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Recent allegations.... vs Ander?

Alright, so I've been critizised by a few members of the E-P readerbase.
I fully agree that I'm biased in this whole conflict concerning BoB and the coalition.
Though you must understand that Eve-Pirate is all about writing from our personal views. This means that anyone who's on any side in a conflict (anti-pirate/pirate, BoB/Coalition) can voice their concerns, write their story and have a fair chance of getting published.

I've posted around 5 posts regarding this whole BoB-politics. However, I also got carried away in one of my comments where I accused someone of being a bob-alt when he commented on my post. Why did I do that? Mainly due to the harsh attitudes which seem to have spread through out EVE, and for that I apologize. I should've read the name of the poster on that comment and noticed that it was a long-term reader of EVE-Pirate and someones whose opinion I appreciate. Even if it had been an anonymous figure I should not have accused him of being a bob-alt, and for that I apologize to all of EVE-Pirates readers.

I'd like to point out that EVE-Pirate may seem biased in this whole conflict, but that is mainly due to the fact I've not seen a single post from someone out of the BoB side of the conflict. Feel free to post your side of the story so that E-P can avoid looking too biased. I too will do my best to try and write out of a neutral perspective in the future when we're concering two sides of an ongoing conflict.

In this conflict there has been lots of feelings involved. Good friends being banned for different reasons, lies spread from both sides of the conflicting alliances. EVE-Pirate has always been able to raise opinions and sometimes step on peoples toes. Pirates write about who their victims are and at times the victims see these posts and get angry even if the spirit of EVE-Pirate is to provide stories which are fun for all.
After-all, it is just a game.

/Signed, Ander
Lead Administrator of


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Tarminic on :

There's no fault in being biased in the whole BoB vs. . war, I think it's hard for most players in EVE to be neutral in this conflict since the recent scandal has cut so many EVE players deeply.
That being said, there's a difference between being biased and attacking Band of Brothers as forces of actual, evil, lol. I don't recall you ever saying anything too horrible - just please don't refer to them as "Band of Developers," It's old and smacks of jumping on the anti-BoB bandwagon. Just my 2 cents. :-)

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