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Awards to the most active posters!

Alright, part of the awards for our top 5 most active posters has been sent this month.
flashfresh and freaky are in the lead among most active posters. There're still 3 spots left, come on people. Lets get some more material to post, it's getting to become a dry summer ;-) (not IRL though...).


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Kha0s on :

Does this take into account activity on the forums, or are you talking about the amount of stories submitted?

freaky on :

So what do I win? Gimme gimme gimme! :-)

I will be posting a new story this week sometime.

Just gotta sift through my chat logs for the funny stuff.

Ander on :

I sent you a small isk prize as a token of appreciation :-)

In the future we may extend our competitions with more fun prizes from CCP :-P no promises though.

freaky on :

Bah, me no need ISK. I do need a TS server though. I dropped you an email but haven't heard back. Do I need to resend the request?

Sorom Ydde on :

hey freaky...if you don't need the isk, you can always make a donation to my hyperion fund... :-)

Tarminic on :

Wait, doesn't Dark Shikari win this by default? ;-)

Ander on :

DS isn't active on E-P :-)

freaky on :

Sad thing is, I didn't even notice the ISK Ander sent.

Though if he ever answers my emails, the ISK will be going back to him if he sets me up with a TS account.

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