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Beastoria strikes again ?

I'd say that I am kindof a tattoo addict.
I got my first one in 2001 and havent stopped since ... I've got 4 now and planning number 5.

In 2004 I decided to get myself the one eve-online picture I've loved since I saw it first ... the guristas bunny.
I got it 1 week before the fan fest and let's just say that there were lots and lots of free beers for me from the CCP staff ;-)

Well ... then came the time for a new tattoo.
I wanted it made on my other calf and I wanted it to match the guristas bunny.
I searched and searched and searched but to no avail.
But then I wandered into and saw their ad on the site wich had this skull in it.
The moment I saw it I fell in love with the skull and I had to have it since it matched my guristas bunny in a nice way.

I immediatly sent Ander a PM, being in the same corp for over a year I thought he could get the high res for me, asking him to give me permission to use it as a tattoo.
He replied with the answer I hoped for ... the time has come =)

I contacted an old friend wich works as a tattoo artist here in Reykjavik and had him give me the details on pricing and such.
I think its safe to say that I 'LOVE' the new tattoo and I wanted you guys to see it aswell since the people here at helped me get this done.

I want to thank the designer for allowing me to use this awesome skull and I also want to thank Ander for getting me the permission ;-)
I also want to thank Don Don the tattoo artist ... he tattoo's at Tattoo69 in downtown Reykjavik ;-)

And in those words I give you teh pictures !

Oveur posing with the guristas tatt
First progress photo (first smoke break :-P)
Eyepatch done !
The day after
The final product !