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Bringing the High Sec Back

We've been going through a few personnel changes in TRAPS lately. A lot of our long time members left TRAPS to explore other options in their Eve careers and the few of us left at TRAPS wish them all the best.

I've got a huge story in the works for ya folks. I guess that what happens when CCP sneaks in a super-extended downtime on me when I least expect it.

It's been a roller coaster ride the last month or so between us losing a few good members to us making more good friends via our combined efforts with REPO corp.

We hit up high sec, low sec and back again. All along the way racking up a few kills, pissing a few people off, and finding new people to harass.

I'll start with when we had our joint war effort with REPO and declared war against the FREGE alliance. They were hard to find and harder to kill. Every encounter I had with them ended up with them warping away because of WCS. Lots of em. Though one encounter I got on a killmail there were 10 other people on it so stabs or not, he wasn't getting away anyhow.

We chased this FREGE Abaddon and just couldn't catch it. I guess 6 WCS will do that to ya...

Keep on reading. This is going to be another epic tale rife with sordid screenshots and titillating chat logs. Grab some grub and plant your butt and read on!

As I said, we didn't have much luck catching the FREGE guys. REPO had them on the run just prior to us joining the war effort so targets were scarce.

Unfortunately for one FREGE member he just happened to be in low sec area REPO and TRAPS were covering while REPO was taking down a POS in the system. Talk about bum luck.

Just a bit earlier some ebil piratey types decided to try and test out our band of merrymakers. 2 Domi's, Hyperion, Apoc or Geddon and a Mega vs me in a Domi, and the REPO folks in a Geddon, Rokh, Raven along with 6 assorted BC, cruiser, frig and recon support.

It was a good fight. I was made primary of course. Maybe they thought I was the weakest link? Maybe they thought I was the biggest threat? Maybe they just wanted my name on the killmail. It wasn't to be.

A few minutes later some unsuspecting bad guy thought it would be a good idea to attack one of the REPO cruisers sitting near the SG, little did they know we were on the other side of the SG in high sec.

A good time was had by all for sure.

The next day I ran into Soul Finder again. This guy is about the most retarded player I have seen so far. I mentioned him in a few other stories, but I will give a quick refresher.

I ran into him in high sec while camping a war target. He is sitting there can baiting newbies, posting uber damage logs and just talking out his ass for hours on end.

[ 2006.11.18 17:20:30 ] soul finder > nexa nice bounty to bad your in hi sec
[ 2006.11.18 18:11:14 ] soul finder > 2006.11.18 17:30:13 Combat Your Wrath Cruise Missile hits Automated Pithi Training Vessel, doing 490.2 damage.
[ 2006.11.18 18:13:31 ] soul finder > killer want to see another pop?
[ 2006.11.18 18:16:01 ] soul finder > lead i was in 0.0 for 3 weeks how u think i got back into hisec
[ 2006.11.18 18:16:45 ] lead head > im talkin about nexa. you guys sittin here shows your lack of skill.
[ 2006.11.18 18:16:55 ] lead head > pickin on new players.
[ 2006.11.18 18:17:19 ] soul finder > im hoping nexa will go in lowsec want to pod him for bounty
[ 2006.11.18 18:17:42 ] InstinctiveKiller > lol
[ 2006.11.18 18:17:48 ] Nexa Necis > you must be a scrub if you think 13mil is a lot of isk
[ 2006.11.18 18:18:17 ] soul finder > i see you put that isk on yourself:)
[ 2006.11.18 18:18:22 ] Nexa Necis > uh huh
[ 2006.11.18 18:18:24 ] lead head > lol
[ 2006.11.18 18:18:43 ] Nexa Necis > why wait for low sec to see me, war dec my corp asap
[ 2006.11.18 18:19:12 ] Nexa Necis > then come collect the bounty
[ 2006.11.18 18:19:14 ] soul finder > ive been pirating since feb and ganked hundreds of ships and this is the only bounty i got, so i see you put isk on yourself

I mean he went on and on and on about how badass he was and how he dominated low sec like no other player Eve had ever seen. Mind you he is in a 1.0 system dropping out jetcans for newbies every few minutes, taunting and bragging the entire time.

Needless to say he never followed through with his war dec. Yet when I ran into him he claimed he had never heard of me. Then he claimed that he did indeed war dec my corp, however we ran in fear from his 1 man corp. He said we sat in the station all the while as he sat and camped us. Uh huh. Right. One look at his bio shows how dedicated he is....

So one would think this guy when pressed would fight to the end. Obviously he is a total badass, right? Wrong.

I am guessing he is a 13 year old with anger management issues. I mean look at what he names all his ships.

Look at his corp bio as well. Mr. Angry indeed.

So we find him running missions just prior to the war starting, but once the war starts he ends up undocking in either a Crow or Manticore. Then we wait a bit before we head to his neck of the woods and notice that he will run missions but first he would scout all surrounding systems, run a quick level 2 mission, redock, and scout again with his small ships.

Pretty intimidating so far. I think he is a UK player as he was always online when one of our UK guys were. So our guy went and camped him all day all week. He said Soul Finder undocked in a Domi and redocked once my corpies Myrm started pounding on him. At that point he knew he was up against a pilot who wasn't afraid of him simply because he had a big bad Domi.

Once he saw my corpmate had moved a few ships to counter his choice of ship, he basically logged the second my corpie logged in. Mind you he had an alt scout the guy to make sure he was out and about before logging his main in. Once his main logged in, his alt would see Soul Finder head to the nearest station and log out for a few hours and a few hours later SF would log in and if my corpie was still on, he would log right back out.

So he starts logging on just before my quitting time but I move a few ships and jump clone over to his systems of choice. Seems he hangs in either Nakugard and Auvergne. We went over there one night and he stumbled upon us in his Crow. I was in a Domi and my corpmate was in a Stabber. He immediately warped out without aggroing to a moon, then logged out. Lucky for him we didn't have a cov ops alt in the area.

So we keep up the cat and mouse, all the while watching him a bit. Looks like he is trying a bit of exploration with probes and such. Seems he's given up PvP for Lent or something. So we lie low a few days and he starts undocking his Myrm and Domi now and then. Of course the second I log in he logs moments later half the time.

Though one night, I got a jump clone in place, along with a few alts and find him roaming from planet to planet in some system a few jumps from my clone. I hit the clone jump button, hop into my Myrm and camp the gate. A few minutes later he warps over to me. Mind you I am all alone, Myrm vs Myrm. Two pilots close in age, my character originally a hauler alt, his character a hardened PvP'er from the get-go according to his braggings.

What does he do? He gets the luckiest break ever because I lock him and hit my scrammer, and it just sits there blinking. 24k T2 scrammer and I was 9k away from him and he gets out. God damn CCP all to hell. I FRAP's it too. It will be in my next video for sure. He follows his normal course, he warps out of the system, docks in Hek and logs just after sending me an Evemail.

Notice the time on his email? Notice the time in the lower left corner? Yep, he logs because he knows we have no life and are content to camp him for hours on end.

He goes on to raise his chat fee to 100k as well as his email fee to 100k. I still taunt him. I am not poor. :-)

At this point, even though I grow weary of his running and hiding and lying, it will make me savor the flavor of his death even more and it will be very satisfying.

I will make an open offer to any corps who hang in that region and are looking to perhaps earn a prize. If you war dec him, I will pay your fees, alliances excluded. I ain't poor, but I ain't about to waste money. However should you be in a corp that hates players like this and would like to kill them, or just grief them simply by logging in, please convo me. As I said, I will cover all your war dec fees and if you manage to FRAPS a kill of him in anything, I will pay a reward commensurate with his losses. Plain old killmails don't count. It must be FRAPS'd with enough quality to be easily visible.

