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We've now reactivated our donation system. So if you'd like to donate a buck to show appreciation to EVE-pirate it's now possible again by clicking the left link or the banner at the bottom of this post.

We've gathered about 600$ so far when deducting the cost for RAM upgrade which we performed earlier this year.

Remember, if you see any google ad which shows a link to isk-sellers. Please have it reported to [ander AT] (scrambled email to avoid spammers) ASAP. I'll have the link added to our extensive lost of our 50 entries.


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Ander on :

Lilibit I have to remove your post since it contains the link to the isk-seller. It's prefered that you send iskseller reports to . However, I thank you for putting this to our attention and I'll promptly block them from our google adsense list.

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