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Hot heads


At first few explanations
- gazillion times heard excuse "English aren't my native language" stays tuned this time.
- this is my first story, I thought worth to tell, so please be patient with it :-)

- in real life I was, kindly left by my gf to play eve on Saturday’s evening.
- in eve, I had two active wardecs on my 2 months old gallentian ass, means flight conditions were dangerous.
- two corps: 20 old and active pilots with mostly t2 ships and modules (intel info with alt) against one man corp.
- few days ago, I left all combat ships and jumped about 16 jumps aside from war operation area, because was not very happy with how this war was going on. So I thought to myself, I would give them one boring war.
- in middle of this journey, I stopped in Gallente trade hub, there I bought and fitted Myrmidon, hoping to find new troubles.
- one bad thing though - enemy followed. Of course, they look like mission runners, so I guess they know how to use location agents.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
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