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A small kill, but a kill nonetheless.

Okay, Okay,, like many people who come to EVE-Pirate, I've been a reader and not a doer for far too long. I'm on here at least once a day checking things out and reading everyone ele's adventures. Months ago I started hearing the call of the wild...missions were losing their appeal, mining was not my thing, I'm not a corporate kind of guy, so I didn't even have buddies to pal around with. As a result EVE started to lose it's luster for me. I've been training the last of my training skills, so I started not even logging in for days and sometimes weeks at a time. Piracy has always been interesting to me and I've thought about getting into the mix, but to be honest...I thought I was "too nice" of a guy to go around killing "innocents".

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Well, that all changed today.

Nice guys are chumps and this is a game, so I hopped in my T-Rax and headed to my old stomping grounds in Genisis. I'm not ready for lowsec yet, so I decided to do a little ore theiving. I jump into a belt and see a Vexor plugging away at a rock. I check his stats, he's not fresh from the vats but he's not exactly a veteran either, so I close in on his can.

I pull out his ore and put it into my can. He just sits there mining away, was probably AFKing at the time so I back off a little and wait. For a few moments nothing, then I hear blaster fire. I HEAR blaster fire but I'm not getting hit, took me a minute to realize the poor sap was shooting at the rock instead of me. I was obviously not dealing with the brightest star in EVE. Finally he gives up trying to kill the rock and flies over to me, still not doing anything. I figured he was calling in corp reinforcements, so I got ready to leave the belt in a hurry if I got surrounded, when he spits out his 4 medium drones...obvisouly he wanted a fight.

He opens fire and turns red, so I jam him and toss out my 5 T2 medium drones. I think he managed to get me down to 65% shields when he went pop. In my adrenaline induced haze I wasn't able to lock his pod quickly enough and he made good his escape. I picked through his wreck, nothing good except a T2 mining laser and a few drones, but still the kill was well worth the effort. I warped to a safe spot to wait down the aggro incase he returned with buddies. I went back to the scene of the crime and scooped up my (his) ore, making a bit of ISK on the sale.

So, he wasn't a big fish and was really set-up for mining, but still I'm jazzed about the kill and for damn sure won't be running any NPC missions any time soon! I don't know what's going to happen now, but I do know that EVE will never be boring again. It feels good to be a pirate.

2007.04.28 19:53

Victim: M******
Alliance: NONE
Corp: *******
Destroyed: Vexor
System: ******
Security: 0.8

Involved parties:

Name: Sorom Ydde (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.4
Alliance: NONE
Corp: The Keepers of Voluspa
Ship: Thorax
Weapon: Hammerhead II

Destroyed items:

Mining Drone I (Drone Bay)
Miner II
Expanded Cargohold I
Expanded Cargohold I
Expanded Cargohold I
ECM - White Noise Generator I
200mm Reinforced Titanium Plates I
Hammerhead I (Drone Bay)
Small Graviton Smartbomb I
Viscous Pyroxeres, Qty: 2595 (Cargo)
Lead Charge S, Qty: 64


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MinithJin on :

Nice kill :-)

A word of wisdom though, the aggression rights gleaned through can baiting do not give you the right to pod players, so if you had locked the pod and popped it, you'd have been concordokened :-P

shifty on :

Nice, I remember that first kill aswelll, the rush you get is like no other game.

Lubomir Penev on :

Locking his pod in highsec would not have been to smart.

Actually you can scramble and shoot (but you get a warning tat it is an illegal act) without being concordokken, but if the pod pops you'll have a close encounter with CONCORD Police Commander.

You could still get a ransom just to free the pod.

Sorom on :

Wow, thanks guys! Just like a pirate newb not to know the Aggro rules! :-)

I appreciate the tip...would hate to lose a ship over something dumb like that...

Anonymous on :

Fight in EVE are very addictive.
You will need this adrenaline rush more and more.

Welcome on the drak side. :-))

PTSI Freighter on :

Thats how I started my PVP Career... Ore theiving. :-P

Nice kill... I stole someone's loot in a rat wreck and he shot me... Wolf > Vexor is all I have to say :-P

freaky on :

Yeah it's always good not to pod in Empire, because that gets you a huge sec status hit.

Actually, do you even get the warning message? I had that happen once, and I never got the message. I petitioned and got my security and ship reimbursed.

Still I am pretty sure you can scram/web them with no adverse reaction from Concord. That's when you try to ransom the pod. If they say no, just sit there and keep them scrambled.

Jeronica on :

That happened to me when shooting a wartargets can (you can shoot all of wartargets stuff right?)

They said that there was nothing in the logs that showed i lost my ship to a falty code or something, i complained again and they offered to reimburst :p

But nice :p its always fun to ore thieve.

Your friendly corp pirate on :

there are many forms of piracy, my corp on the otherhand finds weak, small corps, ones that are made by friends and noobs that think owning a corp is SOO cool, we war dec them, and demand a randsom. currently we are at war with a corp that has a very old pvper in it, maybe ill try and get the story posted!

Anonymous on :


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