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Just another day.

It began as a normal day. I spent a bit floating out in space just watching the universe pass me and my Incursus by, not a care in the world. Occasionally I’d pick up a new local on scan, though as with most in this area they either docked or were gone almost as quickly as they had come. After some time I finally got tired of waiting around for someone to come to me so I set my coordinates to a nearby gate and engaged my warp. After I landed near the gate I quickly jumped through into the next system. Still under the cloak the gate is so nice to provide me with I started to scan this system out. Nothing. Same locals as usual and the same ships on scan, all sitting in their tower bubbles. By this point I was rather frustrated as I usually have at least one or two contacts by this point.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Most usually come after me as my outlaw status provides my overview identity with a stylish flashing red background. I warped around the system for a bit checking all the belts, but still I find nothing. With a small feeling of defeat I turn my ship back towards the gate to my home system. As my warp engine cools down and I spot the gate I notice an incursus sitting on the gate. He’s an outlaw as well. At this point I’m in a bad mood and quite frankly didn’t want to bother with someone who would just run away the second I turned in his direction. So I ignored him and went through the gate into my home system. As I am about to warp to the station and dock up I notice a blinky red on my overview.

The incursus followed me through the gate. At this point I began to get curious. He could either just be passing through or more likely, after me. I realize I’m still cloaked so I turn my ship in his direction. What do you know, the second I de-cloak he locks me. My auto lock saves me a few seconds and immediately targets him back in which time I’ve powered up my afterburners and primed my web and scrambler. I can feel my heart pumping harder. That sweet chemical known as adrenaline rushing through my body almost making me twitch. The second my lock finishes the scram and web activate pinning him down. I move in close and command my blasters to fire. As I pass around him once I find myself webbed as well, though I don’t worry. His shield is non-existent after a single volley.

My second volley punches through his armor leaving him with less than half. By this point my sensors are telling me my shield is also gone and I’m at 65% armor. No problem. The ship lurches as he slams a decent hit into me taking my armor to 20%. However, I still had no reason to worry. I smirk to myself as my blasters let another round off on his ship, splitting the rest of his armor apart and tearing straight through his hull. The vicinity of the gate is bathed in a bright blue hue as his ship bursts. I plan to take whatever may be left in his wreck, however an outlaw shows up in an Ares about 20 km off of me. I decide I should quit while I’m ahead and punch in the target location for my deep space resting spot. Once I pull out of warp and turn the ship around to align to the station. I sit back and kick my feet up enjoying the 15 minute rest while my comm headset floods with insults and challenges for rematches. Some people just don’t know how to accept loss.


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silent on :

nicely told, very casual, very sleek. shows how laid back some people are about pvp...

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