You might remember a character named Verzeder from my story when we demolished Caesarri Industries. She is the number one loss leader on our killboard. She lost well over 1 billion ISK to us during the course of that first war.

Apparently someone passed them a link to that story and they took great offense to my insinuating that they were a macro/pharmer/isk seller. How was I to know that someone who plays almost the entire uptime of Eve, someone who joins a corp and never talks, someone who runs courier missions non-stop, someone who was only a few months old at the time had billions and billions of ISK worth of buy orders and contracts was an actual player. Silly me.

So since they are so upset, I allow them to get their revenge upon us. I decide to war dec their new corp Kiith Somtaw.

They are a 50 man corp located in Tash. Now this is one of the things that makes me laugh about this game. They claim one thing and then cry about it when you decide to test them. What do I mean you say? Let's take a look at their corp bio....

So they're born without "influnce and power" so it seems they are willing to take "TRUE POWER" by "force!". I mean, really if you're going to have such bold corp bios, you should realize that someone might want to put you to the test. Instead of a bio like "We're gonna take over Eve bitches, and you will all bow to us and lick our nuts!", how about something like "We're a friendly corp who enjoys missioning, mining and industry."

Sure you could get war dec'd still because you might sound like a rich and weak PvP corp based on that, but then at least you could complain you're being picked on. But if you have a bio that says you're going to take things by force, well then, you should expect a bit of pew pew.

It starts off with the usual crap. You know, they convo me trying to explain why war dec'ing them makes no sense and it benefits no one of course.

[ 2007.07.15 16:51:56 ] Danither > now this ain't smack talk but more trying to give u perception of sorts;
[ 2007.07.15 16:52:38 ] Nexa Necis > im aware of perception. read some of my other stories where war targets alwayss try to explain why its foolish to war dec them
[ 2007.07.15 16:52:40 ] Nexa Necis > it doesnt work
[ 2007.07.15 16:52:41 ] Danither > you whine about people complaining they've lost there 10mil isk ships, but how long does it take you to earn that? did they want to fight and risk it? and finally how long will it take THEM to earn that?
[ 2007.07.15 16:53:13 ] Nexa Necis > well lesson learned, dont join a corp with a bio that talks about taking over eve with force

Of course they take no responsibility for the situation they're in. Apparently they can just join any old corp they want and feel they shouldn't be impacted by that corps goals or methods of obtaining them. It's like joining Veto corp and then complaining that there's too much fighting and dying. Just as you should research those you recruit, you should also research a corp you join.

[ 2007.07.15 16:53:20 ] Danither > im not saying its foolsih, just trying to get an idea of why u do it?
[ 2007.07.15 16:53:25 ] Nexa Necis > because we can
[ 2007.07.15 16:53:38 ] Danither > lol I should actually check my corp bio, don't tink I have read it
[ 2007.07.15 16:53:39 ] Nexa Necis > why do you mine? why do you mission? because you like it i would assume
[ 2007.07.15 16:54:15 ] Danither > So you do like fighting people that cannot fight back/don't want to?
[ 2007.07.15 16:54:33 ] Nexa Necis > thats not my concern

What is he thinking? Half the piracy or PvP in this game is not consensual. You think the lone pilot heading to rat in .2 space is looking forward to the 12 man sentry-tanking gate camp that is awaiting him? Not likely.

[ 2007.07.15 16:54:33 ] Danither > tis a wise move on your part
[ 2007.07.15 16:55:22 ] Danither > lol, other corps may not be honourable in there words or actions, but your not honourable in your intentions
[ 2007.07.15 16:55:59 ] Nexa Necis > whatever, rationalize it your way all day aint gonna stop the war
[ 2007.07.15 16:55:59 ] Danither > but guess not for a pirate corp tis expected, just still can't get it
[ 2007.07.15 16:56:12 ] Nexa Necis > dont knock it till ya try it
[ 2007.07.15 16:56:34 ] Danither > haha, im not thats why im asking why you do it
[ 2007.07.15 16:56:56 ] Nexa Necis > well you read the stories, you should see why
[ 2007.07.15 16:56:57 ] Nexa Necis > its fun
[ 2007.07.15 16:57:17 ] Danither > not camping some1, i don't get taht
[ 2007.07.15 16:57:38 ] Danither > taking oppertunites yes, but not essentially "griefing people"
[ 2007.07.15 16:58:02 ] Danither > anywys, I gota get to work, got half and hour to dirve there and im not changed yet :S
[ 2007.07.15 16:58:35 ] Danither > maybe In a year when I the experience and req for ur corp, then u may see an application, until next time

Again with the attempts to make me see the light. Pretty standard responses. It always revolves around the comments like "you lack honor", "you're a bully", "why do it?" and it rolls around to "well i guess it could be fun" and "hmm maybe I will switch from mining/missioning to pew pewing and join your corp!" bullshit. As if now they are on my side and think what I do is fun or cool and now that I see they are down with it, I will let them go because it would be cool to have them join our corp so I will stop fighting them since it wouldn't be nice to shoot your new friends.

We soon find out Mr Danither is not cut out for PvP. PvP does require a small bit of common sense. He is lacking any. How do I know this? Well, their HQ is in the same station as our HQ and he decides to run missions while I am in the system.

First he decides to change his bio to poke fun at mine I am assuming. I had a quote in mine which read, Experience is a hard teacher, she gives the test first and the lessons afterwards" and his just plain makes no sense to me. I fail to see the humor in it. Making fun of people with a serious disease is not funny in the least.

The funny thing is on their forums which were initially all public, he had a post about the war and it was page after page of intel, ship setups, strategies and just tons of extraneous information, links to PvP posts and such. So you think these guys bring their taking by force to fruition.

So he is cavorting in and around the TMP area and my handy dandy cov ops out is watching him from afar. He's in a Harbinger. Sweet. Well, not so sweet for him. I started laughing when I read local.

Crappy loot for the most part. He really didn't even fight back. I think he was running a level 2 mission or something. Crazy to lose a 30mil ship over a level 2 mission, but what do I know, right?

After all his gathering of intel and bold talk on their forums, this is what he leaves me with....

[ 2007.07.16 13:10:08 ] Danither > meh, see you in a couple weeks when you've got bored of pwning noobs
[ 2007.07.16 13:16:53 ] Braincandy > being mean again nexa?
[ 2007.07.16 13:17:11 ] Nexa Necis > yeah. i war dec;d a corp who said they wil take over Eve by force
[ 2007.07.16 13:17:18 ] Nexa Necis > figured they would enjoy a good fight
[ 2007.07.16 13:17:29 ] Nexa Necis > all theyve done so far is run, hide, complain and die
[ 2007.07.16 13:17:31 ] Nexa Necis > works for me
[ 2007.07.16 13:17:52 ] Braincandy > =p

It looks like Verzeder upgraded to a Raven over her Drake in the last war. Unfortunately for her she didn't use the multitude of information Danither provided and decided to undock with one of the oddest setups on a Raven mine eye hath yet gazed upon.

Large armor rep, medium armor rep and a hull repper FTW! In that pic she decided to be funny and I ended up bumping her about 2k off the station, but I only had 1 web and even my attempts to block her failed to keep her from redocking low in structure. Ovbiously that's not her normal fitting as she was likely repping from mission damage, but I thought it looked funny.

The really funny thing is a little while later we manage to probe her out in a mission in Tash and popped the Raven. She immediately quit the corp.

