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Midnight Piracy

Long time reader, first time poster. Apologies for any mistakes, or if it's just terrible.

Bored of the 0.0 grind and lack of targets I logged on my alt in Empire for a jaunt around lowsec. Looking at my hangar I found I still had a t2 fitted Arbitrator, a survivor of a previous lowsec gang. My old stomping grounds as a noob antipirate, then a noob pirate, beckoned.

Coming out of the docking bay I found myself taking pleasure again in simply piloting a ship. The sleek wedge of the Arbitrator made a quick turn and entered warp sharply, despite the oversized 1600mm armor plate. Checking my drone bay and laser crystals, everything seemed in order. The only fault I found was with my low-tier named webber. With luck I could find a more powerful one in the wreck of another craft.

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