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To gank, or not to gank. That is the question

The longer I play Eve, the more it became obvious that there was a grueling lack of a certain object on my killboard. This was mostly because I simply hadn't found the time to look for one (or had the luck to actually find one dumb enough to engage).
Most of the pirates amongst you probably know what I'm talking about, a Hulk.

I've done my own share of suicide ganking (mostly on procurers in 0.9 and 1.0 sec systems using destroyers), but it was the first time that I'd go for such a high value target.
Initially, my target was a guy I knew was a macro miner, but since he wasn't online when my rather extreme destructive impulse came to the surface, I was forced to look for other prey.
Said prey was found in the form of another macro miner (yes i know, the place where I live is full of them). Using my trusty Anathema to scan the fit of said miner, I decided that he was both valuable enough to gank, and easy enough to take down (in other words, filled with cargo expander II's and cargo optimization rigs).
The reason why I needed to know this was because I was planning on taking it down solo, in a frigging 0.9 system.

For that very reason, I decided on taking a gankfitted Tempest as my ship of choice, giving me a rather nice alpha strike to try and take down the damned ship in a single volley.

Using an alt for both looting and as a mobile warp in point, I sought out the miner (whose macro had warped it to another belt in the mean time).

As I closed in on the Hulk, adrenaline started flowing freely in my bloodstream, elevating my heartbeat to very high levels.

Smirking slightly, I activated all weapon systems while my targeting sensors started locking on to the massive signature of the mining ship.
Setting my alt on stand-by, I clicked away the warning of CONCORD, and prepared for the show.

In a flash, my ship was surrounded by the police force, and blasted into smithereens by their immensely powerful array of turrets.
To my horror though, the miner was still alive. He had made it through the onslaught with about half his structure surviving the massive blast of the giant heap of scraps formerly known as my battleship.

Cursing loudly, I started my way towards the station (no sense in giving anyone the 15mil bounty on my head by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a pod), when I noticed that my target had made no move at all of fleeing.

Thinking quickly, I set a course for Amarr (the nearest trading hub), and purchased a rupture with gankfit there, hoping that it would be enough to take out the remaining bits of structure that held the macro together.

While I was buying said rupture, I was busy looking for my target, since its program had warped it back to the station.
Knowing that a somewhat clever macro programmer would at least add a check for ship damage to it, I expected it to be fully repaired, thus resulting in me having thrown away a gankfit Tempest for nothing.
Much to my personal delight though, when the ship undocked, I noticed that smoke was still coming out of its hull, indicating that it hadn't been repaired. Though for some reason, the damn thing was aligned towards an asteroid belt, but wasn't warping at all, merely slowboating towards the belt (having gone more than 60km's away from the station by the time I arrived.

Quickly moving to pursue, both my main and alt raced to reach the Hulk, hoping to take it down before it finally realised what it was doing and warped off.

The second I reached optimal with my Rupture, guns spat fire once more, and I saw the shields failing once again, while the structure decreased to a mere quarter of its original state. Strangely enough though, for some reason CONCORD decided not to show up (probably because of my close proximity to the station), but the station's guns didn't shoot at me either. There was howver, one problem. Even if I had managed to squeeze off 2 salvo's with my rupture, it still wasn't enough to take down the blasted ship, and with me being in a gankfitted ship, I hadn't bothered to take along ammo for more than those 2 cycles. Here I was, getting a free ganking chance or so to say, and I'd run out of ammo.

Shouting in frustration, I hurried my alt to pick up some medium projectile ammo in the system (carbonized lead, it sucks I know, but it was all I had on such short notice).

Warping back to my main after a short trip to a local station, I dropped the ammo in a can right next to my main, which moved quickly to pick it up and load it into the empty guns.

In short order, my artillery was once again hurling slug after slug at the exhumer, but a combination of 2 ships moving at a non-optimal range and the lack of decent ammo to shoot with resulted in the shields going down VERY slowly. While I knew I didn't have to fear CONCORD for the time being, I did realise that with every second ticking by, my chances to take down the Hulk were decreasing more and more.

My fears were realised when I saw it align to another belt. I groaned in frustration as I noticed that its shields were not even down as it warped, leaving for the relative safety of the rocks.
Knowing that me following it in warp would result in CONCORD spawning at the belt, and thus sending my Rupture after its bigger brother the Tempest, I had nothing left to do but sit at about 240km's off the station and wait for the GCC to cool down.
(I had a rather tense moment when I noticed a curse undock from said station though, but it was obviously not in a mood to pursue).

Meanwhile, being sorely disappointed by the efficiency of carbonized lead, I had sent my alt to Amarr to gather some good old faction ammo.

By the time it got back, the Hulk had returned to the station, lounging around at the outside, as if taunting me.
My GCC had finally run out just at that moment, so using my alt as a warp-in point yet again, I moved into position, loaded up the ammo my alt had dropped for me yet again, and opened fire once more. Once more, to no effect.