Another one of their corpmates decided to upgrade to a Hurricane from the destroyer we popped of his earlier in the day. He thought he would be safe if he tried to hit and run. He thought it would be a good idea to warp around the 27 belts of TMP in an effort to hide once he warped out from having 2 WCS fitted. He thought wrong.

I am quite adept at scanning, and got him pegged almost immediately. I warped in on top of him after I refit and put a few extra scrams on.

Again, I was rewarded with lackluster loot and had to settle for the killmail as the most valuable piece of loot gained.

With most of us having full trained cov ops alts, it's become apparent that a lot of these people seem to either have no clue that missions can be probed out or they just don't care. You would think with several other members of their corp getting probed out, the word would spread not to run missions 1 jump from Tash.

Not with this guy. He thinks mining a few jumps away is a safe bet as well.

You'd really think that their Minister of Defense would be especially aware of this.

No, of course he's not.

The best part of that was as our guys entered the first mission gate, he left deadspace. They initially thought he was onto them and bugged out. Turns out he just docked to reload ammo or something. He came back and they sat in the warp in point in the second room and made him go boom. Rhymes FTW!

He decides to go mining for a bit now that his Raven is reduced to space dust. Of course he is too lazy to go to a different region or something and instead stays a few jumps from our HQ. My trusty locator agent fills me in and off the alts go to spy. Reports show him enroute in a Bestower full of yummies for me.

This time his curiosity was piqued. He wanted details and I decide to feed him false intel....

[ 2007.07.18 13:47:17 ] Kodeka > how u find me....
[ 2007.07.18 13:48:21 ] Nexa Necis > dunkler told me
[ 2007.07.18 13:48:27 ] Nexa Necis > said he hates you and wants you dead
[ 2007.07.18 13:48:38 ] Nexa Necis > err i mean verzeder told me
[ 2007.07.18 13:48:47 ] Nexa Necis > she said she dont like you
[ 2007.07.18 13:48:48 ] Kodeka > well he got his wish
[ 2007.07.18 13:49:13 ] Nexa Necis > were you surprised they found you in that mission the other day?
[ 2007.07.18 13:49:18 ] Kodeka > vez ive boned her
[ 2007.07.18 13:49:24 ] Nexa Necis > nice
[ 2007.07.18 13:49:36 ] Kodeka > yep dont no how u done that
[ 2007.07.18 13:50:29 ] Kodeka > two accounts and in 2 different corps thats wat i recon
[ 2007.07.18 13:50:35 ] Nexa Necis > :-)
[ 2007.07.18 13:50:42 ] Nexa Necis > you recon well :-)
[ 2007.07.18 13:51:40 ] Kodeka > was kiith somtaw just a crap newbee set up 4 shooting practise 4 the real corp
[ 2007.07.18 13:51:53 ] Nexa Necis > dont get why your corp refused to surrender. guess they like being hunted and killed. where the heck is your CEO?
[ 2007.07.18 13:51:58 ] Nexa Necis > no not at all.
[ 2007.07.18 13:52:41 ] Kodeka > wats the conditions

This corp is full of weirdos and liars it seems. He inflates his losses to us. He doesn't know about killboards I guess.

[ 2007.07.18 14:14:30 ] Kodeka > ive lost 3 bs and 3 bc in 6 weeks and now my beast wagon...
[ 2007.07.18 14:14:43 ] Kodeka > common sympathy vote
[ 2007.07.18 14:14:54 ] Nexa Necis > how you lose 3 BS?
[ 2007.07.18 14:14:59 ] Nexa Necis > 1 to us i know
[ 2007.07.18 14:15:14 ] Kodeka > 2 2 u
[ 2007.07.18 14:16:02 ] Nexa Necis > 1 to us,. your raven
[ 2007.07.18 14:16:20 ] Nexa Necis > if you have another killmail from us, send it to me because we havent seen it

We killed his Raven and Bestower and a few pods. Why he would lie makes no sense but he does nonetheless.

He goes on to explain his future tactics as well. What are these people smoking?

[ 2007.07.18 14:28:28 ] Kodeka > nexa im declaring mass retirement on all lv.. ur c soon wat that means
[ 2007.07.18 14:29:19 ] Nexa Necis > cool ill look forward to it
[ 2007.07.18 14:30:37 ] Kodeka > we're b flying zimmer ships with 20 lower slots all filled up with warp stabs
[ 2007.07.18 14:32:20 ] Nexa Necis > sounds profitable for you
[ 2007.07.18 14:33:28 ] Kodeka > not really... im going solo again.. until i find a better corp more organised fed up training noobs
[ 2007.07.18 14:34:02 ] Nexa Necis > well we will dec the next corp, so pick a good one or pick an allianced one
[ 2007.07.18 14:35:10 ] Kodeka > cya nexa... its been interesting
[ 2007.07.18 14:35:15 ] Nexa Necis > k later

Zimmer ships? 20 WCS? These must be those top secret ships co-manufactured by BoB alts and CCP insiders.

Thankfully they keep their forums public for a bit and the Hurricane pilot I popped decided to spread some lies and inflate not only his losses but his kills too. He lost 1 frig, 2 destroyers and 1 BC to us. No kills against us of course. This is what he says in their forums though.

Post subject: I do not mean to gripe

"So we are at war do we plan to do anything about it???? i have been pod'ed 3 tines by our foe and lost 5 ship 2 BS 1 BC a cruiser and a destroyer. i have killed 2 but that is it is any one else trying to take it to the enemy or are we just all hiding ???? i have lost over 1 mill isk figthing these folks... not that i care just dont see anyone else trying to take it to the enemy... lets organize and take it to them so far they have not come out with anything special they just come with numbers....."

He lost 2 BS, a BC, cruiser and destroyer and his ISK loss incurred is only 1 million and he's upset about it? ROFL! I also like the fact that "they come with numbers". 3 of his 4 losses were solo kills and a destroyer loss was against a Taranis and Ishkur. Man if a single 2 vs 1 and three 1 vs 1's mean we "come with numbers" I would enjoy reading how he would phrase a 20 man gate rape squad. Maybe something like, "OMG EVERY FUCKING PLAYER IN EVE JUST KILLED ME!!!!!11!"

At this point their corp is falling apart at the seams. We did manage to catch one of them in an Abaddon missioning with a friend in a Myrm. The Myrm ended up getting flagged because when my guys switched the Abaddon loot to a jetcan, he took from it. :-)

The Myrm was nice enough to hang out long enough to get popped too.

I'd say we did our job well. No losses and about 1 billion in losses inflicted and 22 corp jumpers as they started the war with 50.

I laughed when I saw Danither quit corp to join a PvP corp in the Curse alliance. What a strange move.

So during the Kiith war we also dec'd a new German corp called Celestial Fire. I had seen a lot of them in and around Tash mission running non-stop with their BS's. Quite a few older pilots too so I figured maybe they would be up to fighting, but if not a few hundred mil in ISK surrender fees would be easy to come by since they run level 4 missions all day long. Once again, I was wrong on both counts.

We have nothing against Germans, honestly. It was just pure coincidence. So they have 58 members which added with Kiith's 50, we got 100+ potential targets.

These guys are big into missions, with several hanging out in all the usual high quality level 4 agent systems, Aunia, Taru, and Irjunen. Of course this can technically make it a bit more difficult to probe them out as these guys tend to fly Ravens and so do all the ISK pharmers.

Just look at all these CNR undocking at once!

I had 12 Ravens and 14 CNR on scanner at one point.

