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The curious drake

Since i have nothing better to do i will tell my humourous tale of the curious drake pilot.

We all know the drake, that ugly little caldari boat with the overpowered tank and all the dps of a spork (if you dont know what a spork is your totally missing out). These beasts (and by beast i mean some kinda rodent, possibly a capebara) are often seen in the hands of unfortunate carebears content in the knowlege that it takes an insane amount of dps to kill thier l33t t2 fitted missioning boats. Normally i refuse to engage these things under sentrys as

a) they are usually bait for some mega blob of carebearish anti pirates in their pwmobile laser ravens

b) I usually run out of cap boosters in my sacrilege before killing them (my sacs lasers suck up soo much cap, pehaps i should use blasters)

Cleared for publication by: Ander

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Who says low sec isnt profitable

Be gentle this is my first time writing for eve pirate. Recently i had one of my most comical pirate adventures in my short time as one of eve onlines evil doers.

As a pirate i tend to fly solo alot but through combat ive made friends with a number of other people who plunder the same area as me. One of these groups is Sniggwaffe and Pandemic Legion. While roaming around with a small gang our scout reported a freighter in Ussad. Exicted at the thought of mudering some poor bears caremobile we quickly gathered on the gate. We were dismayed when our scout reported that the freighter appeared to be at a moon with a shadow serpentis large pos. Our scout then reported that strangely this pos had no fittings and even better no forcefield :-).

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