Cursing all possible gods, the macro and its grandkids in the twenthieth degree, I flew my main's pod back to Amarr, yet again. This time though, I was not going to give the bloody ship a chance to get away.

Having waited out yet another GCC, I used my alt to track down the hulk for the umpteenth time, and warped my main to the station, only to have the Hulk warp off to another belt right in front of my nose (it was still damaged though, as I had been able to confirm with my alt). By this time, I had developed a somewhat raging obsession with taking down that infernal ship.

Some quick detective work later (warping to the top belt surrounding the planet I had noticed it align to), I warped in, this time for the last time, and smiled with glee as a full rack of 1400's unleashed their deadly fury onto the "unsuspecting" Miner.

The smirk on my face grew even larger when I watched the Hulk explode into a bright ball of fire, even as CONCORD warped in to punish me for my nefarious deeds. I couldn't care less. At long last (and after a chase of more than an hour), I finally had my first Hulk on my killboard.
And it only took me 3 ships, plus some sec status (it dropped under -2 ^^).

It was a bit infuriating to know that had I used an Armageddon from the beginning (it was the third ship I used) instead of that Tempest, I probably would've gotten him in a single go.
But in the end, all that mattered was the fact that I had done it.
(but, knowing my luck, no real goodies dropped, of course)

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When the hunter becomes the hunted

I sighed as I plotted a course that would take my ship through the belts in the Deepari system.
It had been slow going the last few days. The miners were becoming increasingly paranoid, probably the result of the earlier devastation I had been causing amongst their population. It was either that or people started to recognise the fact that a wolf on their overview usually meant trouble.

As it was, it looked to be another day without any pilots foolish enough to jettison their tasty ore for their industrials to come and pick up.

Just as I was about to give up for the day and work off my frustration on some hapless mission rats, I heard the comms crackle to life with the voice of my corpmate, Rac.

He'd been browsing the belts and had found what seemed to be an Exequror cruiser jetcanning. He'd already taken the can once, but apparently the miner was ignoring him.

Not one to be left out of a situation like that (who would be), I quickly navigated my way through the jumpgates that I knew would lead me straight to the Amarr system, where Rac was currently annoying the miner.

"Ok, I'm in system, fleet up Rac", I said as the blinding light from the stargate faded, leaving me floating in Amarr space.
Upon receiving comfirmation that he'd joined up, I quickly used the fleet navigation systems to warp myself directly to Rac's Ishkur.

As it so happened, the Exequror was still there, happily mining away in his jetcan, with a single laser.

Checking his employment history and local for any corpies he may have in system, I moved in for the flip. In hindsight, I should've seen the warning signs.
A cruiser belonging to a reasonably old character, mining away with a single laser and a can. It should have screamed trap to me, but fatigue was catching up to me a bit, so I decided to ignore the small voice shouting in the back of my head. Especially since he'd already been flipped by Rac in his Ishkur and apparently hadn't retaliated.

Settling my Wolf in a position right next to the cruiser, I transferred the, rather meager, contents of his can to one of my own. Not really expecting anything to happen, I lazed around a bit, talking about random stuff with Rac and what we would do afterwards.

Much to my surprise though, I noticed the yellow brackets surrounding the Exequror on my overview. Apparently the pilot had decided to lock me.
This however, is rather common when canflipping, and as such, didn't really raise an alarm. It wasn't until the brackets turned red that I really started to sit up straight, mostly because of the messages that were quickly starting to pour in via my overview.

I muttered a curse when I noticed that within moments, my proud wolf had been webbed, scrambled, and judging from the current capacitor state, neuted into oblivion as well.

Said curse multiplied several times over when I saw more signals appear on my hud, drones. A full wing of the feared Warrior II's. These were especially deadly to my Wolf, since it has a rather massive gap in its explosive and kinetic resistances.

Scrambling to action, I directed my ship into a tight orbit around the cruiser, though looking back on it, that was a rather useless move since he didn't have any turrets fitted, except for one mining laser that would only be a threat if my ship were to be made out of raw asteroids.

Thankfully, my targeting computers were able to lock on to the Exequror's signal rather quickly, and soon after, 4 autocannons and a rocket launcher started blasting away at the target turned hunter.

Horrified, I saw my shield go down rather quickly, with my armour already taking damage.
While I usually have a small repper fitted for situations like this, being neuted completely negated that advantage. Not to mention the fact that it also disabled my afterburner and scram, leaving me to slowboat circles around the cruiser.

My mood improved rather quickly though, when I saw that the damage my Wolf dealt was surpassing the damage I was receiving. Thank God for the fact that projectile weapons keep firing even without cap (and the fact that I tend to go completely gung ho on all out combat ships, fitting obscene amounts of firepower on them).