I am telling you, if you got a small but concentrated and organized corp you could make some serious cash war dec'ing these mission pharmer corps. Look at this guy, old ray. He is barely 4 months old and flying around in a ship worth several billion easily.

Crazy. Of course he eventually migrates to a NPC corp as the corps he joins realize he's a pharmer or as corps war dec them. Still some of them won't defect if you got a 3 or 4 man corp. At least not right away. If you're looking for a decent chance to pop some pharmers and make a lot of ISK, hang in Irjunen police academy station and take your pick. :-)

The war starts in it's usual fashion, I find a guy sitting in his Exequror afk mining in a belt 2 jumps out of Tash. Sigh. Of course it's my job to kill him.

He had crap for loot but made up for it with hatemail!

2007.07.16 00:07
What honor did you find in kill someone that was afk. You must feel like a badass smoking someone that wasnt fighting back or running away, thanks for being a real prick.

Sweetness. He turned out to be a good sport though. I convoed him a few days later and he was cool with everything and apologized for blowing up.

It was definitely a sign of things to come though. A lot of his corpmates seemed quick to fire off at the mouth more than they would with their ships.

I saw this one guy, Dunkler Stern in Taru daily. He refused to undock once the war started. I bid my time as usual and eventually caught him at a gate.

Notice the time in that photo? 14:01 Eve time. As I have him going into structure, I see my email light go blinky. Notice the timestamp on the Evemail.

More hatemail! God I love it! He is quick to quench my thirst for more by convoing me to yell at me.

Later on I head out to one of my jump clones I had out near Aunia which was parked with a Domi I had stashed out there. I track down another member missioning in his Myrmidon. It was no match for the ol' Domi.

He was actually able to get his pod out and redock and immediately quit corp.

I convo him to congratulate him on a quick death to quit corp time on that encounter. It was almost under 1 minute.

[ 2007.07.16 05:02:55 ] Nexa Necis > man you quit corp fast there
[ 2007.07.16 05:03:03 ] Nexa Necis > why bother staying in it even?
[ 2007.07.16 05:03:27 ] Sidis Aran > Thought I'd joined one strong enough to avoid that type of thing =P
[ 2007.07.16 05:03:35 ] Sidis Aran > But it happens
[ 2007.07.16 05:03:54 ] Nexa Necis > got ya

Some of them resort to missioning in frigs. We have no lives so we sit and probe them out to ruin their day.

One night I locate a war target, Bruce Banner and find him doing level 4 missions in a popular place. We get into position. I have a Myrm, my corpmate has a Rook. Now one might think Bruce Banner would likely be undocking in a Hulk. Nope. A fully fit T2 Maelstrom. Yay! He is setup for pure gankage. He must be splitting mission duty with someone as there is no tank at all on his ship. All sensor booster II's, tracking mods and damage mods.

This could be interesting. It would've been fun for sure, but for some reason he decided to redock at the last minute. So we had to wait a few more days for him to venture back out. This time we had a Domi, Tempest and a Myrm waiting for him. I honestly don't even think he fired a single shot.

He actually had halfway decent loot, but with the prices dropping like crazy on these T2 mods, the total haul ended up being like 12 mil. Sad sad sad.

One thing puzzled me though. He had a Sensor Dampener II fitted. Not to mention he was armor tanked. I had to ask, what was the deal with the dampener?

Uh, ok. Wouldn't a WCS make more sense in the long run? Ah who knows where they come up with these ideas.

Eventually it got to the point where lots of them jumped corp, some even when out into CVA space to use them as backup for when us pesky pirates came looking for them.

We went out there one night with me in my Myrm and my corpie in his Drake. We were waiting on a Raven on a gate when all of a sudden a CVA Dura-Maller bait ship aggroed me. My alt knew they had both gates covered and warping over would've prolonged the inevitable. I decide to go for it and hope they don't have too many people waiting to kill us.

Of course our reputation precedes us and they realize the only way to possibly kill our 2 BC's is to pack 4+ BS, 3 Recon, a few BC's, Absolution and some tacklers. Let me tell you, they barely managed to kill us. ;-) I was almost able to jump through, but the darn agression timer got me in the end.

I wasn't bummed about losing a ship, but I was bummed because our WT warped over and cloaked and then we got assaulted. Meh. Still they will get theirs soon enough. I hope. :-)

As the war was winding down with Celestial Fire I did manage to catch one of them afk at a station.

I was able to scramble his egg for him too. I hope he was an alt with implants working on maxing out learning skills. :-)

The war ends with them losing 22 members, suffering 30 losses valued at well over 650mil ISK.

I was checking on their characters the other day and saw they are recruiting still.

Allow me to dissect their requirements and recruitment blurb.

2mil SP minimum should translate to "Honestly, we don't care what your SP level is, as long as you can do something or other" I mean the new alts start with about 1mil SP or so.

Team Players. This means, "You're a team player as long as you wear our corp tag, feel free to mine and mission all over the galaxy nowhere near your corpmates"

The will and courage to keep on fighting in times of trouble. This translates to "Please help us fight these evil people. You will be our meatshields while me and my alt sit and run level 4 missions in low sec k thx!"

I mean at least be honest with people. Sucking people in under false pretenses is, to me, a more scummy thing than when our corp dec's some industrial corp. We aren't deceiving anyone and we aren't making promises to anyone that we can't keep.

As the Celestial Fire and Kiith winds down we open a new war against Eve's Daemons. A Spanish corp based between Tash and Hath.

A 56 man corp full of oddballs. They happened to be dec'd by another corp who made a post about them here. Eve's Daemon's think we were hired by the corp that dec'd them I think.

Of course at the start of the war, no one undocks for days, yet they like to talk tough in that thread I linked to.

Verlaine convoes me and goes right in for the textbook questions all carebears ask...

[ 2007.07.30 13:56:10 ] Verlaine Glariant > I'll go straight to the point
[ 2007.07.30 13:56:17 ] Verlaine Glariant > Why have you declared war on us?
[ 2007.07.30 13:56:57 ] Nexa Necis > does it matter why?
[ 2007.07.30 13:57:19 ] Verlaine Glariant > Not really. A bit of pvp is always nice. But I'd like to know anyway. If possible
[ 2007.07.30 13:57:43 ] Nexa Necis > the reason is irrelevant to what is about to unfold
[ 2007.07.30 13:58:14 ] Verlaine Glariant > I understand. We already know you have been hired. And we know who
[ 2007.07.30 13:58:27 ] Nexa Necis > were not a merc corp
[ 2007.07.30 13:58:42 ] Verlaine Glariant > well maybe you haven't been hired
[ 2007.07.30 13:58:48 ] Verlaine Glariant > and you are just helping some friends out
[ 2007.07.30 13:59:15 ] Nexa Necis > we have no relations with the other corp that youre at war with so that aint it either
[ 2007.07.30 13:59:42 ] Verlaine Glariant > I see. So we're just simply at war for no aparent reason at all
[ 2007.07.30 14:00:11 ] Nexa Necis > pretty much. random war dec's are all we do. though we do target specific people if they agress us or talk smack
[ 2007.07.30 14:00:36 ] Verlaine Glariant > Very well. This being said I wish you the very best of lucks in this war and have fun!
[ 2007.07.30 14:00:50 ] Verlaine Glariant > See you in the battlefield. Verlaine out.
[ 2007.07.30 14:00:58 ] Nexa Necis > same here. should you wish to negotiate a surrender at any time convo me

Funny, anytime I've ever heard, "See you in the battlefield!" I have yet to see the person saying it in a PvP encounter. Maybe when he said it he meant that he would see me in the battlefield from one of the windows in the station he's been docked in for hours? That makes more sense.

