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Another Ransom Story

Well, I was running around Wirdalen in my rifter today, cruising the belts looking for ANYTHING to fight, and i came upon a rather rare sight. Sitting before me in the 3rd belt was a hulk that was only a few months old, with a full flight of T1 Interceptor drones circling him, mining into a can. I noticed he was in a corp, so I naturally assumed it was a trap. I decided it was much too juicy a mark to pass up, so I very discreetly zoomed up to his can at 750 M/s and canflipped him. There were millions in ore just sitting in the can, so I knew he'd be pissed. I was definately right. Before I even got all the ore out, he was targetting me, and his drones were swarming me. I ignored them and started pounding his shields with my autocannons. after a while I realized he was shield tanked, and I was now down into my armor tank. I started attacking his drones and killed all but 3, and then realized I was into structure. Crap. I warped to the sun (because nobody ever checks the sun, and its freaking shiny and fun to look at) and put several weapons offline so I could regenerate my armor. After five minutes of regenerating, I decided to warp back in and try again. This time he has a few more drones, but im not going to make the same mistake. I scrammed, webbed, and orbited him and fought off his drones. after the fifth satisfying explosion, I started in on him. after abour 5-10 mins of pounding, his shields and armor melted away. When he got to structure, I hailed him. He was taking awhile to respond, but it didnt matter because his only corpmate in the system was in an almost totally unarmed mammoth. I asked for a ransom of 70 million. after about a minute of yet more silence, and one failed transfer of 7000, his buddy warped in. In a freaking merlin. I cracked up. Then I told him to call off the merlin, and within 20 seconds the merlin self destructed. I told him he had 20 seconds to poppage. Then My wallet blinked. I saw more money than ive ever seen, being only a couple weeks old, and I smiled. I warped off towards the sunset, and lived happily ever after.

My first ransom, on my 5th day of eve

Hey, this is my first post on eve-pirate. :-P Well.... where should I start.. Hmm well I started playing eve about five days ago, and for my first three days I was a miner. Then I decided to Try my hand at piracy, because it sounded fun. On my fourth day, I hardly even played eve, except to buy a rifter and some pirate-y equipment (scrammer, web, three 200mm autocannons and a rocket launcher, and a decent armor tank). Most of my fourth day was spent on eve-pirate reading about my new profession. Then on my fifth day, being rather hasty and bloodthisty, I learned to use the scanner and started scanning down hi-sec for can flipping targets. After about fifteen minutes, I found one in Hadaugago. A month-old retriever pilot, sitting there in a belt all by his lonesome, mining into a can. He didn't even pause when I calmly flew up to his can and, taking my sweet time, jetted my own piece of veldspar, and swapped his somewhere around thirty or forty thousand veldspar into my can. Now, naturally, I wasnt sure of my pvp abilities yet, so I didnt know what I could do, and didn't know if I could win or not. I didn't even expect a reaction from him. But about thirty seconds later, He locked me and sent out the drones. A full flight of Acolyte I's. Before his drones could even get within range of my, he was scrammed, webbed, and taking fire from my autos. I thought maybe they could take me when they took out my shields in about forty seconds, but when they got to my armor, I realized that they could barely even chip it. I chuckled. His shields dropped in twenty seconds, and his armor in about forty, then his hull was at about seventy-five percent when he convo'd me. I thought "Huh, thats kind of wierd... Whatever.. Ill go with it..". before I could even speak, he said "i'll give you money if you let me live". I appraised the ship and the situation, taking into account that he didnt have a whole lot of ore, didnt have any good equipment onboard that I could see (he was using Miner I's), and said "Alright. I want to see two million ISK in my wallet within sixty-seconds.". Within thirty-five, My wallet was flashing. I said "Why, thank you for your business, kind sir!" and proceeded to warp to station. But there was trouble. Sitting before me camped at the station was one of his corpmates, flying a raven. I quickly warped to a planet, then to two more, and started scanning the first two planets. I saw him at the first one, and as soon as he showed up on my scan I warped to the station and docked quickly. In the convo with the miner I had just liberated of some of the spoils of his asteroid addiction, he was laying down a ton of smack talk, saying his corp was going to hunt me down. I proceeded to inform him that I was already safe, and that he was a complete carebear for having someone else hunting me for him. He closed the chat after that lol.

since then, (this was two days ago) i've gotten two bursts (yes BURSTS) from canflipping, both of which attacked ME first, and bagged a 5m ransom on a scythe. If you want to hear about any of those, or want to give constructive criticism or something, please Comment.

Thanks for reading!