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News from E-P!

'elo fellow EVE-Pirate readers.
This week two users of this board has been promoted.
First of all flashfresh has been promoted to author status due to continual posting and activity over the weeks. Non the less, he has also written stories which contain less spelling mistakes than mine! W00t.

Secondly, Sicks_Strings has been promoted to chief editor. He has given a lot of input and shown interest in helping with the daily routines of He has contributed with important input regarding eve-pirate forums and other ways on how to improve the site. In the past he has also taken great care to be active in this community and help people. Thus he will now be able to clear posts and make decisions regarding users who can be promoted to author status and moderate where it seems fit. With great powers come great responsibility! Don't forget that Sicks.

Other than that, eve-pirate has acumulated another $120 from google ads. No donations the last two months since I hadnt activated the paypal donation site/link.
This has been put toward buying a few ramsticks to upgrade our current server.
So far we've also gathered 140mill ISK (at the time of this posting) toward the EON ad payment. Proceedings over 300mill will go toward the competition winner.

Second last thing, at the moment I have one active VoIP service active for one corporation. It is a small package but non the less the activity fee (it's a fee to make sure the user of the community service is active) has contributed with 10mill to the funds.

Last of all, the "put Ander in a titan fund" has received absolutely 0 isk. =(
Other than that everything is great with E-P on my end :-)


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Sicks_Strings on :

Thanks again Ander. Don't worry, Spiderman taught me all about great power and responsibility. I won't let you or E-P down. =)

PTSI Freighter on :

Should we run now or later? I saw spiderman falling from the sky on those commercials. :-P

I will donate Ander!

flashfresh on :

Thanks Ander.

I am honoured and will not let your readership down.

So much more from me and my antics. Very soon.
Also, on behalf of all the readers (pirates and bears) - E-P is a fine, fine resource.


Sicks_Strings on :

Ahh. I still have to donate to E-P. While I'm at it, I might drop a few mill into the "Put Ander in a Titan Fund." =P

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