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That Same Old Story: My First Ransom

So I've been trying my hand at piracy for a while, even joining a pirate corp fairly soon into my trial account, wherein I didn't make much money, but I did manage to get a few kills. When that trial account ran out and I was still broke, I moved on to another trial account, in which I made no money, joined no corp, but blew up a few mining barges. All in good fun, but hardly a good way to make ISK.

Fortunately for me, I'm not broke anymore, and I began work once more on the original trial. I flew around for a while, gathering supplies, buying and selling, looking around for a good place to begin the work of the yarr.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
I'm going to keep both my identity and the identities of those involved out of the story, so that's how it goes.

That said, I'm flying an Arbitrator fitted out with fairly nicely. No T2 mods or anything, but it gets the job done. I don't do super amounts of damage but I've got a pretty nice set of resists.

Anyway, back to the story. I was warping around my chosen hunting grounds, when I discovered a system with a great deal of activity in the belts. A few scans, some guesswork, and a bit of hap-hazard belt hopping later, I came across my victim. We'll call him "S."

Because my ship is slower than a tired pirate trying to come up with a witty comparison at 1 o'clock in the morning, I jump in, bookmark his can, and warp the hell out. I align to the bookmark and start a countdown - the next time a track changes on the EVE "jukebox," I'm going to jump.

Unfortunately, I managed to come across the single longest track in the history of the 50 yard dash. So I counted to ten, and hit warp.

I arrive at his can, and ever so quickly make the switch. Suddenly, the barge locks me and sends out the drones. Luckily, my smartbomb makes short work of the pests, and I'm just sitting around, orbiting and shooting. I'm not doing a great deal of damage, but I'm clearly worrying him, as this appears in local:

S> someone want to come to belt 9-7?
S> in gang with me
S> i'll pay 10 million ISK!

Ah, we have our ransom price. Based on my own conversation with the guy, I'm guessing he'd been tricked before - someone asked for a ransom, then killed him. Shame on whoever that was, because I had to negotiate with the target to make him pay up - he wanted to give me 5mill, then warp back to station and send the rest. Yeah, right. Just because you got tricked doesn't mean you can trick me.

Anyway. Nobody in system came to help him out (besides gangs don't work like that), the guy ended up paying me 7.5 Mill ISK, and I warped out, ending my day in EVE substantially richer.

For my first successful ransom, I think that went rather well.



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tikk on :

nice one =D

my first ransom was 1m.

5min later, same belt I GOT AN ROKH!!! (in my rifter)

so I got ride of his drones and started to pew, pew him. after a while I realized I dident have enough ammo to finish him of so I convo'd him and asked for 30m.

think he got tricked befor too... he dident answer me =(
in a last effort I asked him to convo that dude I ransomed 5min eariler and I became 30m richer!

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