Verlaine states...

Ahahaha you hired mercs? So it's true, you don't stand a chance against us and decided to pay another corp to do the job. Now That's interesting. Let's see how things develop from now on.

This is coming from a guy who was linking gay sex pics to a corpmate of mine who was camping him all day. Very cool indeed. They have a killboard but it's stacked, meaning they post all wins and only certain losses. Lame. Tough talk from these guys and the first ship we pop is a.....

....crappy Itty. Let's see if they left daddy some goodies....

Kick fuckin ass! Tormentor FTW! Looks like we're going to be in for a tough war. Look at this killer Myrm setup.....

Two 1600mm plates and a small repper? AND a shield booster! Unfortunately he left his mate in the hauler to die at the gate and redocked. Teamwork FTL!

In what has become a sad trend, these guys started jumping from their corp almost instantly. we still managed to score a decent kill on one of them. He went off level 4 missioning far away from home and got caught on a gate in his faction fitted Raven.

We revisit a popular sore loser technique we're all too familiar with, logoffski!

He was trying to haul ass back to the gate. He was at least honest about the logoffski and what he would've done had he made it to the gate and jumped....

[ 2007.07.31 05:43:56 ] HuGo87 > guess i should've just shot back since i wouldn't make it to the gate .S
[ 2007.07.31 05:44:37 ] Nexa Necis > yeah at least get some licks in :-)
[ 2007.07.31 05:45:02 ] HuGo87 > luckily, most faction loot was destroyed :-)
[ 2007.07.31 05:45:20 ] Nexa Necis > always does
[ 2007.07.31 05:45:53 ] HuGo87 > good thing pod made it.. usualy get podded with this crappy dialup :-)
[ 2007.07.31 05:46:10 ] Metatron Celestia > you got off like 0.1 seconds before i lockled you
[ 2007.07.31 05:46:41 ] HuGo87 > logged out of game on 0% shield.. so emergency warp would do the job that lag wouldn't let ME do :-P
[ 2007.07.31 05:49:01 ] HuGo87 > should've just logged off as soon as i saw u next to the gate instead of de-cloaking.. nice way to learn the lesson :-P
[ 2007.07.31 05:49:32 ] Nexa Necis > woulda coulda shoulda :-)
[ 2007.07.31 05:50:16 ] HuGo87 > at least i know for next tiem (pityfull consolation :-P)
[ 2007.07.31 06:07:12 ] Nexa Necis > cool. have fun, be safe. you're a good sport
[ 2007.07.31 06:07:20 ] Nexa Necis > first ive seen in a LONG time
[ 2007.07.31 06:08:03 ] HuGo87 > lol.. must say, i AM sort of mad.. but more at myself for being clumsy, :-P
[ 2007.07.31 06:08:19 ] Nexa Necis > yeah, well if you went to the gate, there were tacklers waiting
[ 2007.07.31 06:08:39 ] HuGo87 > after jumping, i'd unlog
[ 2007.07.31 06:08:47 ] Nexa Necis > and we got 6 or 7 cov op alts to probe out missions
[ 2007.07.31 06:08:49 ] HuGo87 > insta-emergency warp after decloack
[ 2007.07.31 06:09:07 ] HuGo87 > i actualy ABUSE emergency logins :-P
[ 2007.07.31 06:25:43 ] HuGo87 > i always saw pvp as 1) pirating in lowsec2) 0.0 pvpnever crossed my mind random-war-declaring high-sec corps :-P... sounds sort of fun ^^

Quality all the way. Nice guy though. He was cool about it I will give him that considering it was a loss with a retail value of over 250mil. Of course all the faction gear except 1 poofed. We still made about 90mil off him. So that was mighty nice of him. He bought most of his gear back except the faction piece.

The really funny stuff happened after the fight. Of course loot snatching wreck gankers are all over in every fucking system so you have to swap loot to your own can sometimes if you run out of room for all the good loots.

Well some idiot decides to loot a cap booster 800 I left in a can.

I went to dock to transfer the Raven loot to an alt and my guys say they caught the idiot in his Mega a jump away.

I like how he cries in local as he gets popped. He lost a Mega to a Hurricane and Taranis. Ouch. He had about 15mil worth of loots for us too.

I showed up in time to see his wreck rusting away as he continued to cry in local. I had something important to ask him. Normally I don't goof on people this much, but I couldn't stop laughing about it. I mean why the fuck are you stealing to begin with when you're outnumbered and the item you're taking has a retail value of a few hundred ISK? You must have a death wish.

Good times!

Remember tough talking Verlaine? Looks like he jumped corp. Big shocker.

I laughed when I saw his title. "Military Advisor" What advice does he give? Makes ya wonder. Something like, "Dude, the battle isn't won in the game, it's won on the forums! Get logged in a fire posts at will. If that doesn't work, lets jump ship. Huh? Did someone say fight? Are you fucking kidding me? Fight? Preposterous. It's just easier to keep jumping from corp to corp. Eventually we will find a lame corp that's allianced and we can run and hide there. Yeah that's the ticket!"

The rest of their corp starting packing up and heading to a new allianced corp of their making it seems.

They went from 56 members to 27 in under a week. Our reputation is preceding us or the targets are getting more inferior as we go along. I think it's the latter, not the former.

I was going to wrap up this epic tale right around here but I had a recent development with our newest victims. I was running missions for faction so I could use more locator agents in various regions and this guy decides to make stupid comments to me every time I enter a system that he is in.

At first he says nothing. He sits in local trying to recruit people.

[ 2007.07.18 05:29:54 ] Beck Altarr > Hey you all in a Corp?
[ 2007.07.18 05:30:10 ] Mara Angharad > yup
[ 2007.07.18 05:31:01 ] Mara Angharad > you recruiting?
[ 2007.07.18 05:31:17 ] Beck Altarr > we are. for this system.

Then he starts with the comments. Nothing bad really, just stupid comments really.

[ 2007.07.21 08:04:39 ] Beck Altarr > hey can I get your bounty?
[ 2007.07.21 08:05:13 ] Nexa Necis > sure
[ 2007.07.21 08:05:44 ] Beck Altarr > lol, like it would be that easy I am sure haha
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:00 ] Nexa Necis > ill war dec your corp in a few weeks. then you can have at it
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:35 ] Beck Altarr > you might just get surprised then.
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:48 ] Nexa Necis > i love surprises
[ 2007.07.21 08:07:38 ] Nexa Necis > will i get the "you dont know who my alt is, you're a dead man" surprise or will it be something better?
[ 2007.07.21 08:08:15 ] Beck Altarr > no, we don;t use lame alts, mostly miners. We got big rocks
[ 2007.07.21 08:10:09 ] Beck Altarr > I cn't tell what your flying so I couldn;t say
[ 2007.07.21 08:10:37 ] Nexa Necis > Dominix
[ 2007.07.21 08:12:39 ] Beck Altarr > You should bring a bigger ship then.

Of course it's the old, "You don't know who you're messing with so watch it buddy!" line basically. Of course I put in the war vote and wait for it to go live.

Once it does he promptly convoes me....

