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Announcing next episode of THE E-ON ad competition :)

Announcing next episode of our E-ON ad competition!
We'll be making a donation run, we'll be needing 300mill(about that) ISK to cover expenses for the E-ON ad.

Whatever we make above 300mill, 50% will be given in addition to an isk-prize of 150mill (from my own pockets) to the best artist.
Remaining 50% will be put into a collective wallet for to be used for future competitions (next E-ON ad beyond this one).

So if we gather 400million isk, the winning ad-artist will receive 50mill once 300mill has been deducted. If we gather more it'll be even more.
Please, if you want to support and its contributors please send an ISK donation to "Ander".

With over 40thousand unique visitors per month I'd bet you we'll receive ONE or TWO donators...

If you got more ideas on how we can have fun competitions, answer in a comment to this thread!

Ad requirments:
A4 PDF 300DPI with cropmarks / bleed.


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Changelink on :

I'd love to give it a try, but what are the requirements for the ad?

Ander on :

Fixed :-)

Gen Kumon on :

As with the last time you did one of these, I'll toss in what I can spare. Hope this one goes as well as the last one.

Daj on :

No idea what it is even. Care to provide an example?

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