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Another Routine Night?

...Tonight was anything but...

So I woke up in station tonight and decided to hop into my Curse and cruise around Josameto, Poinen, Ikami, and the other surrounding systems. The plan was simple, warp through the asteroid belts in the target systems, and try and piss off a few miners by stealing their ore. Ultimately, I was looking for a few easy ganks and then call it a night. What unfolded tonight was just a little bit more than that.

I woke up in Josameto first, so I figure I would poke my head into the asteroid belts. The first few belts yield nothing, except the odd NPC spawn and pilots mining in their haulers....Speaking of haulers, I finally ran into a 3 man mining party in a belt in Josameto. I think to myself "nah these guys wont fall for my trap, but ehhh what the hell, give it a shot." Sure enough I take ore from their can and flip it into mine, and the badger steals it back. I promptly blow him out of the sky and move along. (Related Killmail)

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