trap. As i landed on grid the incursus was only a few kilometers away from me. I instantly targeted and activated my scram. He must have realized he couldn't run away from me due to the fact I was afterburner fit, because he began to fly towards me to engage. We activated our guns and began pummeling each other with autocannons and blasters.

My shield went down in a flash, as it does with every battle but my real strength laid within the amazing armor capabilities. As I slowly tore away his defenses it became apparent he would be unable to break my tank. Not only that but my neut had begun to work its magic and he soon stopped firing. As he was halfway through his armor another ship warped in. Another incursus! Fortunately for me he was still far enough from me to not have to worry about his blasters. As I finished off my original target I locked onto my new target and began to neut him. As the first incursus went up in a blue explosion I began to fire at the second incursus.

Although the first incursus was nowhere near breaking my tank it had done sufficient damage for me to start worrying about the second ship. Time for my trump card. I overheated my guns and began firing off volleys after volleys of fusion bullets. I had forgotten to put in other ammo and was praying that my fusion rounds would not run out. The overheating was just what I needed. Just as I was a sliver away from my armor being totally obliterated I had broken both his shield and armor and was whittling away at his structure. As he too went up in blue flames like his friend I let out a silent cheer and proceeded to collect the spoils.

As I started my warp to a nearby safespot to wait out my GCC I smiled to myself. There is no dull day whenever you are flying a frigate!


Abandon Ship

It was late. At least, according to the digital display on my ship. It was hard to tell time in space. Not with the sun constantly shining and unmoving. I had started feeling drowsy. It had been a long night and I had spent the better part of an hour scanning down ships for me to plunder. I had only recently fell into this profession. The first couple of kill yielded profitable results and I decided to continue. It was not without consequences though. As my security status dropped, I was starting to get chased down by pirate killers. Not only do they travel in huge gangs of 10 to 15 ships but the gangs usually consists of battlecruisers and ECM boats. It didn't help that I had earned myself a bounty.

As I continued to scan, I started seeing some familiar ships coming out from the stations. The blobers have begun to come out for their nightly cleanup ritual. I sighed, it was only a matter of time before I got caught if I didn't turn in for the night. With that in mind I began to warp to my safespot just off the station. Just in case I get caught by a gang before I could safely dock.

As I entered the grid I saw a destroyer just off the station. I smiled, I recognize him. He was one of the blobers who partook in the gangs from time to time. Just one destroyer can't kill me before I docked I thought and I began to initiate the warp into docking range of the station. Just as I clicked the warp button the coercer warped towards me.

My heart began racing. He must have had a safespot near mine as well! I cursed silently and urged my ship to align faster. No good, my heavily tanked frigate just wasn't fast enough and before I knew it I was caught by the destroyer's warp disrupt. I gritted my teeth and began to afterburn towards him. Better to die fighting rather than not try at all. Hopefully I can make it to him before he turns me into a puddle.

Luckily my punisher was faster than his coercer due to his lack of a second mid slot. However, he was fitted with small beams and his range from me was more than enough to get a good shot off. The first volley rammed into my bow and shook me to my bones. My shield alarm screamed as my ship was left with only the hull to withstand the next incoming blows. I continued my course, hopefully my armour would hold out against his guns. His second volley took away a good chunk of my armor. I started to get worried, even with a heavily tanked ship his guns are tearing into me like a hot knife through butter. I screamed and continued my charge; my adrenaline pumping. A third volley and another chunk of armour. No good, I was still too far to get him with my short ranged autocannons. Another volley and my ship was whittled away to almost nothing. He must have been confident because he didn't warp away. Yes, I thought, I was almost close enough to get him on my scream. Another volley, but this time I noticed the damage was pitiful compared to the earlier shots. Nice, I was getting too close for his guns. As I came within range, I instantly grabbed him with my scram and began a close orbit of 500 meters. I then activated my neut and began tearing away at his shields with my guns. He continued to shoot but was unable to hit me from such a close distance. As his shield disappeared his guns had stopped shooting as well. My neut must have done its job.

As my guns began eating away at his armour I noticed a pod next to the ship. He had ejected! I began a lock on the pod but it sped away into the station 300 km away. I smiled to myself and continued to pummel the destroyer with bullets. As the coercer exploded in a brilliant blue, I felt my heartbeat slow. I looted what was left from the smouldering wreckage and headed back into the station. Now you might be wondering why I didn't keep the tech two fitted destroyer instead. Well, in my opinion, I felt that there was no need to keep a ship my frigate performed so well against. Besides, the killmail I received from killing a destroyer in my frigate was much more satisfying.


This is my first entry and I hope you guys like it! :-D