Evidently, my opponent had also noticed this fact, and was aligning his ship to warp out the minute he reached structure. He'd already pulled in his drones, giving my battered armour some much needed space to breathe.

He had, however, miscalculated the cycle time on his neuts (or had made the mistake of firing them up all at the same time), which left me with just enough capacitor to pulse my warp scrambler once.
Seeing him move to escape, I wondered what the pilot was thinking when his ship finished aligning, but with nothing else happening.

Knowing that he would not stick around should my warp scrambler finish it cycle, and knowing that I wouldn't have enough cap for a second cycle. I pushed my guns to the limit, in a desperate attempt to deal as much last minute damage as possible.

With mere miliseconds left on the scram cycle, the final sliver of hull finally disappeared and the Exequror was consumed in a massive fireball, leaving me sitting in space with adrenaline levels in my blood spiking dangerously high.

I quickly gathered everything I could grab from the wreck, shot the remaining leftovers (no sense in leaving something for someone else to salvage) and warped to the station, knowing that my Wolf would probably not survive another fight like that.

While still catching my breath in station, I noticed a message in local, congratulating me for the good fight.
Smiling, I returned the compliment and applauded him for a trap well executed.

In the end, that one kill made my entire day, and left me hungry for more, sadly enough all I managed to catch was one lousy destroyer.
Though I wouldn't want to run in to such a trap again anytime soon.

The Caracal on the killmail was apparently a someone that had tried to smartbomb the Exequror a bit earlier.

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Things people fit on their ships

A few days ago, I was reveling in the majestic beauty of my newly refit Hurricane. I had replaced its old rusted TI guns with a full set of TII 220mm Vulcans, and modified the rest of the layout as well, transforming the normally rather lethal 'cane' into a true monster. Deciding that the rest of my hangar shouldn't be left out, I went on a shopping spree that resulted in several new additions to my hangar, including a Rupture and a Dramiel.

As it so happened, I was not the only person in my corp to be doing that exact thing. Rac, one of my corpmates, had flown to Jita earlier that day to buy himself a Phantasm class cruiser. After facing my Rupture , he decided to hit the belts and see if he could find something to kill.

While he was doing just that, I decided to wander through the region a bit, in a way showing off my shiny new ship. It didn't take long for Rac's voice to come over the comms though, stating that he'd found an easy target.
Being someone that's always happy for an easy kill, I changed course immediately.

Upon arriving at the belt, I noticed that Rac was all alone, with the target nowhere in sight. This soon became clarified though, when a rather large amount of smack started pouring in through local.
In short, he said that he'd chased off a battleship earlier on with his Punisher, but wasn't about to take on a faction cruiser.

We decided to play around a bit while waiting for him to show up again, resulting in me testing Rac's tank and vice versa.

After a while however, I noticed that our friendly neighborhood smacktalker still had a second can in the belt.
Deciding not to waste any time, I burned towards the can and within moments, the contents had been transferred to my hold.

Much to my amazement, the guy warped in not half a minute later and instantly engaged my Hurricane in his punisher.

After the initial shock wore off, I quickly locked him and threw my entire arsenal on the little frigate, which was scrammed, double webbed, neuted, droneraped and shot to bits in short order.

After stating my disbelief in local, about why he would want to engage a Hurricane when he wouldn't want to fight a Phantasm, he simply told us that he thought the Hurricane was a cruiser class ship.
This of course was followed by a collective facepalm in the system, and I told him to learn his shiptypes and visit the eye surgeon before ever fighting PvP again.

It wasn't until I had posted the mail on Battleclinic that I realised the true hilarity of the kill.
Apparently, a he had found it wise to put a Centii C-Type Adaptive Nano Plating on his Punisher.

It didn't drop though, sadly enough, though the kill alone more than made my day, and served as a rather fitting baptism for my Hurricane.

2010.03.07 21:47:00

Victim: Kagutsuchi Lakshmi
Corp: Imperial Academy
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Punisher
System: Penirgman
Security: 0.9
Damage Taken: 2673

Involved parties:

Name: Arden Elenduil (laid the final blow)
Security: -1.6
Corp: Some Men Just Want To Watch the World Burn
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Hurricane
Weapon: 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 2673

Name: snipersmate
Security: 1.4
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Armageddon
Weapon: Heavy Modulated Energy Beam I
Damage Done: 0

Destroyed items:

Small Ancillary Current Router I, Qty: 3
200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I, Qty: 2
Carbonized Lead S, Qty: 30 (Cargo)
Imperial Navy Multifrequency S, Qty: 3 (Cargo)
Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
Centii C-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
Medium Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I

Dropped items:

Extruded Heat Sink I
Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I
Medium Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Qty: 2
Imperial Navy Multifrequency S, Qty: 3