[ 2007.08.07 01:57:10 ] Beck Altarr > So what's up?
[ 2007.08.07 01:57:34 ] Nexa Necis > nada much. you?
[ 2007.08.07 01:57:54 ] Beck Altarr > Well you declared war on my corp. Wonderin why.
[ 2007.08.07 01:59:21 ] Nexa Necis > cmon, you're saying you dont remember?
[ 2007.08.07 02:01:10 ] Beck Altarr > lol, you mean you took someone in a mining hulk seriously? lol well have fun wasteing your time. We're in the process of disolving the corp anyway to join a bigger one.
[ 2007.08.07 02:01:33 ] Nexa Necis > cool, we will war dec that one then. we prefer more targets

Right on schedule with the, "We were leaving this corp anyways and going to a big badass corp before you even war dec'd us". Too bad chat shows them actively trying to recruit people in local channels. They also have a very intricate website here. I mean he put a lot of work into it and it revolves around his corp name so he obviously has a lot invested into the corp and this website.

I laughed though when I looked at the forums. There are hundreds of posts on all sorts of topics, and all of them with the same 2 or 3 people posting on each. It's like being in grade school and passing notes to the person in the desk next to you. All that work for 3 people to make 5 word responses hehe. I dunno, it just struck me as funny.

So he quits corp the minute after the war starts and I decide to offer my amazement since that has to be the quickest I've seen someone quit without a shot being fired. Notice he is following the carebear playbook verbatim so far?

Smacktalk------>Rationalization------>Namedrop------>Run and hide....

[ 2007.08.08 02:57:37 ] Nexa Necis > man that was quick
[ 2007.08.08 02:57:41 ] Nexa Necis > gotta be a new record
[ 2007.08.08 02:57:51 ] Beck Altarr > Oh the corp is still there
[ 2007.08.08 02:57:58 ] Nexa Necis > hehe yeah alts
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:04 ] Nexa Necis > but you said you were joining a large corp anyways
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:07 ] Nexa Necis > so we will wait
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:29 ] Beck Altarr > well, you can't stop a war with out both parties agreeing...
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:36 ] Beck Altarr > Goonfleet
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:49 ] Beck Altarr > So have fun with that.

He starts telling me how he has been being groomed for the Goonswarm people. Funny I can't imagine this guy as their type of player. You don't suppose he's talking shit now could you?

[ 2007.08.08 02:59:36 ] Beck Altarr > lol, your a pirate corp picking on a mining corp. Your type says alot.
[ 2007.08.08 02:59:40 ] Nexa Necis > funny thing is my alt was in local and you were actively recruiting a few days ago
[ 2007.08.08 02:59:52 ] Nexa Necis > you said to bring it on
[ 2007.08.08 02:59:59 ] Nexa Necis > i detected no humor
[ 2007.08.08 03:00:11 ] Beck Altarr > I was just posting a link to our website which is not totaly corp related
[ 2007.08.08 03:00:37 ] Beck Altarr > well whatever. your at war with expired accounts.
[ 2007.08.08 03:00:50 ] Nexa Necis > cool
[ 2007.08.08 03:00:55 ] Nexa Necis > ill keep it dec'd
[ 2007.08.08 03:01:22 ] Beck Altarr > yeah, a few more of those and your all out of war mongering so becaful who you declare war on.
[ 2007.08.08 03:01:31 ] Nexa Necis > yeah yeah
[ 2007.08.08 03:01:34 ] Nexa Necis > i hear that every week

He claims he was just goofing around, but I honestly detected no humor in his comments. More like "Hah look at that wanna be pirate with a bounty and positive sec status sitting in high sec running a mission, let me bust his chops cause he can't do shit to me."

[ 2007.08.08 03:02:46 ] Beck Altarr > I can make 11 more trial accounts too
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:54 ] Nexa Necis > thats bannable
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:57 ] Beck Altarr > lock you into war with everyone of them.
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:00 ] Nexa Necis > go ahead
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:05 ] Beck Altarr > no, I'll get you for harrasment first
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:11 ] Beck Altarr > that's bannable
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:12 ] Nexa Necis > no you wont actually
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:15 ] Nexa Necis > war is allowed
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:22 ] Nexa Necis > weve been at this over a year
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:49 ] Beck Altarr > I have been playing far longer. and I save chat logs. You have already stated your intent to harras me.
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:59 ] Nexa Necis > yep via war decs in this game
[ 2007.08.08 03:04:18 ] Nexa Necis > i am petitioning you for admitting to using trial account in a way that is against the rules
[ 2007.08.08 03:04:44 ] Nexa Necis > so enjoy :-)
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:09 ] Nexa Necis > again, should you wish to negotiate, i am online this time most days
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:16 ] Beck Altarr > I am saying I could. Never said I did.
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:26 ] Nexa Necis > nice try
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:32 ] Beck Altarr > Can't get back to the corp, I am locked out.
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:48 ] Nexa Necis > have fun in an npc corp and pray that you werent name dropping goonfleet in a lame attempt to scare us off hehe

I spoke with a Goonswarm higher up and they LOL'd at them and the chat logs of him whining in local about it all. I certainly didn't get the vibe they were waiting with baited breath for this palooka to join up with them.

This should be interesting to see where this guy goes next.

I also got ransomed by Nebula Rasa. One of their members, Andor Traxel sent me an email....

2007.07.17 19:00
The Ransom is 1b you have 4 days

Oh scary. I sent him something back like, skip the 4 days, just start the war please. He responded with....

2007.07.18 18:13
haha scared are you :-) Please do post. I like to talk trash to Really Awesome outfits like yours. hahah

Another shit talker who failed to produce. I am sure they could wipe the floor with us as I hear tell that some of them are pretty good PvP'ers but I'd bet some ISK that this guy is not one of those people. I could be wrong of course. :-) I'm willing to take that chance.

I hope you all enjoyed my latest installment. It took forever to write so you better enjoy it! :-)


Soul Finder still insists that he did indeed war dec my corp and that we ran from him. There's an easy way to prove it. Though I am sure he wont because you can't show what you don't have.

All you need to do Soul Finder is to go to your corp options, open up the sanctionable actions portion. It will show every single war dec you've put in and whether or not you put the war to active.

You can't delete any of them so it keeps the entire history of them. For example, here is part of ours.

Now, if you want you can email it to me, or post it on or something. Let's see it. Show the proof that it shows an active war against my corp and I will pay you 100 million. Somehow all I expect to hear, if anything, is how lame I am and how I lie and how rich you are cause you don't need the money, etc etc. Same thing we've all hear from you, weak excuses.

Put up or shut up!


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BR on :

Great post, man! I saw some familiar names, too, so that's cool. I love empire wars.

Keep up the good work...

longey on :

That took forever to read, but was definately worth it. I love your posts with all the quoted chats and excellent screenies.

Hope I never get on the wrong side of you guys though! ;-) Infact, you accepting applications?

Looking forward to the next installment already, keep it up! :-)

freaky on :

Yes we are. See my recruiting post here or on the Eve-O forums for details.

Beck Altarr on :

Here is the TRUE story with additional info and links to D/L the UNEDITED chat logs between Nexa and I.

Since he asks for proof... I thought I would ablidge.

soul finder on :

Great stories to bad you never mention how your corp station hugs, ran from me 3 times. Also your chat logs of me are a little doctored there. As i told you your a lamer starving for attention.

freaky on :

Yes you are right. I am a Photoshop master and repeatedly lie in my stories.

