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Yet Another Series of Unfortunate Events...

So this is another story of basically how unlucky our friend Laroqu is, luckily he is a new player and his ships are easy to replace. We we once again in one of our favorite low sec systems, Horkkisen. This night Robhe and Laroqu were in our alliance safe spot. We were testing out Laroqu's new nuet/punisher fit because as a newb he wasn't doing very much damage in a fight and we figured this might be a better fit for pvp for us as a group. Anyhow, neither Robhe or Laroqu dropped cans to steal from before they began the test so on top of a sec hit they also had an aggression countdown timer. Sometime during the test one of our alliance members, Tao Saboui, warped into the safe spot. Well I'm guessing you know what happens next...however you would think that given the safe spot is OUR safe spot Tao wouldnt aggress, but he did. Now innocent old me is docked up in Lai Dai and all the sudden local lights up with "THE PUNISHER IS FRIENDLY DO NOT SHOOT THE PUNISHER!!!!!" "WE KNOW HIM IN RL HE JUST ISNT IN CORP YET!!!!" and on coms I hear Robhe to me "TAO IS KILLING ANDY (Laroqu)!!!!!" and then i hear Andy "Oh man tao is killing me oh man...." "I'm warping out!" Well dont forget people in low sec you cant just warp to a station or the gate if you have an aggression countdown because the gate guns will rip you apart... So once again in coms i hear Robhe scream "YOU CANT WARP TO A STATION IF YOU HAVE A TIMER!!!!!" Then....................pop goes Laroqu...AGAIN. We have the killmail listed below for your entertainment...
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A series of unfortunate events.

So this is my first entry on eve-pirate and one of my first few times
at pirating. Forgive me if this is badly written or not too awfully
interesting, hopefully with time and a little more experience in both
areas it will get better :-).....

Our story begins in Horkkisen, a dead end system right beside Eitu and
Erila. Horkkisen is a low sec system (.4) so most of the time if we
pirate we do it in the belts or at the plex gate for fear of being
ripped to shreds by sentry guns, that is unless someone decides to
aggress us first on gate. Anyhow, a few friends of mine finally found
the time to meet and play between work, which in our case is just
short of a miracle. We had devised what we thought would be a pretty
good pirating plan, scan someone down, warp in, point, and kill until
we could ask for a ransom. (I am going to use real names in this story
as i don't think there were any hard feelings between any of us) Robhe
was flying his newly acquired vengeance, an Amarrian assualt frig,
which is great for tank and tackle but not so hot on dps. I was also
flying an Amarr AF, the retribution which is an absolutely amazing
tank and dps dealer but sadly is gimped with only one mid slot :-( so
basically robhe tackled and i (kalebhuff) dealt dps. We also had a
third memeber of our party, Laroqu, who was a fair nooblet still
within his 14 day free trial. We had him in a punisher and he was set
up to basically, as much as i hated to say it, be our "bait." He would
sit in a belt, pretend he was ratting and when someone aggressed he
would throw down a point and hopefully we could make it in before he
got popped :-). As soon as we landed in horkk I popped open the scanner
and had a quick look, we had a brutix and caracal on scan. First we
split up. I would check the plex gate and robhe and laroqu would start
on opposite ends of the belts and work their way inward. As fate would
have it laroqu found both the caracal and brutix working together
ratting in one of the last belts...muahahahahahah!!! I got ready, and
warped in on laroqu, robhe and I landed at about the same time.
Immediately the brutix set in on me and unleashed his drones (tech 1 hammerheads i believe..shoulda had t2).
He honestly wasnt doing too much damage because we were speed tanking and repping just fine, even laroqu in his t1 punisher.
After about 5 minutes he went pop...WOOOO! Our first kill! :-) Then we moved onto the caracal, for some reason he hadn't warped off, call it loyalty or just not thinking, he was there. So we sent laroqu after him to pin him down. Here is where the story takes an interesting turn...after we had him pinned, one of my corp mates Kardea, warped in to give us a little back up. However he didnt realize that laroqu was friendly and had not been invited into the corp yet. He finished of the caracal in a matter of seconds, and then...proceeded to aggress laroqu. Immediately i start slamming the private chat we had been in "LAROQU IS FRIENDLY! STOP SHOOTING HIM!" It took Kardea about 5 seconds to pop laroqu and then he preceeded to traget his pod. Again I slam private chat, then slam local "LAROQU FRIENDLY!!!!!" All the while laroqu remains silent on coms, quietly accepting his fate. After he was killed Kardea apologized and laroqu wasnt upset, as his setup was easily replaceable. I am actually going to include a text message sent to my wife from his mom quoting laroqu while the whole thing went down, it was actually pretty funny to see how non gaming women view the game....

(Laroqu (Andy's) mom to my wife) So Andy is sitting over here going
"We've got someone in the system!!!!!
we've got someone in the system!!! Oh cardao is helping us.
I think Cardao is killing me.
Cardao is about to pop me
he already blew my ship up.
I got potted..."