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Cloaks? Good or bad?

Judge for yourself. But I believe cloaks work fine the way they're today. CCP however has planned to nerf any cloak except covert ops cloaking device.

In my opinion the only ones who will favor from the cloaking nerf are those far out in 0.0 who wants to npc all day without risk. While they themselves will still be able cloaks for a quick get-away if they're not able to warp out of a belt quick enough.

Go to this thread if you dislike the cloaking nerf. Sign it if you agree, otherwise dont. Otherwise, feel free to post a counter-petition and I'll have it published on aswell.

Reposted from eve-online forums thread:
UPDATE: 112 Have Signed The Petition So Far
(29888 to go! thats the number I'm counting from, cause that means space for over 10k alts)

This is a petition to stop the cloaking nerf from ever setting foot on the TQ server.
Rules to Sign
1. Post a short explanation for why you're signing
2. Type /Signed somewhere in your post (makes it easy for me to count)
3. Don't sign with multiple accounts/alts/trial accounts etc, that invalidates the count. Thank you!

Those of you who don't agree:
This is a petition, not a discussion, please.
If you absolutely can't contain yourself and have to discuss, be civil about it, and don't flame!

Originally by: CCP Fendahl
The next patch also makes it possible to detect cloaked ships with scan probes, so the BS fleet could have its scouts scan for hidden surprises.


Originally by: MephystoThis is correct. Scan probes will now be able to detect cloaked ships. This update will be testable on Singularity when it next gets updated (probably on Tuesday since this is a holiday weekend here).


Originally by: CCP Fendahl
Unfortunately it seems that the cloaking changes won't make it in for the next patch. The code changes have already been made, but got rolled back today because the system didn't work out as intended. However, we still plan to address cloaks in a patch in the near future (without nerfing covert ops of course).

Affected Cloaks:
Prototype Cloak I
Improved Cloaking Device II

Unaffected Cloaks:
Covert Ops II Cloaking Device

Brothers and Sisters of EVE! Many a nerf has bethrothed the universe of EVE, many of which we have all learned to deal with and overcome.
Most of the time we succeded, and have since lived in relative harmony with the changes, HOWEVER, this time they have gone TOO Far!

This new nerf to cloaks that makes it detectable via probes is outragous! When people complained about AFK cloakers we were confident that such arguments wouldnt be a threat to us, and would be forgotten.
I mean the argument itself is flawed - "We can't mine cause theres an AFK cloaker in our system, spying on us" - and all kinds of other arguments, which frankly I for one don't at all agree with for many many reasons.

It tells me you haven't been creative enough about what you're doing, no offence intended, but lure the cloaker! Bait him into doing something rash that'll get him killed, trick him, ANYTHING..and if he's really AFK, then whats the problem??? Paranoia over someone in your system does just not validate something like this. If you really can't handle the pressure of an enemy being in the same system as you, well, THEN MOVE!!

It is an entirely poor idea altogether, IN MY OPINION, that cloaking has to suffer just because those who still get terrorized by cloaks, haven't been creative and/or resourceful enough to figure out a solution - It is infact MORONIC (Sorry about the word, really, but it is) that it is yet again US (the cloakers/pirates) that have to come up with a solution just because some of you...*bites tongue* people... can't think for yourselves.

I'm taking a stand against this NERF, because of all things I have accepted in the past and adapted to - Of all the nerfs I have twisted my brain around to continue like I did, this is a DIRECT assault to make cloaks useless, and I will not accept it!
As someone told me ingame, this is not actually a nerf, it's a removal of the usefulness of the cloak altogether - Theres no point to it if this goes through.

(Sign if you agree)


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Tarminic on :

"In my opinion the only ones who will favor from the cloaking nerf are those far out in 0.0 who wants to npc all day without risk. While they themselves will still be able cloaks for a quick get-away if they're not able to warp out of a belt quick enough."

How will that benefit people who want to NPC in 0.0 without risk? Allowing cloaked ships to be scanned prevents macro-ratters from warping, cloaking, and logging off whenever threatened and makes afk cloakers in non-covert ops ships a bit more vulnerable. Seems well-balanced to me...

Firkragg on :

I fully agree with the probing of none cov ops ships. Their role is to go into a system and sit there cloaked. I hate the fact though that almost anyone can fit a cloak to anything and happily sit in a system cloaked no matter what there ship type. I would have prefered increasing the fitting requirements so that they massivly nerf the setups of everything but stealth bombers.

Aertaka on :

Well, I honestly don't mind it, since, the sector of 0.0 space that I fly in does sometimes get hasseled by a cloaking interdictor and battleships that will enter the central system, and sit cloaked literally, all day. Then, after like, 16 hours of sitting there, probably afk, they suddenly go to work and spend the evening picking off a hauler at a gate, warping back out and cloaking, and repeating the process every 10-20 minutes or so, until the defense gang finally manages to catch a couple of them.

Aertaka on :

Oh, and I can fly a CovOps ship anyway, so . . .

/me shrugs.

MinithJin on :

In my opinion this is a good idea, I'm still going to train for a pilgrim, I can still sneak up on people and gank them, just because I can't sit in a safem entirely secure doesn't honestly bother me :/

James on :

You talk about other players not being able to adapt and be resourceful enough to combat the problem brought to them by cloaking ships.
Surely though, you need to be more resourceful than relying cloaks as much as (i am guessing) you do.

It's only a natural progression if you think about it.
If a corporation was being hassled in the real world by a tool or weapon that they could not intercept or combat, then surely they would create a work around or find some way to stand against it.

Also being a pirate and evading the law already should mean that you should be resourceful and cunning to outrun/maneuver the law, your just gonna have to step it up to the next level. :-)

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