Hug that station bitch! :-)

Beck Altarr on :

Wow, what an amazing story and so cleverly edited too. You would make a very good writer too, fiction of course. You seem to be missing some parts of the chat log there as well as other info. I'll let you go back and sort that out. As for the name dropping I had before you even war dec'd already posted on the Goonfleet boards. I also never said I was being groomed. I said I was hoping to join them. But that is your editing, not mine. As for my site, it is for an online radio, which is in development if you bothered to read anything there. Also, I am up to a GM2 regarding you as I did keep all screens and other evidence of your actions (including your own posts here), the first GM felt I had a good enough case and bumped me up. Not to sure what is going to happen there but we will see ;-) As for not sensing any jest in my first comments, you didn't bother to read them then. I thought it was nice small talk and good humor, I see you lost your humor someplace. I am still hanging out with my corp mates, we really didn't need a corp anyway when you came along, there were only 3 of us. So I wasn't lying. We had tried to recruit but we had set a date to just let it go. The web site name and the corp name were totaly different, thanks for noticing. Again, more to your skewing of facts and information. Your just a griefer and I am not going to let you ruin my PvE fun. I am also not going to be extorted from you. I havn't "smack" talked you once and I am not going to stoop to that level, It is only game and in the end CCP will decide who's money they want, because with grifer corps like yourself, it is just a matter of time before your only targets will be people like yourselves. I do enjoy your stories and I recognize their fictional qualities, maybe you should write some EVE fiction and publish to help cover your need for greed. Rhyme FTW!

freaky on :

Yes, a GM bumped you up because your petition said,

"Hey when this guy said he would war dec me, I said to bring a bigger ship. So he did war dec me. I would like to petition this since I was only joking.

Also, since I chickened out and jumped corp, he said he will war dec any new corp I join. I lied by telling him I was gonna join Goonswarm but he talked to them and now I can't join it. I would like to petition that too please.

Please disregard the part where I told him I would just burn up trial accounts and set up phony corps just to throw him off my trail. I was just joking about that.

So can you please perma-ban this guy because I would like to get back to mining and really don't wanna lose my cool corp name since I got this rad website attached to it."

Next time, don't talk to strangers. If you do talk to them and they threaten to war dec you, don't tell them how you're gonna surprise them and to bring a bigger ship. That's an invite for war of course.

I never said we weren't griefers or extortionists. Thankfully as long as I don't sexually harass you or make inappropriate comments and such, I am ok. I can war dec anyone, anytime, anywhere. Until CCP changes those rules, you're fucked as far as Eve goes.

Also, Eve doesn't care about outside sites. Ander and I had one guy make death threats. I asked CCP what they would do and they said nothing, since they're not making them in game, they won't touch it. So nice try making up that linking them to here is gonna get me in trouble. Also, post all your screenies too that show I am lying. The community here would love to see it and you would make tons of carebear friends by showing how I am a huge liar and chat log hacker.

I can assure you by your awesome post here, you just stamped yourself into several pirate's radar and I wouldn't be surprised if the next corp you joined received multiple war decs.

NPC corps FTW! Oh, and you will not be able to jet can mine either. So log in and petition that we will gank your ore too!

Also, feel free to post chat logs. Yours will be identical to mine. I encourage you to post them since you're saying mine are pure fiction.

Also, try using paragraphs. It will make you seem slightly more intelligent and make your post much easier to read.

Allow me to comment on some things you said.

Your claiming I left out a lot of the chat logs, again, post what I left out. If you're going to call someone a liar, at least show proof.

You said you were already quitting corp, and when I asked who so I could get ready to war dec them you said Goons. So by my calculations, you said you were planning to quit long before, and you had a solid answer as to who you were joining, it sounded like you're being groomed. I mean, why not join right away? You said yourself it was a small corp with not a lot going on, so why not just join GS right away?

I'm aware of what your website is about. Online radio. Your site name is which goes to and the name of your corp is Twisted Radio, so they are related in name.

Please keep us posted on your GM2 petition. I will do the same. :-)

We have had this same play style for well over a year and have war dec'd tons of corps. Some corps for over 3 months. Some people we followed to 4 or 5 corps. Of course they petitioned and I have never once had a single warning or GM contact.

I play within CCP's rules at all times and so do my corpmates.

Just as you are allowed to create a corp and then jump from it to avoid a war dec, I am free to war dec any other corp you jump into. Now if I was sending you harassing emails, or posting something inappropriate in local or in a convo, or if I dropped jetcans around your hulk so you couldnt warp out or blocked you from normaly play, then you would have a case.

As it stands now you're just a goober who opened his mouth to the wrong toon at the wrong time who can't take the heat, so you've resorted to whining here and crying to GMs in the game over completely fair tactics via in game mechanics.

If you don't like it, might I suggest a different game more suited to your preferred play style.

Perhaps Solitaire or Minesweeper would be nice. If you're feeling particularly randy you might try sporting a game such as Peggle or Insaniquarium!

Bryg Philomena on :

I feel dirty... I have gotten addicted to solitaire and minesweeper this last week =P

I will give this man advice. whomever he is freaky.
TALK TO NEXA!! Chat and ask what can fix it. More than likely isk. But hey. You may get out of it. Though that is all up to Nexa.

Ki An on :

Uhm, dude...

You where totally slagged off by the GM by the looks of reading your conversation on your own website. By what you wrote there it is fairly clear that you have NO idea what kind of game EvE is. You constantly refer to 'safe space' and 'guild'. None of those exist in EvE. You claim what Nexa and TRAPS are doing is against the EULA when it clearly isn't, given the fact that war declarations are in game. Please, find yourself another game once the escalated petition gets denied.

Nexa, awesome story as always. Feels good to know you guys are having fun, and it's always fun to chit chat with you in game. Good luck in the future, and pwn those bears from me too. Maybe I'll come back some day when I get tired of blob-warfare, because it's hard to have more fun in EvE than you have in TRAPS.


Beck Altarr on :

I have linked to the chat logs I have and for some reason have a few more comments from you that you failed to show here. My logs have all the original dates and times created by EVE.

In my original chat with you I did say in obvious jest I would throw rocks, the reference to bring a bigger ship was to make a bigger target for rock throwing.

GM's don't bump to their supervisors with out reason. You can try and mix words but any intelligent reader will see the obvious flaw in your argument. Yes you have your own "fan boi's" Congrats.

But thanks, your reply post is such an obvious back peddal and not nearly as cleverly written as your main story, I can see your frustrated since I am not "fighting fair" by letting you gang beat me/grief. I know I don't stand a chance in PVP aginst you or any pirate really and the game mechanics favor pirates and griefers.

Your abusing a game mechanic for your own benifit in a way it was never intended. In the end, it will be fixed/modified. I do have the power of the press on my side and MY radio project is still in "alpha" so to speak and is not my only "soap box" to preach from. This may not be the chior, you may not be the people in the pews, but God doesn't really need to talk to those people anyway, to use an allegory.

There is really nothing you can do... but slander my name and create fictional comments and stories. People who are interested in the truth will look for it and find it. Your simply a means of entertainmnet and I am sure your pack of pirates you call friends will turn on you in the future using similar game mechanics. There are only so many fish in the tank, before the sharks begin to feed on eachother.

You talk big, but you're talking alone. Sure you have support here, you so far have done more name dropping than anyone, feeling a little inadequate? Yet you are the ONLY one to show any aggression towards me. I am not to worried, I am going to continue to play this game as I want to play it using the in game mechanics as they are.

Keep me on your buddy list, if nothing else you are an interesting person to have in chat.

Ki An on :

Beck, you really should let this go, or you are bound to look extremely stupid. What Nexa is doing has been petitioned before, many times, and the answer has always been "it's allowed".

You seem to have a very hard time understanding what kind of game EvE is. It's not WoW. It's not Auto Assault. It's built from the ground up for people like Nexa, and it's NOT going to change, no matter how many times you say it will. You might as well join the hundreds of crying carebears on Eve-O forums with this stuff. You say (or that other guy on your site anyway) that you've been playing since 2003, and I have an extremely hard time believing you could get such a skewed view of the game.

