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An Ore-Blastin Good Time

This is my first posted tale on here, so bear with me. I've been ransoming for a while now, but just recently discovered the glory of eve-pirate. I don't usually make kills, I usually just random and let pilots go. There's really no reason for me to rack up a kill and get stuck with some garbage loot when I can pull in at least 5M ISK most of the time.

So, I'm bounding around my usual spots, pipe in hand, not seeing much, when I decide to pop into Uitra. With 150~ players in local, I decide there HAS to be someone worth tearing up. I'm flying my anti-frigate solo Caracal, so I'm hoping for some mining barges or something of the sort.

As soon as my warp closes on the third belt, I see a Stabber and a Moa happily jetcanning around, practically flaunting their delicious ore in my face. I scoot on over, flip it right on up, and discover that I've stolen about 20,000m3 of ore from them! Realizing that they probably won't like that, I take up a decent distance about 5km out, and within 5 seconds, I get a private convo request. Continue reading "An Ore-Blastin Good Time"