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The adventures of Strings EP4!

Ok everyone. Here's episode 4, and as promised in EP 3, it's one of me actually winning :-P

Alright. I'm off to my new pirating location in Essence, since the anti-pirate alliance, CVA, was cracking down on me in Domain.

I have to jump through some low-sec space, which isn't a problem, but I take off autopilot and start to fly my way there. When I jump through to the next system, I had feeling. A good feeling. Call it dumb luck, or the "Pirate's Sixth Sense." Regardless, I had a feeling.

I jump in, and right from the gate I can see 4 belts. I decided to give them a quick scan and be on my way, when I catch a Ferox in one of those belts. Lucky for me he didn't rename his ship, so I got to check out his credentials. He was still in a starter corp. Nice, a cearbears alt.

Now here's the major decision. I'm in a bleeder Punisher, aptly named Termite, (I take bites out of big things, and I'm hard to get rid of :-P) and he's in a Caldari BC. "What the hey, I'll give it a shot." I jump in.

Immediatly when I see and lock him, my heart starts racing. I know this is going to be quite a fight. I scram him, and kick on my ab to close the range before he knows what's going on. I get to under 10km away before he gets me locked and sends the drones and missiles my way.

I'm up close now, and shut down my ab to save the cap I know I'll need. I set my nos on him, and target his drones. OUCH! In about 2 seconds he takes down 3/4 of my shields. I kick in the armor repper to prevent him from digging deep into my armor. POP goes one drone. 2 to go. Pop goes the second.... 2 more to go? He let loose another drone. He has 3 drones out again. My armor is half gone already.

This is bad.

Read on.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Oh and btw, you've been promoted to "author" :-) Gratz!

Nice cliffhanger huh?

I'm halfway into my armor, and my repper can't keep up. His drones are chewing away at me, and his missiles arn't slacking either.

I get another drone down and lock the other 2. I'm focusing all my fire on these drones in hopes of taking less damage so my repper can keep up. Another goes pop. I'm 3/4 into my armor now.

I quickly debate trying to run, but I see my repper is almost keeping up. Pop goes the last drone, and I'm almost into structure. I kick on my ab in hopes of taking less damage from his missiles. I'm lucky that their heavys, or I'd be done right now.

I look over at my armor and I see my repper is finally catching up. I'm gaining on this guy.

Now with all my turrets on him, his shields are cracking.

Slowly but surely, I'm taking this guy down, and my cap is holding out.

I have him about halfway into his shields when rats spawn. 2 cruisers and 2 frigs. Uh oh. If they target me, my repper won't be able to keep up. I wait for them to start shooting, and I'm relieved to see thay go for the Ferox. The Amarr rats must stick with their own kind right? :-P

With the rats pounding on him, his shields are going fast. He focuses all his fire on them, giving my cap a chance to build while I turn of my armor repper. He gets through them just as his shields go down.

I know I have him now. Caldari ships are like butter under their shields. His armor is going fast, and I get excited to take him down when I realize, this guy won't have any good fittings if I can take him down in a T1 frig with no t2 fittings and under 2 mill sp. I should try to ransom him.

Just as I get him into structure, I bring him into my ransom room with a nice little MOTD saying to stop firing and pay the following amount or your done.

I tell him to pay a reasonable 4 mill for his BC, and after telling him he had 10 seconds to make up his mind, and firing some warning shots into his structure, he happily agreed :-P

I get the 4 mill, tell him to have a nice daym and I'm off.

No killmail you bloodthirsty pirates, but I do have an extra 4 mill in my pocket, and I didn't even have to take a big sec hit to do it :-P

So that concludes EP 4. Another one of my underdog stories for you, this time with a happy ending.

Thanks for reading everyone, and fly safe.


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sudoken on :

Haha nice one, I attempted to take a ferox the other day in my rax but before I could jump in a friend called and I had to log. Nice to know that big ships can be taken out with small ships.

Sicks_Strings on :

Oh yeah. If you can take their drones out, and get close enough, you can take out the bigger ships. Then again, you need the dps to break their tank too. That's hard to do though :-P

Good luck though. In a rax you should be fine =)

Fly safe and thanks for the comment.

Jeronica on :

Your an amazing author i think, a unique writing style :-)

Was a good story.

Galindo on :

Every time I see one of these types of stories (I killed blank with blank that wasn't nearly as big), I keep waiting for someone to say something like "And the bastard was packing anti-frig weapons, and he put my butt in a swing pretty fast!"...but apparently, noone in these larger ships ever, ever plan for the little guys. I guess I just don't understand that.

Anyway, good job, and good luck in the future!

Galindo on :

That, uh, was supposed to be "sling"...not "swing", hehe

Rice Dog on :

I have nothing against pirates at all but i am praying for the day a pirate in smallish ship tries to take out my hurricane and goes boom in short order due to my autocannons. the only thing that really bugs me is gate camps that make it impossible to get to anywhere that there is some decent rats to kill. Enjoy EVE all.

Sicks_Strings on :

Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm glad you all like my writing. =) I never thought I was that good, but I'll keep em comming!

Btw, I have run into some anti-frig ships, and just last night I got podded by a nano-phoon. Fun eh?

Fly safe everyone!

Tarminic on :

Domain, eh? You're going on my KOS list then. ;-)

Klaus on :

Good story Strings (Slow reply but then again I'm in Iraq, so not like I have constant access) Grats on author by the way.

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