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EVE-Pirate banners

The comments I receieved from the last post was clear. People want some banners to add to their website.
Mahe was nice to make these two banners .


Code: <a href=""><img src="></a>


Code: <a href=""><img src="></a>


Code: <a href=""><img src="></a>

Please use these responsibly. May scare old ladies and cause death among people with heart faults. disclaims all liability! :-)


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Kha0s on :

I have to say, both of those really are kick ass. I'll get one of them up on my site when i get round to updating it :-P.

CrazyKinux on :

These are kick ass, and one of them is going live tonight!!

CrazyKinux on :

Hell, couldn't wait that long, it's up!! (just below the fold).

flashfresh on :

I have the banner on my blog. Looks great!

Well done.


sudoken on :

an alliance page is going up and I suggested to my soon to be alliance members that your link would make an excellent banner somewhere, they seem to like that idea

CrazyKinux on :

So have you seen an increase in traffic?

Draevyn on :

Seeing as the linkies are to images hosted at eve-pirate, I can see the traffic increasing due to page-loads referencing those graphics.

To the E-P Owners : Any objection if we 'borrow' them to be locally hosted on our websites, saving you the added image-load-traffic?


Ander on :

Although yes you can copy and host on your own sites. I wont mind if you hotlink that graphic. They're small and they will provide me some sense of how many sites link to me with those graphics if you hotlink. :-)

Tarminic on :

Do you have a horizontal one? That would rock.

Amkor on :

Nice job!

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