I wish you good luck in your next game of choice. A tip for you: Don't try to take everyone on at once. Make a few friends, and try to play the game as it is made. Every game is different, and obviously EvE is not for you.


Bryg Philomena on :

lololol at soul

great read man. Keep up the good work

freaky on :

I updated my story with a way Soul Finder could prove he did indeed war dec our corp.

I sent him an email in game to let him know he has an easy chance to make 100mil, and here's what he said...

2007.08.08 14:21
ahh i think u really are mildly retarded u are lost in your fantasy stories

Anyone surprised? Not me. Remember, everyone else can snag a nice reward if they war dec and pop him. :-)

Arigorn on :

Meh, I'll suicide to him, if it'll give you a chuckle...

flashfresh on :

Good story as per usual. Up to your usual high standards and man, I wish I can find retards like Soul Finder in my neck of the woods (that's Low-sec space btw) - well done again!

Soul Finder: you're a complete tool. Keep it up.

Tarminic on :

Another great read Nexa. The fact that soul finder even came here to smacktalk makes it that much better.

freaky on :

Yeah that really made my day that he came here to post.

It's one of the reasons I enjoy Eve-Pirate so much and rarely bother to post on the main Eve-O forums.

Eve-O protects idiots like him because no one can post proof of anything.

At least here you can name and shame to your hearts content and people are free to contest anything you write.

Though, if you're a regular read of my stories, there are a lot of people who call me a liar and all sorts of things, but they all have yet to show any proof of whatever claims they make against me or my corp.

You'd think at least once I would slip up and get caught lying. :-)

Cyphr Sonic on :

From the way ppl talk in empire i swear most of them must be 12 or 13 years old you get the same thing with gate snipers that shoot haulers as they align in losec but still everyone above 18 in this game at least seems to be fairly normal

Aertaka on :

I was SO flying the myrmidon in that screenie of Bruce's maelstrom. That was a fun kill :-) Too bad we had to fly like 16 jumps to snag it . . .

freaky on :

Oops Beck, I didn't see your post linking to the full chat logs/screenies.

That is so funny that you did actually petition. Awesome!

As you can see, my chat logs are identical. Sure some items are left out, but nothing that affects the story at all. But thanks for being the first to post screenies and such. I will give you credit there.

Did you read the link the GM sent you? Did you read the part on griefing? Did you read the part where war dec's are legal?

As I said, grief tactics are things like blocking you from a station, bumping you while mining, dropping cans around your ship so you can't warp, etc.

War dec'ing corps is legal. Stealing ore is legal. Everything we do is legal.

But do keep us updated. Though, I might petition you since you are focused on getting me banned for using legal game mechanics. That might be considered grief tactics to petition what is legal like you're doing. :-)

freaky on :

I just noticed what you wrote on your website forum.

"This guy with a bounty was flying around while I was mining one night, I was bored so I thought I'd do some small talk. He has a bounty which usually means a pirate. Well I am in safe space so he can't attack me with out getting into trouble with the space police CONCORD."

You thought wrong. You figured you could goof on a pirate and not suffer the consequences of your actions.

Looks like my quote from the story,

"He claims he was just goofing around, but I honestly detected no humor in his comments. More like "Hah look at that wanna be pirate with a bounty and positive sec status sitting in high sec running a mission, let me bust his chops cause he can't do shit to me."

is dead on accurate! Haha. :-)

hilly22222 on :

good read,your antics bring a smile to my face

Khet'tar on :

Wow, reading that website makes we want to pod them into the stone age.

They honestly believe you're a griefer.

Funny thing is, there are few people in eve I'd trust as much as a TRAPS member.

Jarduin on :

Cheers Nexa. Made my coffee worth drinking :-) And please Beck Altarr, keep us all posted on the outcome of the petition. When you're told there's nothing you can do about TRAPS it's

ComedyValue += 100%;

Grandeur on :

Top notch writing, Freaky. I have to say its always a blast to read what you've written.

I'll keep an eye out for you if I head to empire, that's for sure.

Keep up the good work!

freaky on :

Thanks everyone for all the comments. My corpmates and I appreciate the kind words and encouragement.

sudoken on :

Fun to read and funny as well. I actually feel anger when you talk about these people and what they say and what they don't do to back it up. Makes me wish i wasn't stuck in low sec and 0.0 for the time being (working on that) I would really like to take you up on that offer of putting a war-dec on soul finder, but cant for many reasons. Maybe one day I to will have the ability and the funds to lay waste to carebear scum and splatter them across the night sky.

Setana Manoro on :

You expect CCP to change a game that hundreds of thousands of subscribers have chosen to play for a guy that opened his mouth and is being griefed by totally normal game mechanics because he is putting up a radio for EVE ?
Because that is exactly what my feeling is after reading that crappy forum you have, and the comments here, plus the story written by freaky.
Further on, even though some of the conversations you had with freaky were edited by him - at first i thought it was done to present himself in a better image, they retain the same message as the full ones posted on your forum.
I don't perticularly like TRAPS, i do love nexa's articles. Although in many of them he could stop writing from a "high and mighty" position, i do love his articles. I think I even managed to make Ki An lose his control on EVE-O in that thread he made with the freighter suggestions - those were not good m8.
I say this so you can understand what I am about to say.
Nexa was too lenient on you. Nexa you are very calm about this.
He is trying to change the game I and many others love to better suit the desires of his selfish self.
I hope you guys keep him decced 23/7 and I am certain that many other corps will do the same.

PS: I will buy his corpse if you are interested in selling it. I know you have the patience to wait him out and you will eventually get his pod. :-)

Alekseyevich on :

Hahaha!!! Great Read! Keep 'em coming. I laughed my ass off when I saw the one raven setup in your posts.... such a funny setup :-P... Makes me want to go war dec crazy :-P

Seorg on :


Spear of Destiny guys are weak nublings.
Kill 'em all!

rookie pywat on :

I personaly find it funny how that Soul Wuts-His-Face is probably the only one who thinks he's tough shit, and the only one who doesn't realize that everyone else sees him making an ass of himself... amuzing

Anyways, nice read mate. I ended up staying later than I planned cuz its a godamn long-ass story, but worth every bit of it :-)
Dun forget to update us on that wE-R-tEh-uBaH-ScArRy-eVe-CoNqUeRrRrOrRzZz corp and their generous 1b offer :-P

Xasz on :

Great read once again... and maybe I'm blind, but where is Beck's link? o.O

Hordeari on :

I now have no reason to continue playing Eve.

The post alone was all the entertainment I'll need for days.


Of course I'll keep playing. But gawddamn.. It'll be a long while before I even THINK of heading into Zedspace.

Hale on :

pfft TRAPS are cowards, most of your dec's are against mining corps and industrials. why don't we write stories about that?

Bricksauce on :

You're my hero.

T on :

Great stuff, please add more :-)


Anonymous on :

I wonder if ppl relise how dumb they look when they say these things

Novan Leon on :

Interesting read but some of it definitely smells of fabrication/photoshop. For example, about 2/3rds of the way down you point out a victim's Myrm setup as having two 1600mm plates and a small armor rep 1, however, the screenshot also shows the Myrm as having two Damage Control modules. As far as I'm aware, this is impossible. I don't believe the fitting tool will ALLOW you to fit two Damage Control modules on a single ship.

Comor on :

If you can fit 2 ballistic controls on a ship, you can fit 2 damage controls on it.

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