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Sorry for lack of posts :)

Don't worry there'll be lots of content coming up in September!
I've simply had a bit of vacation (mostly working actually..).

On the bright side - we've selected a winner for the " dumbest" award . I bet you can guess who! :-D

Oh yes. It's the guy who threatened to sue me for what some anonymous poster posted in a comment in another thread here at "Beck Altarr"

I still didn't get a public apology for his threats so that's why it goes up. There's lots of fun to be read in the goonswarm recruitment post he made. Appearently he has also been namedropping Goonswarm as a mean of threatening his war-enemies. I'm sure Freaky has much more juicy stuff to reveal about this issue :-)

Oh.. I we've also selected a winner of the next EON ad. It's the same author as our previous EON ad. Don't worry - this ad has the same quality as the previous ad.

A prize will be sent to Mahe as thanks for making this wonderful ad (to be revealed in next EON, hopefully)!


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