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A post which sums up pretty much all that a new player should know :)

I took the liberty to repost something longey wrote on the forums:

Welcome to Eve!

I'll answer the easy question first, to see a list of your skills, you can either download 'EveMon' (google it as I don't have the link on me). This is an independant program used to plan skills, VERY useful tool. It asks for your character username and password, and from there will display your skills. Have a play with that. ;-)

If you don't want to download that, go to the Eve online website, click 'My Character', enter your username and password, then click 'My Character' again to see a list of you characters. Click the character you wish to view and it will display various information for the selected character, including all skills and what skill is currently in training (if any) with a timer showing when the skill will be complete (same timer available using evemon)

Next, un-experienced player using a high skill character. It may be that your experienced character has not been 'designed' for combat or pirating. So you'll need to see where all your SP (skill points) are for starts. Some characters are trained up for trading/mining/manufacturing/researching/etc which would require pretty much training from scratch to get in to combat, so check that first. ;-)

Next, when your Eve client gets working, log in. You should see 3 character slots, hopefully one of them empty. If there is one available, create a new character. Try and chose the same race as your 2yo character so you can get a feel for the races ships and weapons.

Make sure you do the tutorial, it was changed when Rev II was released and I've not had a chance to have a look at it. Based on the old tutorial, it is very long and pretty boring at times, but the things you'll learn there will hopefully stick for your entire time playing Eve. It teaches you a huge amount, enough to 'overload' almost anyone, but they are the basics of gameplay. Trust me when I say there is a HUGE amount to learn in Eve.

Right, you have your new character by now hopefully, completed the tutorial. This character is only temporary to get you through the basics, train frigate skills and weaponry, get used to the basics you've learnt. Practice killing NPC rats by doing missions and searching Asteroid Belts. Then learn up electronic, navigation, drones, mechanics... get a feel for the variety of modules available.

Once you feel confident, switch to your experienced character... Keep flying frigates, maybe cruisers. Get yourself a steady income and a few solo kills if you can. Don't be afraid to lose ships, and try not to be tempted to go jump into some expensive t2 ship which you may already have the skills for, to get revenge... because until you've built up your experience there's a good chance you'll lose that one too.

Join a corp, explain your situation, and they should explain, help, and teach you the rest of the way until you are on par with your character.

Hope that helps! Good luck!


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