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my first can flipping fun

yep, just over a month and I have just tried can flipping for fun. And boy, is it fun.
so I finish my warp scrambler and stasis web skills (finally) and grab an atron for the fun to begin. I'm cruising the belts and spot a retriever jetcanning. I flip it and he quickly warps out, and returns in a pretty nice vexor. he starts hitting me and I warp out and grab MY vexor.
I get back and the fight begins. he locks on and starts pounding my shields, and I'm taking about twice as much damage as him... not good
Then I back off a bit, and realise he has blasters and I have rails. lovely. I'm taking almost no hits now, and his armour seems to be dropping nice and fast, and yep, there he goes.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Victim: ****
Alliance: Black-Out
Corp: Gear Ratio
Destroyed: Vexor
System: ****
Security: 0.8
Damage Taken: 6320
Involved parties:
Name: mothyowns (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.1
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Center for Advanced Studies
Ship: Vexor
Weapon: 200mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon
Damage Done: 6320

Destroyed items:
Local Power Plant Manager: Diagnostic System I
Small Nosferatu I
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 35
Stasis Webifier I (Cargo)
Uranium Charge M, Qty: 4839 (Cargo)
Medium Armor Repairer I
Light Neutron Blaster I
1MN Afterburner I
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 1859 (Cargo)
Medium Shield Booster I
Heavy Neutron Blaster I, Qty: 2
Warp Scrambler I
Hammerhead I, Qty: 4 (Drone Bay)
Uranium Charge M, Qty: 85

Dropped items:
Damage Control II
Heavy Neutron Blaster I
Hammerhead I, Qty: 6 (Drone Bay)
Uranium Charge M, Qty: 43

No idea what the shield booster was for, but hey. my first kill feels good :-)
I keep cruising, and later get a bestower kill because he decided to not get a better ship gefore taking my atron. hmm.
The next day, I come across an itty collecting and a vexor guarding. sounds like fun, so I flip it.
nearly 10 minutes later, after (I'm guessing) much deliberation, the itty decides to try and take the ore back and run or it. I have my warp scrammer on though, so he's not going anywhere fast...

Victim: ****
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Garoun Investment Bank
Destroyed: Iteron Mark V
System: ****

Security: 0.8
Damage Taken: 2543
Involved parties:
Name: mothyowns (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.1
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Center for Advanced Studies
Ship: Atron
Weapon: Regulated Light Ion Phase Cannon I
Damage Done: 2543

And then comes the vexor, which flipped my can back. I turn my guns on him, and all that comes after me is 2 drones, but it's still too much for my baiter. I grab out the ole vex and take him out, and he pops nice and quick, but a bit boringly. I was expecting another nice fight :-)

Victim: ****
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Nazcan Technologies
Destroyed: Vexor
System: *****
Security: 0.8
Damage Taken: 3916

Involved parties:

Name: mothyowns (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.1
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Center for Advanced Studies
Ship: Vexor
Weapon: Heavy Neutron Blaster I
Damage Done: 3916

Then I get pretty bored, and see a rokh, exequror, two itties and something else sitting around some nice cans. Yep, suicide but very fun nonetheless.
So I head over there (after refitting my atron against warp scrams) and flip the can. surprisingly enough, they were quite angry with me, and my poor atron only just escaped. I grab my vexor, and I'm fighting the rokh fine, which surprises me, until a cap stealing catalyst comes along. ouch. there goes my faithful vexor...
And yes, they really weren't expecting it.

2008.04.19 16:42
What for you stole from us yesterday?

I just give a vaguely pirate laugh in response...

2008.04.19 16:49
That you are dared дурень. To you how many years? You in general normal. I with you am serious I speak. Be the muzhik. Answer an asked question.

Have fun translating that one. I don't speak russian, so hey. I would be interested to know what the references are though.
My corp mates decide they want some fun, so a couple of days later we head out with a thorax, blackbird and ishkur. Unfortunately for us, they were refitted into a hurricane, ferox and another BC that I didn't see properly.
Firstly the ferox engaged the ishkur, and took no damage whatsoever. Not promising. Then the hurricane warps right on top of me, and we fight it out. But I have only just started using the thorax, and so I am only half way through his shields when I pop. Then, the other BC attacks the blackbird, but apparently didnt mean to because a second later, CONCORD are joining the party and he's in a pod. just to make things more confusing, my friend accidentally jams the wrong ship, as the other one just blew up. CONCORD really take a disliking to that one, and so he's sitting around in a pod too.
Fight over, we all warp back to station. We had a chat in local, but I didn't think to save it. I'll have to remember screenies next time. :/

Hope you all enjoyed the story. Should have a few more pretty soon.


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AzzAzeL on :

Just for a future reference. All the chat logs are saved in "my documents" under "eve">"logs">"chatlogs". Sort it by time and just check couple last logs that start from "local"

Helpful on :

Found a translation

дурень = simpleton

Might mean noob in this context...

(unnamed) on :

Last night I got can flipped for the first time in 0.7 space. What did I do?
Continue mining for a bit, leave and then pick-up the cargo that wasn't 'can flipped'. Sorted, I lost some cargo but nothing more.

9triton9 on :

Hey mothyownz

I did a randomn google search and this came up... Hilarious that out of 300000 people on eve your story is the one I find. Entertaining to say the least

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