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Incursus Almighty

A few weeks ago, just after I reactivated my account, I decided that I would start down the path of the pirate after being inspired by some of the stories here on EVE Pirate. I started training the skills for Gallente ships to use for solo pvp and set about flipping cans in my stabbed, shield extended Hoarder, or sometimes an Incursus.

After about a week, I came across two Retrievers mining into a can in Anntiri piloted by bbylethh and shawzy007. I examine the can, just one piece of ore, great. I steal it anyway to provoke a response, but not honestly expecting anything, I just sit there, looking lazily at the two mining barges, expecting this to be just another pair of your standard breed of miner, smart enough to ignore the can flipping scum like myself. I was wrong...

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