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Pandemic vision (webbTV) now in highresolution broadcasts :)

Hi y'all.
Some update on our video streaming/broadcasting project.

We now broadcast in even higher resolution, check it out at Pandemic Vision.

To watch the feed you need to download a p2p plugin from RayV to watch it. I'm sorry but there's no flash or wmv stream available due to the sheer cost of running traditional broadcasts.

With p2p the bandwidth will be balanced between all the peers who watch and wont tax our servers that much (in turn, keeping cost down).

Take a look at it. We're streaming a lot of EVE related content and nice fights. In the future we will also send live from our ops during fights! :-)

Oh, and a mac and linux version of the plugin is on its way according to the maker of this software.

If you're from a corporation or alliance and would like to broadcast your own material - contact for more info!


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Lygos on :

"We will run a small piece of software in the background on your computer. It will never interfere with the way your computer works, but it will help us by sharing some of your unused network power with the world."

Is this all the time, or just when the program is being used? Even if it's not malware, my comp is becoming pretty aged.

Ander on :

You can decide by yourself. Just unclick click "Automatically run RayV when I log on" in the software preferences and it will not start when you login.

Basicly this shouldnt matter since the software will only be active in 2 occasions.

1. when you watch the video
2. when you dont use computer for anything else, it has lowest possibly priority.

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