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What a day this was! I had a fight like none I've fought before--and emerged victorious and with the modules of mine enemies in the hold.

It didn't start off so good. While prowling systems in my Incursus, I came across a whole party of juicy targets, a mining op: 2 Mackinaws, 2 Thoraxes, a Brutix, a Myrmidon, one or two other ships. Obviously way beyond me in anything I can fly, and I'm sort of between corps at the moment; my old one is inactive, and I (and a half-dozen others) have been waiting for a director of the new one to interview us to get us into that corp. I spied a blue in local a few systems away, but even though he had a Hyperion, he didn't think the two of us could take on the ships I'd described. Half an hour later, we found another possible ally who could bring a Dominix, so the fight was on. Most of my experience has been solo fighting in an Incursus, so I felt a bit out of my element as I tagged along in a Vexor.

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We were instructed to be ready at the gate of the system our targets were in; then there was an ambiguous statement such as "We'll target the Mackinaws first, then the Myrmidon..." which apparently the other pilot knew meant to jump and warp, but I thought it was just discussion. When nobody said anything for a while, and I noticed they had both jumped, and nobody would answer my questions, I figured they were busy fighting and jumped in and warped to them. There was already one battlecruiser wreck, and the fighting was going on about 50km from my position. An Iteron warped in about 25km away, so I tried to tackle it, but it slipped away again. At this point my mates had taken down another cruiser, and the rest of the opposing gang got away. I never fired a shot! My ad hoc friends expressed their appreciation for my scouting, but I obviously have a lot to learn about gang combat.

But then...

Several hours later, I managed to get on less than an hour before down time. I was near the scene of today's earlier action, and casually warped to the same belt in my Incursus. There were a lot of rat wrecks, and an Enyo. Fortunately, he was about 50km away, so I scooted right out of there. An (inconclusive) encounter with an Ishkur yesterday led me to think I might be able to take an Enyo if I was in my Vexor, so I went one system over where I had one parked, and came back in it.

I'd originally warped into the Enyo's belt at zero, and had noted the distance from there to his wrecks; I figured there was a fair chance he was still at the belt, looting--especially as I'd seen a couple of rats still alive when I'd left. So I warped to 50km this time--and right into a hornets' nest. The Enyo was still there, alright--and so was a Moa and a Thorax. Right then and there I figured I was toast, but hoped to take at least one of the ships down with me. I'd dropped right on top of the Enyo, quickly scrambled his warp drive and webbed his engines, deployed my drones on him, engaged my microwarpdrive, nos, and damage control, and took a deep breath.

He didn't go fast, but then he did go, and not all that slowly, either. The Moa was in range so I targeted him next; now he went fast. I turned to the Thorax, who by this time had me down deep into my armor; I was having cap issues, and had to watch my repper like a hawk. Just then I noticed an Exequror and a Claw had jumped into the fray--and the Claw was within range of my stasis webifier! I webbed him and redirected my drones his way; his tank was nonexistent, and down he went. I turned my attention back to the Thorax, my real threat as his punishing DPS had shredded my armor and was now melting the very structure of my Vexor. Dang, he broke my lock! Oh wait--the Thorax and Exequror were retiring from the field of battle.

There I stood, with the wreck of an Enyo, Moa, and Claw mingled with the older Serpentis wrecks, a handful of my downed enemies' now-silent drones, and all five of my own beautiful drones. I reloaded, recalled my drones to their bay, made sure my damage control was still active, nursed my armor repairer, and begin slowly moving among the wrecks, transferring whatever modules were still usable to my holds. My shields were gone, though they were slowly regenerating; my armor was gone, leaving my repper a big job to do. And my structure--30% gone; ignited gases were bleeding into space, giving my ship the appearance of being on fire.

And then the Thorax and Exequror came back to finish me off. Again, the Thorax layed off out of range, and since the Exequror was in range of my scrambler the Exequror was my target. Quickly I had him scrammed and webbed, and my speedy drones were on their way with death and destruction. Fortunately my cap had had a chance to recover a bit, and I was able to keep my repper running and engage my guns and nos. The Exequror dropped; rather than turning to the Thorax right away, I decided to provide a little deterrence for anyone else thinking of dropping back into the party; I locked the Exequror pilot's capsule, and popped it. I turned my attention back to the Thorax just as, once again, he decided things were too hot for his liking.

I finished looting my booty--from four ships now, rather than three--and decided not to scoop up the enemy's T1 drones; one of the pilots had appeared on my computer overview 250km away in a Rifter, and my imagination was full of theories as to what they would throw at me next. So I keyed in the coordinates of a safe spot deep in empty space, and barely had time to register the Thorax flashing on my near-space overview yet again as I warped out.

I exchanged GF's with my opponents and a few general remarks in local, and one of them convo'd me. We agreed they probably could have had me, and we both expressed our enjoyment of the whole encounter.

My first assault frigate first interceptor first one-on-four. I savored the sweet burn of adrenaline coursing through my veins as my Vexor slowly cruised through deep space, watching the red bars diminish on my shield and armor displays, and watching my capacitor recharge...and wondered what ever happened to that Hulk.

Ka Jolo


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Firkragg on :

Fighting outnumbered is probabaly the most fun you can have pvping in eve. Going in and melting an entire gang solo makes you feel pretty uber.

Eva Drone on :

what a nice fight that must have been.

Ant on :

Holy shit
I envy you on that fight.
Bloody awesome

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