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Learning curve of EVE

What EVE's learning curve really is like.. no matter what CCP says :-D (Click image for large size)


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Cpt. Torax on :

Thank you for brightening up a dreary morning :-)

Dingers on :

Hmm.. i must be slow on the curve, haven't seen the bulldozer yet.


Setana Manoro on :

I don't know who put it first, but i saw it a few hs before checking eve-pirate here :

Post 1134. :-)

Hex on :

Ok, very funny. But what I want to know is: WHO IS DRIVING THE BULLDOZER??? :-)

dex on :

well duh, the bulldozer man.

VladRM on :

Hm... these days it feels i'm about at the level where the first guy hanging by his neck is... getting to the second guy in about one week (covert ops)

Anonymous on :

Maybe its just me but those axes are off. I have played EvE off and on for like a year or two and I feel like I am well before the people getting hanged. Maybe it should more like Effort instead of Time Spent Playing, because to me EvE's learning curve using those axes should look more like WoW's, and Vice-versa.

Wicked_Vin on :

Actually you're right about that Anonymous.. according to that graph your EvE gaming skill level rockets to the sky after just a few days of play, which I doubt is the point.. so the axes should be switched around if you want to be fanatic :-P

Seditious Spyke on :

Mad props
i love this. Made me and my freinds who dont even play eve smile
also Note
The tractor pilot is obv Oveur

Kei Masaki on :

Actually I think the axes are correct. you have to look at it from this view. After a few days or even a few weeks of playing Eve, the pilot will either pretty much understand everything about eve mechanics or close to it or they will hang themselves and quit.

Anonymous on :

hang on... how do you spend inverse time playing?

Helge on :

You stop playing (and even paying (until Oct. 15. 2008) to just train skills for a few months.

Anonymous on :

I think the best axes possible would be
Difficulty and Time Spent. Or at least the most fitting to the picture.

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