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Sweet Kill - Maller vs Myrmidon

This is my most memorable solo kill so far so i decided to put my thoughts to paper before i forget the whole experience.

After running several missions, i suddenly got the urge for some 1-vs-1 action. Its been a while since i last killed someone so i decided to go on a suicide run in my Maller. Low sec is just a few jumps away from my home system; i arrived at the first system, checked the people, and decided to leave. it was no good, 2-3 year old peeps of the same corp, too risky. same with the second system.

the third system only got one person in it; i scanned him and found out he was in a Myrmidon, ratting, and just a few days older than me (im 3 months old). Perfect!!

Turned on my DCII as i warped to his location, already my hands are trembling from the excitement. As i went out of warp i landed 6km from him. He was there, drones already out and finishing the last of the frigate rats in the belt. I targeted him, scram, web, nos, orbit and began to fire. Unfortunately, im using my Scorch crystals because i didnt expect to land this close to the target, i quickly changed to Conflagration and felt i lost some important seconds while doing so.

When his first volley hit me, almost 50% of my shield disappeared! 2nd volley and my shield completely went out! Shit! He deals major DPS! by this time i was thinking of warping out, but strangely, i cant!! WTF! then i noticed he was scramming and webbing me as well! OMG, he was armed for PvP and not for ratting.

I cant warp out. Ill have to fight my way thru if i want to save my ship. Then i remembered i was armor tanked, shield is nothing, maybe my tank will hold. I activated my repper. We exchanged fire for a few seconds and my tank did well, my repper is keeping my armor at 70% while his armor is slowly dropping. I did notice he was able to repair large amounts of damage.

Then a message popped up in local; and it distracted me. "Bye" he said. Huh? Am i losing? Was he that confident of winning? I checked my modules, the repper isnt working anymore! My cap is out and my armor is at 30%! His armor is also almost out and i quickly weighed my options. Should i turn off all weapons and modules to conserve cap and activate my repper? or keep on fighting? I decided to keep on fighting. Hell yeah! This is what im here for. Time to focus all my cap to my weapons, so i turned off my webber, he's in a battlecruiser, a webber wont affect him that much, next comes my warp disruptor, i left it up to him whether to stay and fight or warp out. If he stood and fight, which i know he will since he already assured himself he will win, its ok. If he warps out to save his ship, also saving my ship in the process, thats fine with me as well.

As i expected he continued fighting. My only consolation is knowing that DCII gives me 60% hull resistance. Looking at his ship, his armor is almost out too, so his cap may not be able to support his repper anymore. I noticed his weapons arent firing that often anymore, he must have switched them off to save cap for his warp disruptor and webber. His main source of DPS now are his drones.

As for me, my DCII continues to run and my medium nos. I switched all my crystals from Conflagration to Scorch since Scorch uses a lot less cap. Surprisingly, my medium nos is enough to keep all my weapons active.

I watched closely as we both entered structure; im dealing more damage.. i began to smile.. watching the red bar of his structure, 50%, 80%, 90%.. there was a slight pause.. i quickly checked my structure, 57%, all good... then poofff.. his ship blew up.. it was so sweet.. i said "GF" in local and warped off..

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