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Reaching Out

Hello readers of Eve-Pirate. We have to sit down and have a little meeting.

As you can see, we have a new poll. It's about what you guys want to see from us. We're looking for your input, because we're thinking on taking on new projects and really working to expand E-P. Right now it's a little slow, and we're working on that. We need your help though.

Here's what you guys, as the readers (and posters) can do to help E-P grow:

The easiest thing you can do to help us is spread the word. Put a link to us in your bio, or EON forums siggy. Tell your friends and corpmates. Write a blog about an adventure you and your friends had and tell them to read and post comments about it. Stories and readers help us a lot.

We could also use money donations. That helps pay for a lot of things. We need this to run ads, and pay for hosting and such. We appreciate anything you can offer, whether it's a few dollars, or a few ISK.

Anything you can do to help makes us really happy. If everyone did just a little, we could grow a lot.

So, now that you know what we want from you, we want to know what you want from US.

What do you want from Eve-Pirate?

Vote in the poll to let us know, and comments here would be appreciated.

Do you want new stuff like podcasts or radio? Do you want us to branch out into different aspects of Eve? Do you want more stories? Do you think it's fine, or just needs a few more active members? Do you want more events and competitions?

Let us know what you want changed and added here. =)


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BR on :

More stories, sure. But the thing I'd like to see most: Make the article submitters proofread their damn stories. Spell-checkers are free and widely available, FFS. And have them actually go over it once or twice. One trick is to print it out and read it aloud. You catch a lot of errors that way. Some folks can have a really decent story, but trying to decipher the semi-coherent retard-rants gets in the way of the enjoyment of the thing.

And while I'm here: ban anything that looks like it could belong in a 15 year old's text message. Anyone spelling "you're" as "ur" gets a cockpunch and a 2 month ban on submissions, for example.

Basically: have submitter's write coherently in the language of their choice when they submit a story. Increasing quality as well as quantity would make this a much better site.

Setanta on :

I agree with the above. Publishing the stories of the illiterate make the site and pirates look bad.

Also, maybe break the website up a bit. Have a stories section, a current affairs section with news of pirate alliances actions and major wars they are involved in.

Sicks_Strings on :

Thanks for you feedback. I can't personally approve other's stories, so I'll be sure to talk to Ander about that, and make it a point to better check my stories (and comments). I know my spelling is horrible, and I'll get a spell-checker. I've also caught a lot of my typo's while reading through it a few times, but once in a while I miss some.

As for some grammar mishaps, I'm not the best writer in terms of grammar out there, so please work with me =)

Setana- I like your idea about the different sections. I think (if Ander has time to do it) E-P could use a little overhaul. The forums could be updated, and the site could be layed out a little better. I'll talk to him about that.

Also, what's your opinions on guests posting? I'm not a big fan of it myself. I think if readers want to contribute something, they should take the 30 seconds to register, and have a name behind their ideas.

Anyway, thanks for the input. Please keep it comming. =)

Jeo on :

I agree on the guest posting. You should have to be registered to post. Keeps things consistent and tidy.

The main thing that I would change about the site is the forums. The interface isn't very friendly, and I think that's probably the main reason it's not more popular.

Other than that, just more stories! I haven't had anything interesting to write about lately, so I can't say much, but more people should get over their "stage fright" and contribute!

As far as proof-reading and things, other fiction sites have a system where submissions are read, and corrections/suggestions are made for the author to consider before the stories are posted. If Ander's doing all of this himself, I can't imagine him having time to review every story in that kind of depth before posting it, but I'd certainly volunteer to help if it's needed.

I also have some web hosting/design/coding experience if you guys need any help with the back-end.

Email me if there's anything I can do!

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