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Ok, so I missed the birthday of EVE-Pirate ... again!
Thursday, June 9. 2005 was when I made the first post on eve-pirate and the site actually started getting activity.

It's been a great year. Lots of controversity mixed with many good stories from authors and our users.
We've grown and these days we got roughly 50k unique hits per month.

Look forward to another great year with eve-pirate! Bringing you pirate stories, controversy and lots of griefing from EVE Online :-)


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flashfresh on :

Happy 2nd B'day!

Thanks Ander for allowing me giving me an avenue to tell my stories.

More power to you, the other authors but especially the reader who made this site a fine place to visit.


Sorom on :


Here's to many more years of piracy...yarrrrr!

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