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24/7 EVE fanmade broadcasts

Hi eve-pirate readers :-)

I'm finally able to announce the project which has stolen my time over the past few weeks.
It's basicly a new broadcasting service that sends fanmade videos.

The project is currently in beta but it's ready to be tried out.
We're using a plugin made by a company by the name RayV which need to be installed in order to watch the live feed.
It's what makes it possible to run this with low bandwidth need on our servers as well as providing a good quality stream (peer-2-peer). The player will infact spread the load on each viewer watching the stream.

In next update of our broadcasting service we will be adding live PVP battles. Which means when there's a PVP battle that we are part of we will broadcast it live. Yes, that's right. Everyone will be able to see it live!

So if this seems interesting to you, head over to MMOVI.ES - Pandemic Vision.

Oh, and we also accept user submissions :-)
Got any good EVE related videos you want to broadcast? Contact me and we'll arrange something!


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Gabriel Lornadonis[TOTG] on :

hiya ander ,just want some aid with the donation ability i wanna donate more than 5 dollars but paypal defaults to 5 how can i increase this manually or do i need to do it in multiples of 5


Also ive fianally made an author account so from now on all comment will be Gabriel Lornadonis[TOTG] instead of just Gabriel84

thx for the aid


Ander on :


No 5$ is just the standard amount. There should be a box to put in custom amount or yank it up.

Anyway, thanks Gabriel :-)

poff on :

Sounds very interesting, especially the live feed part. But as a Linux EVE player I guess I won't bee able to see those, as the application is apparently only available for Windows.

If bandwidth is a concern with the streams, there are several free live broadcasting services that - as far as I know - only require you to output the stream to them, and they take care of streaming it further to the people watching the feed. They don't really offer great quality, but the nice thing is that people viewing the stream only need Flash, which is available on all the major operating systems. They are mostly meant to be used with webcams though, so on the broadcasting end using them could require some kind of "fake webcam" software, that for example captures EVE window and streams the contents of it to a virtual webcam device, which in turn can be forwarded to the broadcasting application :-)

Maybe they would be worth a try for the live streams as an additional thing? Or maybe not. Anyway, here's the ones that I know:

Ander on :

Hi Poff

We'd like to yank up the quality of the streams. That's why bandwidth is a concern, but with the rayv client we can keep bandwidth needs down.

We will be doing live feeds from EVE :-) it'll be awesome. We've worked out the technical stuff to do it already so we're ready to go. Just waiting for CPU upgrade for our encoder/broadcasting system.

The free streams are very interesting but the problem is that they will run with their own site and we dont have full control of everything. This is something we get with RayV.

cory on :

FYI: It works under VirtualBox, albeit with a lot of lag.

Too bad it's not a standalone app, or it would probably work in Wine.

poff on :

I understand, and I'm sure it'll rock, I just won't be able to see it.

It's always a bit sad to see yet another proprietary technology to pop up that completely ignores alternative operating systems, but that's of course not your fault.

As an Open Source nut I still have to secretly hope that RayV in it's current form won't be widely used. I hadn't heard of it before, so there's hope :-P

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