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How to kill under sentries in a Crow

So there I am checking out a little system I've found looking for a quick kill in my Crow. Now this system just happens to be the home base of a corp I've decided to harass a little for being rude to me in local. Warp to my scan point and see 2 Cruisers and a BC ratting together (safety in numbers) am in a crow so decide against engaging and warp to the jump gate. Lo and behold a Coercer 16km from the gate, a quick look and I see its not moving. Hmm I think what can I do? Don't really want to take sentry aggro at the gate in my crow.

Then is comes to me, I'll see if I can bump it..........

Many many minutes later it is 200km from the closest sentry, less than a minute later its just a floating wreck with an egg and seconds after that its just an empty shell. :-)

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Bit short but it's a slow newsday/week/month..


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B on :

I liked this one, very clever.

SeditiousSpyke on :

Id like to a think that a pilot in Low sec space whos AFK badly enough to get bumped to 200km off a sentry gun not even thinking about the gate/station

Is stupid
A note to other pilots if your gonna gop afk in a DESSIE
which is i add easy enough to hit as a cruiser and easy enough to kill as a t1 frigate, at leats set your ship to orbit the damn sentry gun ro something b4 you Log

I give you a big hand for having enough dedication to bump a ship over 100km and not get bored

Well done

flashfresh on :

Well done for bumping the fool for that long!

Enjoyed the story, short as it is.


Anonymous on :

awesome lol

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